November 28, 2018

Content marketing pegs to drive conversations for December 2018

bakery station welcoming content marketing ideas for December

Smell that? Guess what’s baking! It’s a fresh batch of promising content ideas. Knead them well and create the right mix for fulfilling results that will make your audience come back for more! But before the calendar is served, we’d like to flag an element integral to December come every year – curated lists that count down the best of anything and everything.

From newly opened food joints to the year’s blockbuster’s, and from the most innovative brand campaigns to the weirdest fashion trends. Make sure to include that in your marketing strategy as well!

1. World AIDS Day, 1st December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Facts about HIV that will leave you in shock

Infographic idea: What every parent needs to tell their kids about AIDS

Listicle idea: Precautionary steps you must take to prevent AIDS

Podcast idea: Here’s how to care for a loved one diagnosed with HIV

Brand campaigns that worked:

‘Faces of HIV’, a project begun by the Florida Department of Health, attempted to put faces to those who test positive for the tabooed and stereotyped virus.

The campaign was executed with a dual aim. First, to ensure that viewers understand that the virus transcends race, gender, age, and marital status. And second, that we need to open-mindedly embrace the HIV-positive keeping in mind that they face daily struggles that we can’t even imagine.

To achieve this objective, the campaign released multiple 6-minute-long videos, each of which shared true narratives of people with HIV. Here’s a typical example of the insightful series:

In a similar initiative, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation released an image series titled ‘Many Shades of Gay’ encouraging their audience to get tested every six months. Here’s an example:

content marketing, december


2. National Pollution Prevention Day, 2nd December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Places where you can bid farewell to polluted air

Infographic idea: X Foods that can help combat the adverse effects of pollution

Listicle idea: Breathe pure: X Simple ways to protect yourself from pollution

Podcast idea: Do you know how pollution affects your health and lifestyle? Find out

Brand campaigns that worked:

The World Health Organization and the Climate & Clean Air Coalition collaborated to launch a global campaign titled ‘Breathe Life’.

They attempted to inform viewers of the extent to which people are affected by air pollution worldwide. But the video ended on a hopeful note as it highlighted some easy solutions to improving the quality of the air surrounding each of us.

Another campaign by Clean Energy Technology Center aimed to raise awareness about the impact of air pollution on public health through the following billboard design:

content marketing, december


Now let the numbers do the talking:

content marketing, december

(Source: Google Analytics)

3. International Day for Abolition of Slavery, 2nd December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Movies about the history of slavery you must watch

Infographic idea: Are you a slave to unhealthy eating habits? Here are X ways to know

Listicle idea: X Heartbreaking books on slavery that are a must-read

Podcast idea: Modern slavery is a real issue. Here’s how you can help

Brand campaign that worked:

Have you ever imagined slavery as practised in the modern era in close quarters to you?

Kent Police’s 2016 campaign against modern slavery and human trafficking urges that you do. Through a series of short videos, it recreates everyday instances where poorly paid or forced labour could have come in contact with you without your noticing it.

All the campaign asks is that you pay attention to what goes on around you and raise an alarm if you suspect the exploitation of a worker. Here’s an example of the same:

4. Indian Navy Day, 4th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Do you have what it takes to undergo the Indian Navy training?

Infographic idea: Preparing to study for the Indian Navy entrance exam? We’ve got your back

Listicle idea: X Stories of bravery at sea that should inspire you

Podcast idea: Why the armed forces need more women

Brand campaign that worked:

In 2016, Bajaj created a campaign titled #SonsofVikrant that rescued glory from the ashes of a ruin.

INS Vikrant, the first aircraft carrier that assisted India in its 1971 war against Pakistan was salvaged to create a special line of Bajaj bikes.

In effect, a commercial decision was able to preserve the sentiments of pride, euphoria, victory, and nostalgia through its product.

