January 20, 2021

Importance of content brainstorming sessions

Importance of content brainstorming

Ask any marketer, and they will agree that a good content strategy often hinges on great ideas (not to mention, perfect execution). However, coming up with creative ideas round the clock can be quite a challenge. Creativity doesn’t appear out of thin air and can strike at odd hours. However, deadlines don’t wait for inspiration, and the need to be creative on the spot can add more pressure. Devising a content marketing strategy requires consistent creativity, which can be supplemented through regular brainstorming sessions with your team. From turning creative gears to charging up team spirit, brainstorming sessions can ensure you and your team never run out of ideas.

Here’s why every marketing team needs brainstorming sessions:

1. Different minds think differently

When all the ideas come from a single person, they can quickly become repetitive or stale. However, a brainstorming session allows you to gather thoughts and ideas from people who have diverse backgrounds, varied interests and different views. Such sessions enable people to think more freely, get ideas out of their heads so that they can be discussed, expanded upon, and put into action. The act of brainstorming gives people a chance to consider ideas that they might not be able to conceive on their own.

2. Promotes a creative spark

Quite often, when you need to think creatively, your mind can be the biggest hurdle. You might find yourself stuck with a vague plan that simply doesn’t take shape, or come up with the same old idea time and again. This is where a brainstorming session steps in to give direction to jumbled thoughts and helps evolve a shapeless content marketing strategy into something more effective. Not only do discussions around an idea refine the initial concept, but looking at it from different viewpoints gives it more coherence.

3. Encourages critical thinking

It’s one thing to think creatively but another to come up with content marketing ideas around audience interests and prevalent trends. The more you brainstorm, the better you get at conceiving creative ideas from a logical standpoint. It makes team members feel comfortable bouncing ideas off one another and reaching conclusions by consensus. It is also great for generating a substantial number of ideas quickly, which can be combined to create the ideal solution.

4. They support team-building

While these sessions are a great way to unlock creativity in a true collaborative spirit, groups that brainstorm together often become better at working together. Brainstorming encourages participation from every team member and cultivates a feeling of team ownership. When a single person isn’t in charge of coming up with a campaign or product, it results in a well-rounded strategy and out-of-the-box innovations. It empowers a team to come up with more ideas than an individual, value different perspectives, and learn to work towards achieving a common goal.

Last words

Fresh ideas can be hard to find, especially when you need to come up with creative possibilities on the go. Devising a content marketing campaign not only becomes easier but also much more efficient when you couple it with a brainstorming session. There is an uplifting synergy that binds such interactions among team members; and as the energy builds, creative juices begin to flow.

Brainstorming brings a range of ideas to the table, some of which are pushed to the margins while others are perfected into shape and form. The most exciting avenue of a brainstorming session is the emergence of a new idea – one that nobody entered the meeting with and whose authorship is equally shared by all.






Contributors: Sadaf Zarreen, Sanchea D’Souza and Swapnil Adsul