May 12, 2020

Lockdown 3.0: How content creators & brands are leveraging new formats

Content Creators Lockdown

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone to stay indoors, there has been a sudden surge in our online behavior. From scrolling through social media to researching things on Google, people are spending more time on the internet. Content creators and brands are taking advantage of this rise in online consumption. They are engaging with their customers and also offering valuable content by adopting new formats.

Here are five ways in which consumers are accessing content in the current scenario:


Unable to organize workshops or training sessions? Switch to webinars! Several brands and organizations are hosting webinars on interesting topics and inviting their customers to join as attendees. Webinars allow customers to see the progress and appreciate the efforts made by brands despite the lockdown. And to stand out from the rest, some organizations have begun to incorporate creative elements in their webinar, instead of having a monotonous talk with boring slides. For example, they use custom animation videos, whiteboard animation, etc.

COVID-19 information hubs

At least once a day, everyone reads something related to the novel coronavirus. Clearly, people want to be updated with the latest, and the fact is that coronavirus is the biggest trend now. And so, certain brands have created a dedicated page on their website that acts as a content hub for COVID-19 news, while others have allotted a small space on their homepage for pandemic updates. The information provided depends on the nature of the brand. Nonetheless, it shows that the brand is cognizant of the crisis and is offering valuable content to its audience.

Going live on social media

Content creators and influencers are going live on Instagram and Facebook to engage with their audience. They are organizing events and promoting concepts through these live sessions. To get more viewers and reach a wider audience, they use trending hashtags and stickers like ‘Stay Home’.


With the lockdown in effect and nowhere to go, people are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. And so, many content creators are entertaining and informing their audience through podcasts. Some creators host interviews on their weekly or fortnightly podcasts.

Social media challenges and filters

Social media is full of viral challenges, and many content creators are connecting with their followers by taking part in these challenges. Some brands use popular Instagram filters like the ‘Gibberish’ filter in their social media posts and ads. Another trend is the use of augmented reality (AR) filters that enable people to take quizzes and polls, or play games. These interactive and visually appealing filters are being widely used by brands on social media.

User-generated content

To build a deeper connection with customers and earn their trust during these unpredictable times, brands are moving towards user-generated content. Such content appeals to the audience at a more personal level. For instance, automobile brands are showing pictures of their customers spending time at home.

Parting Words

The current situation has created many hurdles for content experts and businesses. The key is to be smart enough and find new ways to adjust. So, stay positive and keep your content marketing efforts going.

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