5. Wildlife Conservation Day, 4th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Indian destinations for wildlife photography enthusiasts

Infographic idea: Here’s what it takes to become a wildlife photographer

Listicle idea: X Ways you can contribute to wildlife conservation

Podcast idea: Why going vegetarian equals saving the world

Brand campaigns that worked:

When it comes to wildlife conservation, half the fight is with corporations that continue harming the environment to derive monetary benefit. One such tussle has been initiated by Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign that targeted Lego’s partnership with oil corporation, Shell.

The video very simply portrays Lego land being drowned in an endlessly spreading oil slick.

Targeted at a more general audience, the campaign by The World Wide Fund for Nature cleverly collaborated with Snapchat to highlight the acute threat faced by endangered species.

A social media platform built on short-lived content was used to share the ‘selfies’ of different animals who seemed doubtful of their existence in the future.

content marketing, december


6. International Civil Aviation Day, 7th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: History of aviation: How far have we flown?

Infographic idea: X Luxurious airlines to spend those extra bucks on

Article idea: Planning to study civil aviation? Here’s what you need to know

Podcast idea: Here’s why not all heroes wear capes

Brand campaigns that worked:

The better connected a region is to the world, the greater is its capacity for development. And it was this message that Turkish Airlines looked to communicate through the perspective of a group of young Turkish children.

The innocent little coterie is shown building their own runway with chalk dust, windsock and bulbs, hoping that the aeroplane that flies past them every day will one day land in their vicinity.

Another example of an airline advertisement communicating an important message can be found in American Airlines’ campaign. The short advert highlights the airline’s policy of boarding military personnel before other passengers as a mark of respect.

7. International Anti-Corruption Day, 9th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Here’s what it takes to join the Central Anti-corruption Bureau

Infographic idea: Steps taken by the Indian government to curb corruption

Listicle idea: Lesser known anti-corruption laws in India

Podcast idea: How companies can learn to deal with corruption effectively

Brand campaigns that worked:

As an Indian, one campaign you probably instantly associate with the theme of anti-corruption is Tata Tea’s 2009 advert titled ‘Aaj Se Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru’. The video highlights how the onus of ending corruption also lies with those who comply with demands of bribery.

Another brand that has been able to draw a clever parallel between a seemingly unrelated theme and its product is kitchen and home appliances giant, Morphy Richards.

An ad more tongue-in-cheek than Tata Tea’s shows a man having to go through multiple levels of a corrupted administration to avail of the service he requires.

The video highlights how, much like corrupt officials, Morphy Richards’ mixer is also adept at squeezing out every drop from any food item that comes its way!

8. International Day of Veterinary Medicine, 9th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Funniest pet videos you simply have to watch

Infographic idea: X Books that can help you prepare for veterinary medicine

Listicle idea: X Health checkups your pet needs every year

Podcast idea: Here’s why you should adopt and not shop

Brand campaigns that worked:

Encouraging people to adopt pets rather than shop for them can be a tough task. But organisations are beginning to realise that the way around this problem lies in the upcoming method of marketing – storytelling.

For instance, the Ad Council partnered with The Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fundz to create a public service advertisement for The Shelter Pet Project. The campaign shared quirky testimonials from pets who have been adopted, thereby personalising each poster that encouraged adoption.

content marketing, december

Ever since its launch in 2009, the campaign was able to reduce euthanasia of shelter pets by 10%!

In a similar bid to catch attention, Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation World For All partnered with McCann Worldgroup to create a print campaign titled, ‘There’s always room for more. Adopt.’

Utilising the techniques of framing and lighting, silhouettes of families were used to create optical illusions to indicate the possible and welcomed entry of an adopted animal.

content marketing, december


9. World Choral Day, 9th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Songs to celebrate World Choral Day the right way

Infographic idea: Happy rules for a peaceful family you need to implement

Listicle idea: X Global concerts and fests to promote World Choral Day

Podcast idea: Everything you need to know about World Choral Day

Brand campaigns that worked:

Levi’s’ commercial from 2017 titled ‘Circles’ celebrated unity and individuality through music and dance.

Remember K’NAAN’s Wavin’ Flag? While the song about freedom may originally not have been written for a campaign, it was nonetheless picked up by Coca-Cola as the promotional anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa.

