February 16, 2018

The best-kept content marketing secret of the healthcare industry

Content Marketing Healthcare Industry - Scatter

When Scatter started creating customised content marketing solutions four years ago, one of our founding clients belonged to a pharmaceutical company. We all were very excited to have this brand on-board and enthusiastically created five original pieces of content for one of its brands in the summer of 2015.

Four years and 15,000 pieces later our five maverick pieces are still with the said company’s R&D team. We’ve not given up hope (we are not those sorts!) and even the company’s marketing team keeps sending us reassuring mails once every year.

As we waited for those five pieces to see the light of the day, we realised that the approval processes in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can be excruciatingly long and complex.

Which is why when we got two other reputed healthcare brands on-board, we decided to go ahead with content syndication.

What is content syndication?

Through content syndication, brands can acquire previously published content from reputed publishers that can be legally and fruitfully shared on their owned branded assets, such as a website or blog. By tapping into the expertise and domain knowledge of reputed publishers, brands can build credibility amongst audiences without the time, cost and effort of building their entire communication architecture from scratch. Scatter empowers marketers to fulfil their content marketing requirements through unbiased, well-researched content through its partnerships with over 200 publishers.

What are the benefits of content syndication?

  1. Through a repository of 120 publishers and thousands of articles, Scatter syndication lets you take ownership of your publishing cadence and meet your content marketing goals without having to go through the tedious approval cycles
  2. Syndicated content costs lesser than original content while it drives almost similar value in user engagement and views
  3. Syndicated content helps you to borrow credibility from sources your audience knows and trusts.

Scatter Syndication in Action

Scatter Content Marketing, Syndication - Philips

Philips India

To spread awareness about October being the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Philips India launched a HIM (Husband’s Initiative Movement) campaign. The aim was to mobilise spouses to encourage their wives to take an at-home breast cancer test- a 10-minute test that increases the survival rate by 90%! All the articles on the landing site were sourced from premium publishers and were quality checked and taken live with relevant rel tags.

Scatter Syndication, Content Marketing, Abbott

Abbott, one of the largest international healthcare companies, collaborated with Scatter to syndicate content for its Life to the Fullest platform. To fulfil its content marketing goals and share quality content with its audiences, Abbott sourced close to 50 pieces of content from publishers such as Economic Times, Indian Express, India Today to name a few.

While we hold on to the hope of those five pieces seeing the light of the day, we suggest you jump on the syndicated content bandwagon and make 2018 the year of fabulous content marketing!

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