February 9, 2018

How content marketing works for Airtel Payments Bank

Content Marketing Partner - Scatter

When one thinks of banking, cheques, tellers, passbooks and debit cards immediately come to mind.  However, as India’s 1st Payments Bank, Airtel Payments Bank wanted people to think of their mobile phones when they thought of banking.

But the challenges were manifold. Not only is the concept of payments bank complex for users to understand, the BFSI category as a whole is considered boring by most consumers. Additionally, the core target audience that Airtel Payments Bank wants to reach does not belong to the smartphone-wielding part of the populace.

When the challenge seems insurmountable, the best idea is to lay one foot ahead of other and keep walking, which is exactly what we did.

Airtel Payments Bank - Content Marketing - Scatter

Step 1: Defining the Brand

For the first step, we started with the basics. What does the brand stand for? What value does it add to the consumers’ life? Why should people care about Airtel Payments Bank? All this churning led to the following vision statement:

Airtel Payments Bank aims to give every Indian access to an equal, effective and trustworthy banking experience.

All content marketing initiatives we launched across mediums, devices and platforms emanated from this one statement. This helped us ensure that every piece of content created stayed true to the brand’s goals and identity.

Step 2: Creating Content

The second step was to set up the online and offline communication architecture and define all the content buckets. The content buckets helped us demarcate how much content we needed to create for consumer education, brand familiarisation, consumer problem-solving and channel partner problem-solving.

As we were creating everything from the ground up, the guiding motive was to create a cohesive, seamless content experience for the consumer. From website to blog to app, we created content for Airtel Payments Bank across formats, platforms and languages. Here’s a quick look at the content marketing initiatives Scatter undertook for Airtel Payments Bank.

  • Website creation from scratch targeting potential urban users
  • App content creation for the new Airtel Payments Bank tab of My Airtel App
  • User guides creation in the form of whiteboard videos, customer testimonial videos, and dramatised videos
  • Over 10,000 SMSs and IVR content in multiple languages targeting feature-phone users


Airtel Payments Bank - Content Marketing - Scatter


Step 3: Customising Content

The third and crucial step was to localise the content and adapt it to languages and formats audiences would find most useful. To achieve this, we created illustrative How-To videos in almost 14 languages to educate retailers and consumers about the benefits of associating with Airtel Payments Bank.

The content marketing initiatives undertaken over a period of six months proved to be a huge success; it helped Airtel Payments Bank rank higher on search engines, increased traffic to its website and established the brand as an authority in the industry.

It also helped Airtel Payments Bank acquire over 30 million customers and 4 million retailers across the country.

Airtel Payments Bank - Content Marketing - Scatter


Watch the video below to learn more about how Scatter created compelling, impactful and engaging content to help Airtel Payments Bank build a strong connect with its consumers.