These two campaigns are not cookie-cutter examples of World Choral Day but nonetheless serve as two successful illustrations of what can happen when a brand comes to be recognised by the sentiment the accompanying music video represents.

 10. Human Rights Day, 10th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Best speeches on human rights you must listen to

Infographic idea: Are you doing enough for the underprivileged?

Listicle idea: X Lessons from leaders who fought for human rights

Podcast idea: Know your rights: Read about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Brand campaign that worked:

The Human Rights division of UN created a campaign titled ‘The Riddle’ which addressed the violent social treatment the LGBTQ+ community is subjected to around the world. The video’s speakers emphasised the need to equate LGBTQ+ rights to human rights.

The YouTube-based campaign has gained more than 1M views.

11. International Mountain Day, 11th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Breathtakingly beautiful hill stations you can visit with family and friends

Infographic idea: X Best street food stalls in Indian hill stations

Listicle idea: X Courses in mountaineering for the adventurer in you

Podcast idea: Why future construction needs to be curbed in the mountain areas

Brand campaigns that worked:

Mountains are often seen as an indomitable force that is all powerful and strong. But recent events have shown that these lofty elements of nature could also do with some care.

The British Mountaineering Council, along with famous mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington and TV presenter Julia Bradbury commenced a crowd-funded campaign aptly called ‘Mend Our Mountains’.

This campaign aimed to raise £100,000 to improve the much-frequented trekking paths on the more popular peaks in Britain. The promoters included incentives such as visits to some of these areas, plus helicopter rides thrown in.

The campaign was an innovative way to encourage life outdoors as the natural habitat received a new lease of life.

12. International Migrants Day, 18th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Did you know that companies benefit from hiring refugees?

Infographic idea: Donate to these X organisations to help refugees

Listicle idea: X Best ways to help refugees integrate into society

Podcast idea: Here’s how migration is known to impact psychological health

Brand campaigns that worked:

With the political landscape being increasingly controlled by leaders who preach an anti-immigrant ideology, it has become even more critical to discuss the plight of migrants. And this responsibility doesn’t just lie with NGOs or international organisations.

Brands that may not think themselves as directly associated with the issue also need to contribute their voice to the discussion.

Laying the foundation can be the campaign #StandUp4HumanRights launched by the UN Human Rights Office. This effort involved the creation and distribution of a series of animated videos that brought to light the stories of migrants, the communities they attempt to become a part of, and the experiences they have along the way.

Here’s an example where Indian-American comic Hari Kondabolu highlights why many of us have begun to see migrants as outsiders and the sole cause of our social and economic problems:

Another striking campaign was launched by USA for IOM, the non-profit partner of the UN Migration Agency, under the hashtag #morethanasuitcase. Each image in the series highlighted how the worth of each migrant always amounts to more than what we narrow-mindedly assume it to be.

content marketing, December


13. Christmas, 25th December

content marketing, december

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Cake recipes to capture the essence of Christmas

Infographic idea: X Unconventional Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones

Listicle idea: X Non-traditional ways to celebrate Christmas

Podcast idea: A traveller’s guide to the best Christmas destinations in India

Brand campaigns that worked:

British retailer John Lewis & Partners set the bar for the perfect Christmas campaign with their 2014 advert #MontyThePenguin. Clocking in over 27M views, the heart-warming campaign highlights the importance of getting someone ‘the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of’.

Did you think that Canadian airline WestJet would be able to do one better after the 2013 campaign that won them recognition online?

Well, you better believe it! 2017 saw them organise another Christmas-themed campaign called ‘12 Flights of Christmas’, where little children were asked what their ideal Christmas would look like.

As the ideas flowed in, WestJet employees organised each version across twelve days where every re-creation was accompanied by gifts for the passengers present at the airport.

Their message? Miracles do happen.

