March 28, 2019

Content marketing pegs to drive conversations for April 2019

Brand Campaign Ideas - Pink background which has Hello April written in black

Fortune favours those who are prepared and when it comes to marketing communication and social media, preparation is the key. When you are prepared, good ideas will naturally follow. This year, instead of following trends set by others, use these content marketing pegs and kick-start conversations around your brand.

1. April Fools’ Day, 1st April

Brand Campaign Ideas for April Fools Day

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Don’t be fooled by these myths

Infographic idea: Here’s exactly why laughter is the best medicine

Listicle idea: The best prank products to get your friends

Podcast idea: How to make a career out of making people laugh!

Brand campaigns that worked:

April Fools’ Day campaigns really need to nail the spirit, or they just turn out lame. Brands also need to ensure that their joke doesn’t toe the line. Quite a task, but some have come close to achieving the right mix.

Cremation company, Beyond is an ideal example of a brand having created a well-rounded and distinct identity; they keep things light yet respectful.

Their 2017 April Fools’ campaign involved the creation and promotion of a webpage that offered home creation.

The mock funeral service identified as a thrifty option (“When You Don’t Have Money To Burn”), and boasted an automated casket ‘CremMate’ that could be operated with a PYRE® digital algorithm.

Beyond featured in April content calendar


A successful attempt at dark humour, the webpage was even backed by unorthodox customer testimonials.

However, for brands who wouldn’t prefer making such a bold move, there are always safer yet successful ways to go:

M.Moustache featured in April content calendar


For a field like content marketing, that’s always looking to incorporate a fresh streak, humour is definitely an option to explore.

2. The beginning of the financial year, 1st April

Content Marketing - Start of financial year Concept - Scatter. Rupee Symbol lying on a set of leaves

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Ways to save more money this financial year

Infographic idea: How much should you budget for luxury fashion every year?

Article idea: Economy on growth track: These sectors are likely to do well in the next five years

Podcast idea: This financial year will be different for SMEs. Here’s how

Brand campaigns that worked:

The start of the financial year is a great time to inform your audience about all things fiscal. Even if consumers aren’t especially money-conscious, the sudden heightened focus on it will get them to pay attention.

Take inspiration from Canadian online investment management service, Wealthsimple. Instead of putting numbers and policies at the centre, they shifted the spotlight to people’s stories and their relation with money.

Having gained over 1M views on YouTube, the video managed to do what multiple financial adverts are unable to: it made the viewer actually care about investing.

3. World Autism Awareness Day, 2nd April

A set of arms depicting Autism Awareness day. Featured in content marketing ideas for April content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Sensory toys and tools that can help autistic kids

Infographic idea: How to cater for the financial requirements of a child with autism

Listicle idea: Highly recommended apps for kids with autism spectrum disorder

Podcast idea: A comprehensive guide to understanding autism

Brand campaigns that worked:

Numerous autism-focussed brands have continued to raise awareness about it through the years.

For instance, advocacy organisation, Autism Speaks created the following advert in 2006 highlighting the signs of the developmental disorder.

Through a similar effort, the Autism Society of Pakistan released a series of images that shared facts about the disorder. Following is an example from the same:

Autism society of Pakistan featured in Content Marketing Ideas for Autism Awareness Day in April content calendar


Brands can take this day to stress upon the effective integration of every individual into society. And that an effort like that requires the participation of more than just the concerned individual and their family.

If an autistic person is taught to better adapt to their environment, then the average crowd too should be trained to receive people with autism better. After all, a successful interaction is the result of an initiative taken from both ends.

4. National Maritime Day, 5th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Fitness tests you must pass to join the navy

Infographic idea: Signs that you are up for a career in the Indian Navy

Article idea: Times the Indian Navy made us proud

Podcast idea: Why armed forces need more women


5. World Health Day, 7th April

Picture depicting World Health Day concept. Featured in list of brand campaign ideas for April content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Fun sports that will keep you fit and healthy

Infographic idea: Tips to stay fit in your later years

Listicle idea: Healthy snacks to curb those cravings

Podcast idea: How daily exercise can improve your mental health

Brand campaigns that worked:

With numerous issues that fall within the purview of health, brands shouldn’t find themselves short of topics to talk about.

With over 3M views on YouTube, the advert by The Heart & Stroke Foundation stressed upon making health last, especially during the last 10 years.

The video portrays two opposing realities that play out simultaneously, each depicting the quality of life an individual can live basis how they care for themselves.

