December 21, 2018

Flashback 2018: Branded videos that worked well in India

film clapper that depicts branded videos

Gone are the days of the television commercial. While the number of people who watch TV might still be sizeable, there is a rapidly growing set of audience hooked to the digital platform. More people are consuming content – streaming videos and music – on their mobile devices. It is but natural for brands to take note and head to where their consumers are, which explains the rise of branded videos in the last few years.

Brands are increasingly investing ideas and money in creating stories online and relying on shareworthy content for effective communication. Every year, we come across several branded videos that go beyond the 30-second TVC format, which catch our fancy and go ‘viral’.

As yet another year draws to a close, let’s take a look at some such films that found favour with the consumer in 2018.

1. Vicks – One In a Million #TouchOfCare 

Vicks continued with its massively popular #TouchOfCare campaign from last year with this video in 2018. The brand hit one out of the park with this very touching film that presented the story of Nisha, a girl afflicted by a rare skin condition called Ichthyosis.

Her life is transformed when she is adopted by Aloma and David Lobo. This moving three-and-a-half-minute video hit the right chords, clocking over 21 million views on YouTube in just two months of its launch.

Besides the heart-warming stories that make you think, what works for the #TouchOfCare campaign is its seamless connect with the brand and flawless execution that appeals to people across age groups.

2. Airbnb and the Nawab 

Airbnb pulled a bunny out of its hat, roping in actor couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan for a series of short branded videos. Each video ran for a little over 30 seconds (except the final one that was a minute-and-a-half long) and showed the couple being candid while planning a break in England.

The jury is still out deciding if the Khans endorsing a brand like Airbnb was a right marketing decision. However, with almost every video in the series getting well over 6 million views on YouTube and creating conversations, Airbnb can’t be complaining.

3. P&G Shiksha #ChooseForChange 

This is another emotional video that did wonders for the brand and was a huge hit with its audience online. P&G India created this 4-minute digital film for its CSR programme, Shiksha. The programme categorically runs several campaigns – many of them in the form of branded videos online – promoting their work in the field of education. This moving film tells the story of ‘Appu’, a child living in a remote Indian village. Appu longs to attend school, but cannot, since there aren’t any in his neighbourhood until P&G Shiksha helps build one.

P&G Shiksha #ChooseForChange launched in the middle of 2018 and caught the attention of all and sundry. Till date, the video has clocked over 69 million views on YouTube.

4. Uber India #MoveForward – Badhte Chalein featuring Virat Kohli 

Ride-sharing app Uber India launched a brand new campaign featuring its first brand ambassador in the country – Indian cricket star Virat Kohli. The ad spot titled ‘Badhte Chalein,’ in line with its ‘Move Forward’ campaign, positioned Uber as an enabler of opportunities for both drivers and passengers. The film is a montage of several stories of regular Indians going about their lives while Kohli highlights how Indians fight odds every day.

While shorter edits found their way into television ad breaks, the complete one-and-a-half-minute video on Uber India’s YouTube channel has over 11 million views. Put together cricket and emotions, and you’re sure to have a winner in this country.

5. Tinder – Start Something Epic 

Talking about apps, dating application Tinder launched an ad campaign titled ‘Start Something Epic’ in India. With the popularity the app enjoys among the youth of this country, this film looks tailor-made to capture their attention.

Featuring a zestful cover of the Mohammed Rafi 1965 hit ‘Jaan Pehchan Ho’ (‘Let’s get to know each other’), the lively film explains exactly what the app does and looks to be what its target audience would enjoy. And they did, what with almost 2 million views of the brand’s YouTube video.

To sum up with branded videos

Emotions, energy, celebrities – three things that have been a regular feature in Indian brand campaigns. It’s a strategy that has worked beautifully over the years and has now just switched media. So, we might not be watching 30-seconders on TV, but we are happy to stream quality video content online and share it too. Here’s to more in 2019!