August 21, 2019

Build a loyal youtube audience with these tips

Youtube Audience

Ever since it came on the scene over a decade ago, YouTube has revolutionized the way audiences consume video content. With over 1.9 billion logged-in monthly users, YouTube is the second most visited site after Google. Omnipresent in 91 countries and across generations, YouTube offers its viewers an unlimited supply of videos to choose from and watch.

But for a marketer, it is a completely different ball game. With so much content already available on YouTube, the question of distinctiveness arises. How can a lone fish stand out in the ocean of the world’s second most popular social media platform?

Irrespective of your business size or worth, here are some tips to build a loyal subscriber base on YouTube:

1. Focus on quality content 

So your channel grew from 100 to 1000 viewers in a month. Congratulations! But viewers are fickle; they can drop off as fast as they grow. And there is only one thing stopping them from clicking and subscribing to another brand – quality content.

A brand like Home Depot creates a band of loyal subscribers on YouTube by creating and sharing engaging content. Their videos are not refurbished commercials but actual DIY tutorials relevant to their niche.

2. SEO optimization 

Similar to Google’s search engine, YouTube’s algorithm too focuses on delivering the right video at the right time to the right person. If you want to be discovered repeatedly by your Youtube audience, optimize your content. Add descriptions that best serve your content, use unique but catchy titles, and include relevant keywords to help your viewers find your content.

3. Branding and selling 

Viral videos have a short span of fame. So what happens after viewers have watched one viral video of yours? You need to ensure they come back for more by navigating them with respect and trust.

How you brand your videos to sell more of it is crucial. Add a graphic introduction (or end) to cut out any ambiguity relating to your brand name. So when the time comes, your audience can find their way back to you when they search for you by name.

Machinima, a gaming content channel on YouTube, garnered over a million subscribers based on this fail-safe trick.

4. Authenticity 

As a marketer, one should think less about building a subscriber base and focus more on managing a loyal community. So make sure you create authentic content that resonates with the beliefs of your Youtube audience.

If your YouTube channel is about food, try to share videos of real people cooking rather than push out generic food content. Appealing to a small but loyal audience is better than having a million subscribers who do nothing to boost engagement or conversation.

5. Collaboration 

We know a lot of effort goes into creating meaningful videos that people genuinely want to watch. To top it all, audiences are very picky about their choices. So sometimes it’s a good idea to collaborate with experts who have already aced the game. Use their loyal audiences to foster new relationships that will boost your brand awareness and visibility.

One such successful collaboration was between GE and Howcast media. They made original videos about getting healthy and used YouTube personalities to convey the message. This joint effort resulted in 9.5 million views, 110,000 comments, and 250,000 ratings on their videos!


As a video content creator, YouTube is your playground and the sky is the limit. With immeasurable opportunities to build a loyal audience base, all you need to do is follow these tips and make the right approach.