In a differently executed but similarly motivated effort, Aditya Birla Health launched their #JumpForHealth campaign. The initiative wished to make consumers aware of how jumping 20 times a day would prove more beneficial for their bone-building as compared to jogging or running.

They further encouraged this accessible form of exercise by asking their audience to record videos of themselves doing so and sharing it on their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

For every 10,000 jumps, the brand vowed to donate a prosthetic leg to someone in need.

Addressing the other important dimension of health, Children’s Hospital Colorado succinctly highlighted the need to hold helpful conversations around mental health.

The Movember Foundation created an advert along the same lines, however, narrowed it down to focus on men’s mental health.

With a raw approach to the subject, the video had some men read out suicide letters they’d written before they were diverted from going down that route.

It emphasised on the support that had got these men through tougher times since then; further reinforcing that with unrelenting aid, people can rebuild their lives despite hitting what feels like rock bottom.


6. Siblings Day, 10th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Road trips that siblings must take together at least once in their lives

Infographic idea: Tips to have a healthy relationship with your sibling(s)

Article idea: The ultimate guide to getting the perfect gift for your sibling

Podcast idea: How to rebuild your bond with your siblings

Brand campaigns that worked:

Some of the best Indian ads centring on siblings come out around Raksha Bandhan. So did Amazon India’s #DeliverTheLove campaign.

With over 2M views on YouTube, the video depicts an old man hastily shuffling around as he packs to visit his sister. When his son insists that he have a gift delivered instead of making the journey himself, the old man sweetly reminds him of the love that only his presence can deliver.

An advert that stuck out despite not riding the wave of Raksha Bandhan was Cadbury Dairy Milk India’s campaign ‘Kuch Achha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’.

With over 18M views, the video captured the innocent adoration that underlies any sibling relationship regardless of the frequent bickering.


7. World Homeopathic Awareness Week, 10th – 16th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: All you need to know about alternative medicines

Infographic idea: X Best homeopathy schools in the country

Article idea: Want to pursue a career in homeopathy? Here’s what you must do

Podcast idea: Why homeopathy might just work better for you than allopathy


8. National Safe Motherhood Day, 11th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Exercises that can harm your child during pregnancy

Infographic idea: Pregnancy dos and don’ts that may surprise you

Article idea: How to take contraceptives

Podcast idea: How to be financially prepared for your new-born

Brand campaigns that worked:

In celebration of National Safe Motherhood Day, India Medical Hub released a 7-minute animated video breaking down the basics of pregnancy and motherhood. The aim was to spread awareness and control India’s maternal mortality ratio.

Our second example, the following campaign, was not created as part of India’s efforts to increase awareness about maternal healthcare. Nonetheless, it successfully exemplifies the power of case studies in communicating a message.

A visually represented report, the video encourages the viewer to speak up against charging exorbitant prices for maternity care; a medical reality that especially effects migrant and poor mothers.

With the hashtag #allmothers, it urges increased accessibility to maternal care for all, regardless of whether they’re native citizens of a country.


9. World Parkinson’s Disease Day, 11th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Top hashtags to follow to show solidarity towards Parkinson’s disease

Infographic idea: Early signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s you shouldn’t ignore

Article idea: Ideal nutrition and diet for those with Parkinson’s disease

Podcast idea: How to care for a loved one suffering from Parkinson’s

Brand campaigns that worked:

Parkinson’s UK shared a brilliant 1-minute advert that smartly emphasised on the need for practising sensitivity towards individuals with Parkinson’s. And the first way of doing that is by understanding the symptoms.

In a similar effort, European Parkinson’s Disease Association partnered with Parkinson’s UK to highlight the symptoms of the disease through recorded accounts of real patients.

This #UniteForParkinsons video gained 18,000 views and generated a social media engagement of 880,000.


10. Ambedkar Jayanti, 14th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Trace Dr Ambedkar’s life through visits to these destinations

Infographic idea: Monumental social reforms that Dr B.R. Ambedkar contributed to

Article idea: Why Ambedkar was more than just the architect of the Constitution

Podcast idea: How Dr Ambedkar’s ideas have ensured equitable economic growth

Brand campaigns that worked:

The Government of India launched a creative audience-driven campaign that required them to design and submit e-Greeting cards commemorating Dr Ambedkar’s birthday.

