July 26, 2021

August 2021 – Scatter Content Calendar

August 2021 Content Marketing ideas

With Covid-19 cases dropping, states opening up economic activities, and the subsequent lifting of restrictions, it seems everything might go back to normal- with some caveats. But that also puts the focus on safe travel and timely vaccinations to prevent another wave of infection. August 2021 offers plenty of opportunities to connect with your audience, from fun days to festivals. So, whether you want to take a stand on vaccinations, put out uplifting content on Independence Day and International Youth Day, or offer up some entertainment for International Clown Week and International Friendship Day, don’t let these content marketing moments pass you by.


What’s new in August 2021?



World Test Championship 2021-23 to begin in August

World-Test-Championship- content marketing ideas

Kicking off with the Pataudi trophy between England and India on 4 August, the World Test Championship 2021-23 will feature nine international teams playing against each other. This is the second edition of the ICC World Test Championship of Test Cricket.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: What are the changes in the rules introduced in this tournament?
  • Infographic idea: How is India placed against the other teams in the tournament?
  • Video idea: Who are the best test cricketers in the world, and what makes them so special?
  • Podcast idea: Can test cricket still hold its own with T20s and one-day matches?


Football season 2021-22

While some people might still be a little hungover from the Euro 2021, which ended in July, most fans will be looking forward to a new season. After a tight schedule last year, August will kick off the 2021-22 football season with domestic leagues, such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and more, along with the UEFA Super Cup 2021. The biggest highlight, however, will be seeing fans in the stadium once again.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: Which are the best teams set to compete in the UEFA Super Cup 2021?
  • Infographic idea: Who are the highest-earning footballers in the world?
  • Video idea: The best moments from the UEFA Champions League over the years
  • Podcast idea: How important is the physical presence of fans in sports matches?



Fixed days – Aug 2021

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples – 9 August

Worlds-Indigenous-Peoples-content-marketing ideas

From the rising voices in Hawaii about the impact of capitalism and tourism on their land to Native Americans protesting oil pipelines running through their native lands, light is being shed on the challenges that indigenous people across the world face. This day aims to highlight these challenges and work towards more sustainable solutions.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: How can you combat systemic bias against indigenous people?
  • Infographic idea: How are the indigenous peoples across the world linked?
  • Video idea: How have indigenous people been portrayed in cinema?
  • Podcast idea: Do indigenous people differ from those who live on the mainland biologically?


International Youth Day – 12 August

Internation Youth day Aug 2021 Content Marketing idea

From Malala Yousafzai to Greta Thunberg, it’s the youth who have led the charge over the last few years- whether it’s rousing political discussions or impassioned speeches about the environment. On International Youth Day, we talk about these changemakers and the issues they are up against.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: How will the upcoming population bust change the world?
  • Infographic idea: What’s on the top of the priority list for Gen Z?
  • Video idea: How should the education system change to keep up with young, inquisitive minds?
  • Podcast idea: Why is it so hard to retain the optimism of our youth?


Organ Donation Day – 13 August

Organ donation day Content Marketing Ideas

There has always been a gap in the number of patients who need life-saving organs and the number of people who donate them- but it has never been more apparent than during the pandemic. Fortunately, more people are becoming aware and pledging to donate their organs after death, reducing the dependency on inter-state transportation.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: Here’s a list of the different organs that you can donate
  • Infographic idea: What’s on your organ donor card?
  • Video idea: Here’s why the first few minutes after a person’s death is so crucial for organ donation
  • Podcast idea: What do different religions have to say about organ donation?

Brand campaign that worked:

This poignant video by Fortis Healthcare talks about how organ donation not only saves a life, but can also be a second lease for the loved ones of the deceased to maintain contact with them.



Independence Day – 15 August   

Independence Day

The Indian Independence Day is always a festive affair, with parades and pageants galore. On the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of India, let’s take a step back and think not only about what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: The best historical books that chronicle the events of India’s independence
  • Infographic idea: Global events that followed India’s Independence
  • Video idea: What does independence mean to different people?
  • Podcast idea: How are pre-independence protest techniques still relevant today?

Brand campaign that worked:

This ad by Ralco Tyres talks about how we should #FreeTheRoads from discrimination this Independence Day ad by taking the story of a transgender individual who is constantly misunderstood and ignored.



World Humanitarian Day – 19 August


During 2020 and 2021, many international organizations and celebrities have come forward to pledge money to the public. However, very rarely do the people who work at ground level to provide aid to those in need get the recognition they deserve. This day celebrates humanitarian workers who have lost their lives in the course of their work and those who continue to provide life-saving support and protection to people most in need.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: X humanitarian organizations in India and the causes they serve
  • Infographic idea: A look at the humanitarian crises volunteers have managed to resolve
  • Video idea: A day in the life of a humanitarian worker
  • Podcast idea: How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted humanitarian work?


World Photography Day – 19 August

World-Photography-Day content marketing ideas

Photography was an important medium to keep us connected with the outside world during the pandemic. On this day, we celebrate those who inspire a thousand emotions in us with a single picture.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: X famous photos we all recognize, and the stories behind them
  • Infographic idea: X must-haves for every photographer
  • Video idea: X angles that work exceptionally well for photography
  • Podcast idea: Photography in lockdown: Tips to take impactful images at home

Brand campaign that worked:

This ad by Sony India showcases their Alpha range alongside professional photographers who use this camera to capture some of the most striking images of nature in sharp focus.



