December 24, 2019

Content Marketing Opportunities for January 2020

January Content Marketing Ideas

Resolutions, hopes, new beginnings, harvest festivals, post-holiday blues and the winter slumber coming to an end – a new year is full of dreams and opportunities to get better. This year is special, as it is not just a new calendar year, but the beginning of a new decade.

Whatever your content marketing strategy, here are some of the events and dates you should include when aiming for the 2020 vision this January!

New Year Day – 1 January

Content Marketing New Year

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Unique travel ideas for the new decade

Infographic idea: New Year party themes you can plan at home

Video idea: The best NYE parties around the world

Podcast idea: How can you make your resolutions stick?

World Braille Day – 4 January

Braille Day Content Marketing

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Educational tools for the visually impaired

Infographic idea: A look at brands who have tried to make their products more inclusive

Video idea: A quick guide to the braille alphabet

Podcast idea: How does braille help open more travel opportunities for visually impaired travellers?

Brand campaigns that worked:

The Royal National Institute of Blind People attempted to raise awareness of braille by asking people to tweet at them, post which, they would translate their name into braille. Click on the link if you can find your name among the many!

NRI Day – 9 January

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: What documents does an NRI need to buy property in India?

Infographic idea:  A look at NRIs who’ve made India proud

Video idea: Films that depict the NRI dilemma

Podcast idea: How to sort out your taxes if you’re an NRI

World Hindi Day – 10 January

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Popular English words derived from Hindi

Infographic idea: The most influential Hindi writers of the 21st Century

Video idea: What makes Hindi different from other languages?

Podcast idea: Is the usage of Hindi on the decline?

National Youth Day – 12 January

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: The basic values espoused by Swami Vivekananda that everyone must follow

Infographic idea: X people who achieved success before they turned 20

Video idea: A guide to how millennials can learn to save

Podcast idea: Rise in mental illnesses among the youth: How can we tackle this?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This ad by Nike shows a man talking to babies about how life’s not fair and says while they might not get to choose how life begins for them, they can decide how it ends.

Army Day – 15 January

Army Day Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Did you know the Indian Army has these powers?

Infographic idea: A look at countries that have compulsory enlistment

Video idea: War memorials to visit around India

Podcast idea: Here’s how you can enlist in the Indian Army

Brand campaigns that worked:

This recruitment video by the British Army talks about how perceived weaknesses can also be strengths in the army.

International Day of Education – 24 January

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea:  Things to keep in mind while taking an education loan

Infographic idea: A look at the role inflation has played in tuition prices

Video idea: How do change in governments affect the education system?

Podcast idea: Is it necessary to plan your child’s education from kindergarten?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This video by The Next School details 6 problems with our current school system and talks about why it is bad for learning.

National Girl Child Day – 24 January

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Do you know how your family could benefit with a girl child?

Infographic idea: Essential skills every girl must know

Video idea: A look at how we’ve moved from reviling to celebrating the girl child as a society

Podcast idea: How can you plan your girl child’s future?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This innovative poster by JK cement urged readers to give wings to the dreams of girl children and asked us to ’cement’ a strong foundation for her bright future.

National Voters Day – 25 January

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Do you know these facts about your voting rights?

Infographic idea: Countries which give out ‘perks’ to vote

Video idea: A look at the various types of elections around the world

Podcast idea: What incentivises people to vote?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This entertaining video by the Election Commission of India features child actors who aim to convince Indians staying abroad to participate in the elections through a skit.

Republic Day – 26 January

Republic Day

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: An explanation of what the words in our constitution actually mean

Infographic idea: Constitutions across the world that inspired ours

Video idea: A look at how far we’ve come as a nation

Podcast idea: How do protests help further democracy?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This video by United Colors of Benetton shows two groups marching to what initially seems like a fight, but is then revealed to be a cricket match and ends with the message #UnitedByPlay


India, where multiple faiths co-exist and cross paths every day. This is a typical day, where two dominant forces face-off in a battle of who-blinks-first and only one faith will triumph. #UnitedByPlay

Posted by UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON on Friday, January 25, 2019

International Customs Day – 26 January 

Customs day

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Customs rules you should know before you plan your next international holiday

Infographic idea: A look at how much your favourite imported products would cost without customs tax

Video idea: What role do customs authorities play in the security of a country?