Organised in 2016, the campaign received entries such as the following:

Ambedkar Jayanti discussed in April content calendar

Intersectional feminist platform, Feminism In India shared 13 of their favourite quotes by Dr B.R. Ambedkar on the occasion of his 125th birth anniversary:

Feminism In India featured in April content calendar



11. World Creativity and Innovation Week, 15th – 21st April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: World’s greatest innovations that we should be grateful for

Infographic idea: Creative career options for those who wish to take the unconventional route

Listicle idea: Simple things every parent can do to encourage creative thinking in kids

Podcast idea: How creativity is linked to success

Brand campaigns that worked:

Our selection of campaigns that tout creativity, innovation and novelty come from two brands recognised as the thought leaders of their industry.

First, there’s Apple. Known for their ground-breaking designs, the company has always encouraged their audience to strive for more. Keeping with that motto, the following campaign highlights how perspective can impact performance:

The second example unsurprisingly comes from Nike. Popular for their leading message ‘Just Do It’, the brand tells its viewers, “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough”.

What’s common to both these campaigns is that when speaking of a universal idea, they go above and beyond their product to resonate with viewers who may not even form part of their target base. They don’t sell, they communicate.


12. World Heritage Day, 18th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Building a heritage heavy wardrobe: X Essentials of yesteryear

Infographic idea: Historical monuments around the world that you must visit

Article idea: Measures the Government is taking to improve the condition of India’s heritage sites

Podcast idea: How being a World Heritage site benefits an area

Brand campaigns that worked:

You may not have given much thought to it, but the idea of heritage, and especially world heritage, holds multiple dimensions.

Consider UNESCO’s #HeritageStory campaign. The video rounds up individuals from different cultures and parts of the world to bring together their thoughts and experiences of heritage.

It highlights how it is difficult for most to even imagine their heritage being destroyed or damaged. However, regions like Syria have been forced to reconcile with the loss of theirs in order to ‘move on’.

The video emphasises on guarding heritage and culture all across the globe as part of bringing peace.

In a different drive-centred CSR campaign, Hyundai Motor India partnered with the Archaeological Survey of India to help preserve some of Delhi’s heritage sites.

Volunteers from South Korea and India together contributed to the upkeep of Safdarjung’s Tomb, Purana Kila, Firoz Shah Kotla and the Qutub Minar.

In a third, instructional campaign, UK-based charity Brooke shared a video about the dos and don’ts that make for responsible tourism when visiting heritage sites.

The three examples discussed here have taken three different and equally relevant approaches to the subject. Consider how your brand can go about creating something similar.


13. Easter, 21st April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Good food completes every occasion. Here’s what to cook this Easter

Infographic idea: Adorable films without which your Easter celebration won’t be complete

Listicle idea: Most exciting places across the globe to celebrate Easter

Podcast idea: How did we come to celebrate Easter?

Brand campaigns that worked:

Conducted as an eight-part series titled ‘eggsperiments’, food retail business brand, Co-op Food filmed and shared real-life recordings of passer-by’s helping out an individual in need. Following is an example from the same:

Those who took time to help out were recognised for being a ‘good egg’!

Reinterpreting the Easter egg in a different manner, Croatian food company, Podravka released the following image campaign:

Podravka featured in April content calendar



14. Earth Day, 22nd April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: The most unexplored places on earth

Infographic idea: Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Listicle idea: Mobile apps that can help you go green

Podcast idea: How to make your home eco-friendly

Brand campaigns that worked:

With environmental causes, striking imagery and hard facts seem to work well. Case in point: the following image campaign by advertising agency, DDB Canada:

DDB Canada featured in April content calendar


Another campaign that plays upon sensory stimulation is UN Environment’s ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.’

The video rapidly shifts between positive and destructive imagery, where the former also invokes touch-based memories such as toes dug into wet sand. However, on progression, the visuals turn more hopeful as human efforts are shown saving the environment.

With causes that are driven as frequently as protection of the environment, your brand message needs to break through the everyday communication.


15. Women’s Political Empowerment Day, 24th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Power dressing for women: These are the essentials

Infographic idea: Female icons to look up to this Women’s Political Empowerment Day

Listicle idea: Influential Indian women who are making the country proud

Podcast idea: Historical movements that have paved the way for women empowerment

Brand campaigns that worked:

There exist plenty of ads and campaigns around women empowerment in the digital space. And some excellent ones at that. But very few of them address their political empowerment.

So perhaps grab this opportunity to put something meaningful out there for your audience! Here’s a sample of what already exists.

Advertising company, Partners came up with this image campaign:

Partners featured in April content calendar


Political organisation, Serve America launched a video that shared the military background of a group of women who were going to stand as electoral candidates for the first time.

