United Colors of Benetton

Problem :

As one of the world's largest apparel brands, United Colors of Benetton wanted to promote and amplify its #UnitedByHalf campaign to strengthen its image as a forward thinking brand. Content was to be promoted across platforms to increase brand awareness and resonance among the masses. 

Solution :

Scatter put together a successful content strategy which included utililising  a mix of influencers, content creation, and seeding, on relevant publisher sites to attain the campaign's objectives. 

Result :

Measurable success achieved in terms of page views, time spent, and shares of content across platforms. 170k views were generated across 4 publisher websites. Vloggers distributed the TVC on Instagram and generated approximately 120k views and amplified the hashtag #UnitedByHalf. 3 vloggers created contextual videos integrating the brand campaign #UnitedByHalf and generated approx 200k views on youtube

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pageviews generated by 4 publishers
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Video views generated on Instagram
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Video views generated on YouTube