July 5, 2019

The perfect blueprint for organising a content marketing workshop

Content Marketing Workshop

Even though your clients know that content is the backbone, they might be unaware of how to align it consistently across touchpoints to present a unified brand messaging and identity. A content marketing workshop equips them with the right information and platform as it drastically cuts down on trial and error.

Let the workshop up the ante of your customers’ overall marketing plan by educating them on how content marketing impacts the macro and micro stages of marketing. But if you’re clueless about how to organize a successful content marketing workshop, here’s the blueprint for conducting one like a pro:

Assign Roles

Even before you decide on what the content marketing workshop should talk about. You need to identify all stakeholders involved and their respective responsibilities. Who will lead the talk, who should send out the invites, who’ll manage the floor, etc.

Define Goals

The prime takeaway for each attendee from the workshop should be how the content marketing strategy will help in achieving the overall business objectives. Content marketers often think of returns in terms of reach and clicks. The workshop must highlight how each individual’s efforts will lead to the realization of the company’s goals.

Highlight Recent Trends

Your audience may not know that their content marketing approach should be tailored to their preference and behavior. For instance, they may not know that millennials spend 10.9 hours daily consuming digital content, and 41% of them abandon a site due to high page load time. These stats are instrumental in planning and executing the strategy. Therefore, giving your audience a glimpse of current content consumption trends and audience behavior is important.

Use Case Studies

Whether it is your past content strategy or the results of a competitor’s content marketing efforts that bore results, using a case study to dissect how content impacts communications and elicits desired results puts the theory into perspective.

Conduct an Impromptu Brainstorming Session

Most of your workshop audience will play some role in the overall content creation and execution. And with all of them present in one room, why not use it to come up with content ideas? This way you’ll gauge how much of the information imparted via the workshop have they been able to absorb, plus you may come up with some fantastic ideas for your future content marketing endeavors.

Sign Off with Discussing Best Practices

Whether it is thinking of ideas that best match the brand’s ethos, or creating content in sync with the message your customer is trying to convey, it’s important to highlight the best practices that work in favor of your brand. From editorial guidelines, style sheets, listing digital platforms that work best for the brand, Dos and Don’ts, to thinking ideas in line with the brand’s chosen distribution techniques. These might seem like minute details but they could be the difference between generating content that either makes your audience scroll through or goes viral.

To Summarize

Here’s a quick recap of the ideal blueprint for your content marketing workshop:

1. Start with identifying the roles of each involved in organizing and conducting the workshop.

2. Discuss how content marketing efforts will impact the overall business goals.

3. Highlight content consumption trends and target audience engagement behavior.

4. Use case studies to showcase how different types of content strategies help to communicate better, and subsequently, achieve the desired results.

5. Use the workshop to brainstorm for new content ideas.

6. Discuss content marketing best practices that specifically align with the brand guidelines and objectives of your customer.

Parting Words

At Scatter, we’ve been conducting our content marketing workshop for the past three years. Several dozen B2C and B2B marketing teams from the country’s largest brands have participated in and benefited from these successful workshops. For more information, you can drop in a message and the right person will connect with you from our Customer Success Team.