With the right dose of patriotism and pride, the video highlighted newly emergent women candidates, thereby making viewers aware of female presence in the political arena.


16. International Guide Dog Day, 24th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Taking a road trip with your guide dog? Here’s what you need to do

Infographic idea: X Breeds that make the best guide dogs

Article idea: Why you must not treat guide dogs the same as other dogs

Podcast idea: How interaction with animals helps you stay positive

Brand campaigns that worked:

Guide dogs are trained to help a visually impaired individual safely navigate through their environment. With many still not familiar with or open to the concept, this day serves as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness.

Guide Dogs Singapore, for instance, released multiple images that highlighted the experiences of visually impaired people who have benefitted from the support provided by a guide dog. Here’s an image from the series:

Guide Dogs Singapore featured in April content calendar


Another important campaign comes from Guide Dogs Victoria that calls attention to the discrimination faced by guide dogs and their walkers:

The organisation also thoughtfully left a comment under their video transcribing it for the visually impaired.

Our third selection cheekily underscores the relentless support a guide dog provides for very little in return:


17. World Immunisation Week, 24th – 30th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Indian parent’s guide to vaccinations

Infographic idea: Everything you need to know about travel vaccines

Article idea: What are the most important vaccinations for your pet?

Podcast idea: Why you must not opt out of immunisation for your kids

Brand campaigns that worked:

There are, of course, less privileged countries that are unable to ensure immunisation for their citizens. But as of recently, there are also communities from privileged areas that are opting out from vaccinating their children.

Therefore, brand campaigns must consider addressing both dimensions of the issue. Take inspiration from the following.

WHO ran an extensive campaign as part of the theme #VaccinesWork. It comprised striking content such as this image:

WHO featured in April content calendar


Another compelling campaign comes from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They too caught their audience’s attention with hard-hitting facts:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention featured in April content calendar



18. World Malaria Day, 25th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: These simple hacks can protect your family from malaria

Infographic idea: Steps taken by government towards making India malaria-free

Listicle idea: Signs of malaria to watch out for

Podcast idea: How gardening can help you tackle malaria

Brand campaigns that worked:

One of the most comprehensive malaria prevention campaigns comes from WHO. Their Twitter thread from 2017 cautioned their audience against malaria and advised preventive measures. It also shared data charts and surveys that threw light on the treatment of the issue worldwide.

Here’s an informational image from the thread:

WHO featured in April content calendar


In a similar attempt, Mosquito repellent brand, Goodknight released a snackable, animated video on occasion of World Malaria Day.

Shared in 2016, it kept the viewer engaged through non-threatening visuals yet it didn’t trivialise the issue.


19. Workers’ Memorial Day, 28th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Got your first job? Here’s what you need to know about your CTC (Cost to Company)

Infographic idea: Rights every employee should be aware of and exercise

Article idea: Why do we celebrate Workers’ Memorial Day?

Podcast idea: How not to let work affect your health

Brand campaigns that worked:

Most campaigns created around this day urge unionising to ensure safer work environment. However, the approaches taken are different.

For instance, the following video brings forward unfortunate tales of workplace accidents that cost a life or led to its deterioration.

In contrast, through a more light-hearted approach, the following video educates the viewer on what classifies as a workplace hazard and what they can do to address it.

Whatever the approach, the aim should be to educate the consumer on the different dimensions of work safety. Moreover, focussing on this issue becomes even more important since there isn’t as much available on it online.


20. World Veterinary Day, 28th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Best ways to pet-proof your house

Infographic idea: Essential vaccines for the safety of your pets

Article idea: Best colleges for Veterinary Sciences in India

Podcast idea: How World Veterinary Day came to be celebrated

Brand campaign that worked:

With the constant care that pets need, people may often require the support of a medical professional. Which is why it always helps to know the organisations they can trust. Here’s a great way of highlighting them:

Hospital Veterinario featured in April content calendar



21. Stress Awareness Month

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Yoga asanas to de-stress at work

Infographic idea: Here’s how maintaining a journal helps you reduce stress

Article idea: Great ways to de-stress after a long week and get ready for the next

Podcast idea: How to manage stress while waiting for your results

Brand campaigns that worked:

Given the growing discussion around mental health, the concept of stress is being highlighted increasingly every day. This means that if you choose to contribute to the conversation, your addition must stand out meaningfully. Perhaps like image did:

bemindful featured in April content calendar


Through a more instructive effort, UK based organisation, Mental Health Foundation shared a concise video that broke down the concept of stress and different ways of coping with it:

Their theme for 2019 is ‘Body Image’Visit their site to understand the different ways in which you can address your audience about mental health issues.