International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism – 21 August


Over the last decade, terrorism has become a global threat- whether it comes from foreign soil or within one’s own borders. It not only affects global peace and national security but has a significant impact on ordinary people who lose their friends and family. This day is marked to honor and support the victims and survivors of terrorism, and promotes and protects their human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: X coping mechanisms you can use if you regularly face your triggers
  • Infographic idea: Helplines you can contact in case of any terrorist activity around you
  • Video idea: Documentaries that accurately depict life in terrorist camps
  • Podcast idea: How can governments effectively come together to reduce the threat of terrorism?


International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition – 23 August


Slavery may have been abolished centuries ago, but its aftereffects remain in the form of social and economic inequalities even today. From the Black Lives Matter movement to Taking a Knee, a spotlight has been put on the gross inequalities of life as a person of African descent across the world. This day aims to connect the history of the slave trade with the realities of today.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: Poignant historical and their contributions to the fight against slavery
  • Infographic idea: Historical moments that were defined by slavery
  • Video idea: Modern slavery: What it is and who is subjected to it?
  • Podcast idea: Why it’s still not time to forget and let go of slavery


International Day against Nuclear Tests – 29 August


With the possibility of a nuclear war threatening the human race, the need for nations to denuclearize is essential. This day is commemorated to further the objective of the total elimination of nuclear weapons.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: What happens in a nuclear city?
  • Infographic idea: Which countries have the greatest number of nuclear warheads?
  • Video idea: What would happen if WWIII was fought with nuclear weapons?
  • Podcast idea: How long would it take for all the nations in the world to completely eliminate their nuclear stockpile?


International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances – 30 August


This day is commemorated to remember victims of enforced disappearances around the world, especially from vulnerable groups such as children or people with disabilities.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: X signs to note if you suspect kidnapping or abduction
  • Infographic idea: X groups that are most vulnerable to be kidnapped
  • Video idea: Why is the first 48 hours of a disappearance crucial?
  • Podcast idea: How can you overcome your PTSD if you were kidnapped in the past?


Other content marketing opportunities:

World Breastfeeding Week – 1-7 August

Breast Feeding week Marketing Ideas

There has been a growing awareness and de-stigmatization of women’s bodies across the world. Breastfeeding, in particular, has become one of those activities that women have reclaimed in public spaces. This week aims to celebrate and promote the practice of breastfeeding.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: What should first-time mothers know about breastfeeding?
  • Infographic idea: X benefits of breastfeeding for your child
  • Video idea: How do you know if your child is feeding properly?
  • Podcast idea: Why is it important to normalize public breastfeeding?

Brand campaign that worked:

This video by the World Health Organization talks about what breastfeeding mothers can do if they have COVID-19 to keep their babies safe.



Fun days – August 2021

Fun days

International Clown Week – 1-7 August

International Friendship Day – 1 August

International Childfree Day – 1 August

International Clouded Leopard Day – 4 August

International Beer Day – 6 August

International Cat Day – 8 August

World Lion Day – 10 August

World Calligraphy Day – 11 August

World Elephant Day – 12 August

International Lefthanders Day – 13 August

International Orangutan Day – 19 August

International Bow Day – 19 August

World Mosquito Day – 20 August

World Honey Bee Day – 21 August

International Strange Music Day – 24 August

International Whale Shark Day – 30 August


Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: X mosquito-borne diseases and how to prevent them
  • Infographic idea: X types of clown makeup you can try for parties
  • Video idea: What are the best elephant sanctuaries in India?
  • Podcast idea: What should you do if you want to maintain friendships over time?


Festivals – August 2021

Parsi New Year – 16 August

Muharram/ Ashura – 19 August

Onam – 21 August

Raksha Bandhan – 22 August

Janmashtami – 30 August


Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: How is Parsi New year celebrated throughout the world?
  • Infographic idea: Alternative gifts for your siblings this Raksha Bandhan
  • Video idea: Dishes that simply have to be part of your Onam sadya spread
  • Podcast idea: What is the significance behind Muharram?



Birthdays – August 2021

Jason Momoa – 1 August

Taapsee Pannu – 1 August

James Hetfield – 3 August

Sunil Chhetri – 3 August

Kishore Kumar – 4 August

Neil Armstrong – 5 August

Kajol – 5 August

M Night Shyamalan –6 August

Rabindranath Tagore – 7 August

Charlize Theron – 7 August

Anna Kendrick – 9 August

Antonio Banderas – 10 August

Chris Hemsworth – 11 August

Suniel Shetty – 11 August

Casey Affleck – 12 August

Sara Ali Khan – 12 August

Vikram Sarabhai – 12 August

Alfred Hitchcock – 13 August

Sridevi – 13 August

Steve Martin – 14 August

Mila Kunis – 14 August

Halle Berry – 14 August

Sunidhi Chauhan – 14 August

Jennifer Lawrence – 15 August

Ben Affleck – 15 August

Alejandro González Iñárritu – 15 August

Steve Carrell – 16 August

James Cameron – 16 August

Robert de Niro – 16 August

Sean Penn – 16 August

Saif Ali Khan – 16 August

Edward Norton – 17 August

Gulzar – 17 August

Matthew Perry – 17 August

Satya Nadella – 19 August

Sudha Murthy – 19 August

Andrew Garfield – 20 August

Amy Adams – 20 August

Randeep Hooda – 20 August

Narayana Murthy – 20 August

Usain Bolt – 21 August

Rupert Grint – 24 August

Mother Teresa – 26 August

Jack Black – 28 August

David Fincher – 28 August

Cameron Diaz – 30 August