February 2, 2018

How to make money from freelance writing

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Crossing a whopping 15 million, India has the second-largest pool of freelancers in the world.

But, it’s safe to assume that majority of these people had the same question in mind when starting with their career in freelancing.

Is it possible to make more doing freelance work than I would on a salary?

Given that the freelance writing marketplace can be extremely competitive and overwhelming, it will definitely be lucrative in the long run if you invest in it correctly.

Here’s how you can get started with building a profitable career in freelance writing.

  • Do what you do best

Initially it’s tempting to take on any project that you are offered. But, being a “Jack of all trades, master of none” is not something you can bank on in the long run. You’ll always be struggling with lower rates. However, when you find your niche and specialise in it, you can charge more for content. Also, subject matter experts are always preferred over generalists for well-paying projects.

  • Be sure of who’s looking for you


Tech companies


B2B companies

Small businesses

Online businesses



Which among these is your ideal pool of clients? Who out there is looking for writers like you? This is what you need to figure out basis your area of expertise and monetary expectations. After having done that, you are good to start creating an attractive pitch for these prospective clients. Make sure it defines your value proposition and highlights your biggest accomplishments.

  • Not sure about blogging?

Besides serving as a platform to showcase your work, maintaining a high-quality blog makes you practice and enhance your writing skills. It helps you build trust and credibility in the industry, boosts your confidence as a writer, and most importantly, demonstrates your expertise to your prospective clients. You can also monetise your blog through advertising or affiliate marketing.

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  • Don’t shy away from social media

8,000 new users connect on social media every day. Imagine what you’re missing out on if you’re not promoting your work on social media platforms. Whether it’s connecting with potential clients, following other’s work or promoting your skills and proficiency, a good social media presence can help you do it all.

  • Go an extra mile

Whether you are a freelancer or a Fortune 500 company- you need to be you. That’s the only thing that no one can do better. Click To Tweet

What sets you apart from the other writers? Why should anyone choose you for a particular project? Be sure to answer those questions before you set out with a pitch.

The only way to survive and thrive in this competitive industry is by developing your own style of writing and always staying true to it.


Besides helping you earn big from freelance writing, these tips will help you improve as a writer and become a worthy asset to your client.