22. IBS Awareness Month

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Yoga postures that help you with digestion

Infographic idea: Things to know about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Article idea: Food items that are difficult to digest

Podcast idea: How to help a family member suffering from IBS

Brand campaigns that worked:

US-based organisation, Salix Pharmaceuticals helpfully set up a comprehensive webpage that guides users through the triggers, causes and treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D).

Salix Pharmaceuticals featured in April content calendar

Labelled ‘Let’s Talk 2’, their campaign also included several events that were conducted to raise awareness.

Also aimed at raising awareness was the following poster by Gastrointestinal Society:

Gastrointestinal Society featured in April content calendar



23. Alcohol Awareness Month

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Daily habits that can help you reduce your alcohol cravings

Infographic idea: X Healthier alternatives to alcohol

Article idea: Myths about alcohol you must stop believing now

Podcast idea: Alcohol and mental health: How well do the two go together?

Brand campaigns that worked:

There are numerous adverts online that have attempted to unconvincingly put the viewer off drinking. Perhaps because they attempt to moralise through sweeping statements instead of objectively informing the consumer.

And it is in not doing so that the following campaigns stood out.

UK-based charity, Drinkaware shared a quick, animated watch that factually explained how alcohol consumption can be harmful when had too much and too regularly.

Another reasonable campaign comes from Beginnings of San Luis Obispo County warning women against drinking when pregnant:

Beginnings of San Luis Obispo County featured in April content calendar


With topics such as these, it is important to address the consumer from a practical point of view. Finger-wagging will not take you very far.


24. National Pet Month

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Toys that will both entertain and train your furry friend

Infographic idea: First aid tips for an injured pet

Article idea: How much does it cost to keep a pet?

Podcast idea: How having a pet can benefit your child

Brand campaigns that worked:

National Pet Month provides an opportunity to hold pertinent conversations about responsible pet ownership.

30 Millions d’Amis Foundation did so by addressing the issue of pet abandonment:

Highlighting another crucial aspect, The Shelter Pet Project shared the following video encouraging pet adoption:


25. National Poetry Month

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Attention poetry lovers! These are the poetry events from across the world you must attend

Infographic idea: Things to do if you want to become a successful poet

Article idea: The best poems to tell them how much they mean to you

Podcast idea: How to handle your finances when you’re struggling with writer’s block


Fun days

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  • World Party Day, 3rd April
  • Walk to Work Day, 5th April
  • National Beer Day, 7th April
  • International Dance Day, 29th April
  • International Jazz Day, 30th April
  • Honesty Day, 30th April



content marketing, content marketing India, branded content, growth hacking, Scatter, November

  • Mopin, 5th to 8th April
  • Puthandu, 14th April
  • Baisakhi, 14th April
  • Ram Navami, 14th April
  • Bohag Bihu, 15th – 21st April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Tips to dress for different festival occasions

Infographic idea: Facts about the <insert name> festival

Listicle idea: X Essentials to pack for any festive trip

Podcast idea: How celebration is known to impact mental health positively



content marketing january

  • Masters Tournament (Golf), 11th – 14th April
  • Grand Prix motorcycle racing season, 14th April
  • Boston Marathon, 15th April
  • IPL Season 12

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Best match/tournament moments in the history of <name of sport>

Infographic idea: X Foods that should be in every sportsperson’s diet

Listicle idea: What you need to become a <insert category of sportsperson>

Podcast idea: How technology has revolutionised the world of sports


Upcoming Movie Releases

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  • Shazam!, 5th April
  • The Best of Enemies, 5th April
  • Hellboy, 12th April
  • PM Narendra Modi, 12th April
  • Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai, 12th April
  • Kalank, 19th April
  • Avengers: Endgame, 26th April


Celebrity Birthdays

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Michael Fassbender, 2nd April

Ajay Devgan, 2nd April

Robert Downey Jr, 4th April

Jackie Chan, 7th April

Kristen Stewart, 9th April

Emma Watson, 15th April

Leonardo da Vinci, 15th April

Maisie Williams, 15th April

Charlie Chaplin, 16th April

Kourtney Kardashian, 18th April

Mukesh Ambani, 19th April

Maria Sharapova, 19th April

Miranda Kerr, 20th April

Queen Elizabeth II, 21st April

Chetan Bhagat, 22nd April

John Cena, 23rd April

William Shakespeare, 23rd April

Sachin Tendulkar, 24th April

Al Pacino, 25th April