April 11, 2018

Best ways to boost engagement on your company blog

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In today’s scenario, where digital content is flourishing rapidly, no content marketing strategy is complete without proper blog engagement. According to HubSpot, 53 percent of marketers say that blog content creation is their top inbound marketing.

But with millions of blogs going live every day, the chances of every blog piece getting noticed are lower than you can imagine. So even if you’re following a well-drafted content blog strategy, you might not receive the expected or predicted number of views, shares, or hits.

What you need to do is to diversify your blog in every way possible and constantly experiment with the kind of content you put out. This will widen your reach and help your blog stand out amidst all the noise on the internet.

Here are some content ideas for your brand’s blog that can help you cut through the clutter and make a mark in the digital space.

1. Opinion-based content

Sharing factual and educative content with your readers is essential, but your audience is always interested in knowing your views on trending topics or issues pertinent to the industry. Putting forth your viewpoint promotes healthy conversation with your readers and urges them to share, like, and comment on your posts. But make sure you present your points in a polite and professional manner.

2. Promotional content

One of the key purposes of establishing an online presence is to convert visitors into leads by showcasing and promoting your products or services. Also, if someone lands on your blog page, it’s likely that they would want to know about your brand. Therefore, promoting your brand on your blog is a great way of increasing brand awareness, along with adding value to your audience’s lives.

3. How-to guides for blog engagement

Visitors to your blog often expect to find a solution to their issues, and ‘how-to’ guides are a perfect way to provide them with those solutions. Creating comprehensive, in-depth, and step-by-step guides that explain your products/services or educate visitors on relevant matters will help you increase engagement on your blog.

4. Interviews

Interviewing industry leaders and experts is another great way to make your blog more informative and engaging. Since these experts are widely followed and respected in the industry, people would more than look forward to reading or watching their interviews. Make sure that you interview the right people and make it more like a conversation rather than a traditional Q&A session. Also, don’t forget to ask the right questions. You can also invite questions from your followers on your social media pages.

Here are some questions you could ask content marketing leaders: “Tell us about a real-life content marketing challenge you faced and how you overcame it” or “Tell us about a content marketing strategy that you thought would work well but didn’t”.

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5. Topical content

Creating content around trending events helps you connect with your audience on topics that affect them and which are already likely to be part of their ongoing conversations. By ignoring topical content, you would be giving up on a huge opportunity for discussion and engagement. Creating and publishing topical content also helps you gain traction on social media and take part in a larger dialogue.

6. Case studies

Case studies stand testament to your company’s achievements. They are a great way to document and present to your audience the solutions you have provided to your clients and the challenges you have had to overcome. A case study brings out the problem, solution, and results – thereby highlighting your brand’s efforts and accomplishments. Adding relevant statistics will help in validating the effectiveness of your solution.

Apart from a detailed analysis of the journey of solving a company’s problems, you can also include customer testimonials and experiences from the top management of your clients. Diversifying your content across these buckets and updating your blog regularly can help you increase engagement, drive the desired traffic, and stay ahead of your competition in search engine rankings.