Now let the numbers do the talking:

content marketing, december

(Source: Buzzsumo)

14. New Year’s Eve, 31st December

content marketing, December

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Delicious recipes for your New Year’s Eve bonanza

Infographic idea: How you can gift your loved ones good health this New Year’s Eve

Listicle idea: X Ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home

Podcast idea: A look back at what made this year special

Brand campaigns that worked:

Any campaign that can successfully put its product on the back-burner and instead focus on communicating a greater social message wins hands down. So did Nokia with their Chinese New Year campaign that encouraged people to gift their loved ones with their presence during the festive season.

This idea stands especially important in a world that continues to drift apart with the comfort that technology connects them, if not physical proximity.

A New Year campaign that was able to break out of the sudden rush of holiday-themed adverts with its ingenuity was ‘The Coughing Billboard’ created by Swedish Pharmacy Hjärtat. Anytime the billboard detected smoke in its close vicinity, a visual of a coughing man would come on.

The aim was to encourage the general public to give up smoking as a New Year’s resolution, offering them solutions to break the habit.

Now let the numbers do the talking:

content marketing, December

(Source: Buzzsumo)



content marketing, December1. Hornbill Festival, 1st-10th December

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Carry home a slice of Nagaland with these X local products

Infographic idea: X Naga cuisines you must try at the Hornbill Festival

Listicle idea: X Events and performances to look out for at the Hornbill Festival

Podcast idea: Why northeast India needs to bank on its tourism opportunities

2. Sunburn Festival, 29th-31st December

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X EDM artists that will justify the purchase of those festival tickets

Infographic idea: X Nearby places to crash at during the Sunburn Festival

Listicle idea: X Food joints to keep your tummy happy while attending the Sunburn Festival

Podcast idea: How music festivals have supported the tourism industry in the last few years

Now let the numbers do the talking:

content marketing, December

(Source: Google Analytics)



content marketing, December1. Brownie Day, 8th December

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Healthy brownie recipes for people with a sweet tooth

Infographic idea: X Basic ingredients for baking brownies

Listicle idea: X Best places to try brownies in the world

Podcast idea: Who knew chocolate could be healthy!

2. World Techno Day, 9th December

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Ever wondered how Techno music came about? Wonder no more!

Infographic idea: X Music festivals you need to experience

Listicle idea: X Underground techno artists every fan must know about

Podcast idea: X Insane tracks you can’t help dancing to

3. International Tea Day, 15th December

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Different ways to brew tea

Infographic idea: X Tea-flavoured foods for enthusiasts

Listicle idea: X Beautiful hill plantations to visit in India

Podcast idea: Who said tea can’t cure your health problems?



content marketing, December1. Cricket

Oct 2018 – Feb 2019: ICC Women’s Championship, New Zealand vs. India (24th Jan 2019)

Nov 28 – Dec 01: Australia vs. India, 4-day practice match

Dec 06 – Dec 30: Australia vs. India, Test series

Dec 09 – Dec 17: U19 CWC Qualifier Asia Division 2

2. Hockey (field)

Nov 24 – Dec 16: World Cup – Men (Bhubaneswar, India)

3. Swimming

Dec 7 – 11: FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) [Hangzhou, China]

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Best match/tournament moments in the history of <name of sport>

Infographic idea: X Foods that should be in every sportsperson’s diet

Listicle idea: What you need to become a <insert category of sportsperson>

Podcast idea: How technology has revolutionised the world of sports



content marketing, December

  1. Udit Narayan, 1st December
  2. Britney Spears, 1st December
  3. Boman Irani, 2nd December
  4. Amanda Seyfried, 3rd December
  5. Walt Disney, 5th December
  6. Nicki Minaj, 8th December
  7. Dharmendra, 8th December
  8. Rajinikanth, 12th December
  9. Yuvraj Singh, 12th December
  10. Taylor Swift, 13th December
  11. Pope Francis, 17th December
  12. Brad Pitt, 18th December
  13. Govinda, 21st December
  14. Anil Kapoor, 24th December
  15. Salman Khan, 27th December
  16. Twinkle Khanna, 29th December
  17. Psy, 31st December
  18. Sir Alex Ferguson, 31st December

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