August 28, 2019

How to make an impactful website design that truly represents your brand

Website Design for Brands

Your website’s appearance plays a very significant role in deciding the fate of your business in the online world. No matter how diligent your SEO and other digital marketing efforts may be, ranking higher may only lead to increased bounce rates.

Busy checking your content for errors and typos? You may be on the wrong track. It could be the overall website design or layout that’s responsible for putting off your visitors. Your website represents your brand. A visitor’s first impression would decide whether they would return – or ditch you forever.

What are the key elements to keep in mind if you wish to make an impactful website design that truly speaks for your brand? Here’s a checklist:

1. Appearance

We will rate the appearance of your website as an important prerequisite for it to qualify as ‘impactful’. A clean yet aesthetically appealing layout will ensure that the visitor is likely to stay longer on your site and wish to check out more pages. A website with in-your-face styling is likely to deter viewers. Most people love a calm and composed layout.

2. Accessibility

Once you have hooked visitors with your website’s appearance, grab the chance to help them find the details they seek. The navigation should be simple, natural, and easy to locate. The sequence and position of tabs and drop-down menus should be intuitive and handy. A search box would be very helpful to those looking for information within the pages.

3. Readability

If someone were checking out your website, you would obviously want them to read and absorb your content rather than skim through it casually. To make your web pages more readable, select colors and fonts wisely. Flashy animations and difficult-to-read typefaces are a strict no-no. Stick to non-flowery language.

4. Visual elements

We all love graphics and images. A website with plenty of infographics, photos, and videos is likely to engage users far more easily than a bare-bones web page that is text-heavy. Nobody likes to read long articles without a pause. So, if you want to make your website more appealing, include content with timely visual ‘breaks’. And be sure to add lots of artistic elements.

These tips will make your website stand neck-and-neck with your competitors and likely to give you an edge in the market. Make the recommended tweaks to your website design and get ready to see the magic.