June 3, 2017

Ad blocking got you down? 5 Ways to monetize your blog without annoying ads

Block Ads

Nearly 200 million internet users worldwide use ad blocking software, making ad blocking a more common practice each day. While ad blockers may have cost the digital advertising industry more than 20 billion in 2015, your blog doesn’t have to suffer from an increase in ad blocking. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to employ a more creative monetization strategy starting with these five important tips which include some great content marketing ideas!


Create an eBook

Your blog’s readership is a valuable asset. Your readers visit your blog for a reason, and this makes them more likely to buy your original products in the future. Instead of featuring ads and banners for corporate companies, create and promote an eBook that’s filled with the kind of content you’re known for. Your eBook should expand upon a topic or subject that’s already popular with your readers, or introduce them to something that’s new and exciting but still useful to their lives. For example, if your blog is about art marketing, your eBook could go more in-depth on the topic of guerilla marketing or viral campaigns to help your readers make a real impact online.


Branded Merchandise

Fans buy memorabilia to have keepsakes of their favorite bands, authors, movie stars, and athletes. This same tradition extends to today’s Instagram stars, YouTube vloggers, and daily bloggers as well, giving you all the more reason to create branded merchandise for your own blog. This is a fantastic way to connect with your readers, grow your brand, and make money for your blog in the process. Plus, if you run a non-profit blog, you can offer your branded merchandise as gifts to readers who donate during the holidays! Luckily, with print-on-demand services, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to design your blog’s merchandise to your liking.


Affiliate Marketing Programs

A recent survey by AFFStat revealed that over 57% of affiliate marketers use blogs as their primary source for marketing. Managing a blog that’s rich in high-quality content gives you and your blog a greater perception of authority amongst readers. A blogger who’s an authority on their subject has a much greater chance of successfully marketing an affiliate product through blog posts, social media mentions, and sidebar graphics. For example, if you run a photography blog, then you should integrate an affiliate program that sells high-quality stock photography, like iStock or ShutterStock. With thousands of affiliate products to choose from online, you can be sure to find the right products for your niche and readers’ lives.

Sell Your Art

If you run a creative blog and are an artist yourself, you can use your own paintings, music, illustrations, Etsy crafts, or photography to build a monetization strategy. Similar to the branded merchandise and eBook strategies, selling your own artistic creations is another great way to connect with your visitors and sell them a unique keepsake as well. You can also integrate this with an affiliate strategy if you’re a Zazzle artist, for example. Most importantly, by promoting your own artwork, you possess yet another great source of original, never-before-seen content that’s unique to only your blog and brand.


Sponsored Posts

Your readers love your posts and keep coming back for more. This alone presents a great opportunity for launching a paid sponsored post strategy for your blog. If you browse online, you’ll find that many bloggers are “PR-Friendly.” Creating your own promotion packages is a great way to beat those ad blockers, avoid PPC services, and advertise on your own terms. By offering your own promotional packages, you can pick and choose the right products and services that are relevant to your blog’s brand. By injecting your own authority on a subject, you can turn a sponsored post into a valuable, educational experience that pays.


Say Goodbye to Annoying Ads

The growing influence of ad blockers doesn’t have to stop your blog dead in its tracks. In fact, use it to your advantage and create a monetization strategy that’s truly unique and adds value to your readers’ lives. Instead of the same old banners and corporate ads, use your own eBooks, sponsored blog posts, artwork, merchandise, and relevant affiliate programs to keep your strategy one step ahead.