August 19, 2019

Tips to create a brand tagline that connects with audiences

Brand Tagline Concept

“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” –Jeff Bezos

The terms brand and tagline are often used interchangeably today. Even though a tagline does not entirely define the brand, it is a step towards making a powerful brand identity.

Which is why when you hear the lines ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ and ‘I’m lovin’ it’, you instantly think of Disneyland and McDonald’s. A great tagline captures the essence of your brand with brevity by truly living and evolving in the minds of your customers.

Here are some tips to craft a remarkable tagline for your business:

Step 1: Choose your idea 

A tagline should not oversell your brand. Pick an idea and stick to it. It should be functional while explaining the uniqueness of your business – without the real need of an explanation.

Just as a logo is the face of your brand, a tagline is a voice. It should send a lasting message to the public, so make it memorable and catchy.

Domino’s Pizza is a classic example of brevity yet memorability. You hear ‘Fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less’ and you know its Domino’s!

Step 2: Don’t be too clever 

In the copywriting world, you need to be clear, not clever. People decide whether they like a brand or not in a fraction of a second. So create a tagline with a purpose.

Sure, Coca Cola’s ‘Open Happiness’ is a clever tagline but it also explains the value it offers to consumers – open a delicious drink that will make you happy.

When a new customer reads your tagline, they need to know what you do and the value your brand could add to their lives.

Step 3: Keep it short 

A piece of popular marketing advice (‘Sell the sizzle, not the steak’) is something you should keep in mind while crafting a tagline. Most successful taglines you hear are short, simple, and leave a lasting impression. That’s where your focus must lie.

Sell the benefits of your brand with positive and upbeat words. When someone sees your tagline, they must think of the company. When that happens you’ll know your brand has found its calling.

Step 4: Personality without puns  

When Lay’s chips came up with their tagline ‘Betcha can’t eat just one’, it aptly captured the idea behind their product. A successful FMCG brand that humanizes snacking delicious potato chips!

Infusing your tagline with a personality directly boosts brand awareness. Don’t make lofty promises to consumers; simply endorse a functional product that speaks volumes to its audience.

Step 5: Connect with the audience  

It does not take long for a good tagline to resonate with a target group. Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ is the perfect example. From being an athletic apparel name to embodying a state of mind, Nike connected with its target audience with a positive tagline.

It catered primarily to athletes and marathon runners and hence funneled out a tagline that pushed the company to achieve more. A powerful and simple tagline that connects with your audience is a promising path to brand awareness.

When the goal is to leave a message in the minds of consumers who remember nothing but your tagline, these tips will come in handy. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a cue from these brands that stand out with their excellent one-liners.