Podcast idea: Expensive products that are much cheaper abroad

International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust– 27 January  

Holocaust day

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: You know about Anne Frank: Now let’s learn about the others

Infographic idea: A look at how Jews were hidden in Nazi Germany

Video idea: What was the role of Joseph Mengele, the “Angel of Death” in Germany?

Podcast idea: Is anti-Semitism on the rise?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This video by 60 minutes has Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, a holocaust survivor, detail how playing the Cello helped save her life.


Data Privacy Day – 28 January

Data privacy day

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Immediate steps to take if you fear you’ve been hacked

Infographic idea: Security apps to install in your new phone

Video idea: What role do government hackers play in the security of a nation?

Podcast idea: Is the government really interested in your data?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This video by talks about the importance of data privacy and small steps you can take to stay safe online.

 National Cleanliness Day – 30 January

Cleanliness Day

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea:  Takeaways from Marie Kondo’s philosophy you can practice

Infographic idea: Neglected corners of your home that you really should clean

Video idea: Tricks to be more organised and keep your workspace clean

Podcast idea: How do clean surroundings improve your health?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This video shows Marie Kondo detail small tips on how one can keep their home decluttered and how to organise effectively.


World Leprosy Day – 30 January

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: A look at activists who fought for the humane treatment of people with leprosy

Infographic idea: How does leprosy affects the body?

Video idea: Spotlight: Leprosy colonies across India who are fighting for their basic rights

Podcast idea: How the medical industry diagnoses and treats skin diseases

Brand campaigns that worked:

This emotional video about a survivor of Leprosy, Tania, talks about how she realised she had the disease and how she lives with it. The video ends with a call to donate to her cause, and how it would help her.


Martyrs’ Day – 30 January


Martyrs Day

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Popular patriotic songs you must listen to

Infographic idea:  Did you know about these lesser-known martyrs?

Video idea: Films about martyrs you must watch

Podcast idea: What do modern martyrs teach us?

Brand campaigns that worked:

This informative video by the Times of India explains succinctly the reason we commemorate Martyrs’ Day and how it is celebrated.

Other content marketing opportunities:


Fun days and festivals


Thesaurus Day – 18 January

Winnie the Pooh Day – 18 January

Lohri – 14 January

Sankranti – 15 January

Republic day – 26 January

Vasant Panchami – 29 January

Content marketing ideas:

Listicle idea: Places to visit in India to witness Sankranti celebrations

Infographic idea: Famous War Memorials and War Museums to visit in India

Video idea: Traditional Sankranti dishes from every region

Podcast idea: Words that will help you articulate better during a pitch




Vidya Balan – 1 January

J.R.R. Tolkien – 3 January

Deepika Padukone – 5 January

Bradley Cooper – 5 January

A.R. Rahman – 6 January

Bipasha Basu – 7 January

Elvis Presley – 8 January

Stephen Hawking – 8 January

Farhan Akhtar – 9 January

Hrithik Roshan – 10 January

Kalki Koechlin – 10 January

Rahul Dravid – 11 January

Swami Vivekananda – 12 January

Zayn Malik – 12 January

Jeff Bezos – 12 January

Michelle Obama – 17 January

Jim Carrey – 17 January

Martin Luther King Jr. ­– 20 January

Ellen DeGeneres – 26 January

Oprah Winfrey – 29 January

Justin Timberlake – 31 January

  • Listicle idea: How to do your makeup like Deepika Padukone?
  • Infographic idea: Hrithik Roshan’s fitness regime
  • Video idea: Best Elvis Presley songs for every rock n’ roll music fan
  • Podcast: How do billionaires invest their wealth?

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