July 9, 2020

9 Content Marketing Friendly Global and Indian Brand Taglines

Indian Brand Taglines

Have you ever played the word association game? Where someone tells you a word and you have to immediately reply with another word that comes to mind? If you think of brands in a similar context, what immediately follows the brand name is likely to be the brand tagline or jingle.

Want to give it a shot? What comes to your mind when you think of ‘Desh ka namak’? Or when you hear ‘Zindagi ke saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi’? Yes, Tata Salt and LIC are perfect examples of brands that know just how powerful and impactful the right tagline can be.

A brilliant tagline not only reflects the personality of your brand but also captures the core values you provide to your customers, in a catchy and concise manner. Click To TweetSome taglines offer great width to your content partner and get the brand one step closer to achieving content marketing success. It remains etched in people’s minds, and they can associate it with your brand immediately, as in the examples cited above.

If you’re looking to create a tagline for your brand or even redo it, a look at the following taglines should give you a good idea of the kind of result you must aim for.

1. HDFC Bank – We Understand Your World

With its engaging tagline, HDFC Bank rejects the cold, impersonal image of banks as corporate entities that don’t care about their customers but only their money. Through this tagline, HDFC Bank lays emphasis on tapping into their expertise of over two decades to personalize the customer experience and enhance satisfaction. They, as a brand, understand the power of personalization.

The bank puts a lot of thought into curating products and services that meet the niche requirements of different customer segments, including the younger generation. The bank’s “Learning Centre” content marketing effort helps amplify their tagline besides achieving several other business and marketing goals

2. Surf Excel – ‘Daag Acche Hai/Dirt is good’

A detergent brand that acknowledges the value of dirt is bound to stand out among its competitors and also generally within the market.

The central premise of the tagline is that Surf Excel is highly effective at cleaning and getting rid of stains. Therefore, parents are encouraged to allow their children to grow and develop, even if it means getting their clothes dirty. This message is further emphasized through the content marketing effort on their website that explores fun ideas for messy play.

3. Tata Capital – ‘We Only Do What’s Right For You’

Any brand that’s not customer-centric will not survive today; and with such a wholesome promise in their tagline, Tata Capital shows where their primary focus and vision lies. This NBFC brand not only offers products that help customers meet their life milestones but also educates them to make informed decisions.

The tagline also reflects the brand’s pillars, such as ‘lead with trust’ and ‘delivering delight’, as well as its purpose of being a responsible financial partner fulfilling India’s aspirations. This article on their blog goes the distance on their promise and makes a case for how content marketing compliments their tagline.

4. Amul – ‘The Taste of India’

With a most memorable brand mascot – the girl in the polka dot dress – and a tagline that’s brilliantly inclusive, Amul nailed its branding decades ago. Back in the 1990s, the brief that advertising agencies in the country got for the corporate slogan of Amul emphasized the need to bring in ‘taste’ and the ‘diverse’ nature of India in the copy.

The story of how one of the advertising agencies came up with this slogan and convinced the brand to take it on is quite an amusing one. As for how the tagline and their content marketing go hand in hand, refer to their recipe page. It’s self-explanatory.

5. Bosch – ‘Invented For Life’

Technology today is central to every individual’s life and Bosch, in their tagline, has captured that undeniable fact.

The tagline also taps into the power of purpose-driven communication and relays the intention of the founder, Robert Bosch: “It is my intention, apart from the alleviation of all kinds of hardship, to promote the moral, physical, and intellectual development of the people.”

6. Tata AIG – ‘With You Always

Insurance is a product that people need in dire circumstances, and Tata AIG’s tagline reflects the consistency and support they are willing to offer their customers. The brand understands the urgency and delicacy of the time in which people reach out to them, and they are prepared to have their back.

Tata AIG’s mission of offering innovative risk solutions and providing peace of mind to customers is evident in the surety and security that their tagline reflects. The brand’s content marketing approach clearly reflect on this tagline as they improve lives with topics on health, travel, automobiles and the importance of insurance. This handy guide with information about the Coronavirus is an example of moment marketing done right.

7. Ford – ‘Go Further’

Ford Taglines

With its motivational tagline, this auto brand encourages their customers to push themselves free of their comfort zone and reach their full potential with the support and excellence of Ford cars.

The tagline also doubles as Ford’s commitment to the community and its people, that goes beyond business, to achieve a ‘better world’. The brand’s community efforts include everything from education and safety to women empowerment and healthcare. The brand’s social media post on Chandrayaan is the perfect example of a well-thought-out content marketing strategy, which is in-line with Ford’s tagline.

8. Thums Up – ‘Taste the Thunder’

It can be said that there are two types of people in India – those who like lighter soft drinks and those who like the strong taste of Thums Up. The brand tagline draws on this distinct fizzy taste that they believe is an extension of the bold and unique attitude of its consumers.

This tagline was used for two decades (1980–), after which the brand used ‘Toofani Thunder’ (2002) and ‘Aaj kuch toofani karte hain’ (2012-2016), before switching back to ‘Taste The Thunder’ in .

9. Shoppers Stop – ‘Start Something New’

The tagline of this retail brand conveys the role that shopping, and the products people use, play in their life goals and aspirations. It also reflects the brand’s assistance to customers as they upgrade their standard of living and move on to the next level in their life.

The brand also emphasizes the fact that personal transformation in style and attitude through products and brands is an integral part of one’s journey through life. What better example of starting something new than entering a new phase in your life, be it career advancement, wedding, or starting a new family? Shoppers Stop lives by their tagline in their content marketing strategy. This is reflected in their blog that covers the latest trends in fashion, beauty and skincare tips and encourages readers to start something new!

Final thoughts

Taglines often tend to emerge as an introduction to a brand. If they resonate with consumers, those few words can become a brand’s identity and echo its spirit. Not only do brand taglines create sensory recall value, they also tend to reinforce a hidden virtue that the consumers may feel but might not necessarily voice. Click To Tweet

And eventually, a tagline is successful if it nurtures a sustainable bond between the brand and its consumers. If you want to better understand the structure and process of coming up with a tagline for your brand, read these helpful tips.



Updated on 9th July 2020