January 5, 2021

6 Courses that can boost your text, video, and design content

Courses to upskill for content marketing

The world is increasingly turning towards a digital lifestyle. Especially in these times of the pandemic, digital content is seeing a massive upswing. According to a source, in 2020, the average time spent on watching TV rose to 7.5% and on smartphones to 7.2%. During such times, as businesses continue to operate and plan to get back on track, the significance of content marketing has surged, leading various creative content writers to come forth and contribute to the growing business. With such high demand in place, if you are a content creator and looking for ways to upgrade your writing, video text, or design text, here are some writing courses that you can pursue from the comfort of your home, free of cost.

According to a source, in 2020, the average time spent on watching TV rose to 7.5% and on smartphones to 7.2%. Click To Tweet

Courses to upskill text

  • Digital culture and writing – Feel the need to improve your digital writing skills? This course from the University of Burgundy via EMMA would be the perfect fit; it is practical, accessible, and relevant to the current time. Apart from its practicality, it also provides a critical view into the written word, making it possible for you to reflect on your work more efficiently. The integrated syllabus includes collaborative writing, hypertext writing lessons, and networked writing, among others.
  • Media writing and editing – Ohio State University (OSU) is offering a three-hour weekly course for writing, researching, reporting, and multimedia techniques. This program will enhance the creative yet pragmatic side in you and allow you to create effective write-ups for your audience when you are involved in content marketing.

Courses to upskill video

  • An Introduction to Screenwriting – This online course provided by the University of East Anglia will teach you everything about scriptwriting, even if you are an absolute beginner. In fact, it can turn you into a pro. The course will introduce you to the terminologies used in script making and impart a level of professionalism and capability that will let you design unique stories.
  • Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling – An essential aspect for successful content marketing is its ability to transform written words into actionable videos. This course from the University of Houston will help you build your skills in storytelling through tutorials and readings. It will teach you the necessary processes in writing a script for a short video or a single image.

Courses to upskill design

  • Infographic Design Course – Are you hoping to turn your mundane graphics into great infographics? This course will be your personal Master Shifu as it guides you through the effect of nonverbal communication and how effective graphics can retain your audience. The structure, layout, fonts, images, and color all contribute to a successful infographic. The course is indulgent and friendly, which makes the learning process fun and easy.
  • Creating Engaging ‘Narrative Infographics’ – To achieve significant results in content marketing, it is vital to engage with your audience by creating playful graphics or by converting photos to illustrations, making them more appealing. This course will teach you how to write and apply the relevant topics to the given pictures; it will help you enhance your creativity and narrate coherent information through the infographic.

Last Words

The courses outlined above will make effective use of your free time and increase your productivity. They can help you build your skills and your CV so you’re ready to take on a job that’s a perfect fit.


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