February 27, 2019

Content marketing pegs to drive conversations for March 2019

Red Illustration saying 'Hello March' decorated with flowers and vines

March: When the chilly pangs of winter recede, and new leaves and buds wake up the dried sleepy trees. And lo and behold, it’s spring already!

You can complement the freshness in the air with fresh new ideas that your brand can capitalise on. Let’s carry that thought forward, and create some seasonal content that will help your business engage with its audience.

1. Zero Discrimination Day, 1st March

Zero Discrimination Day discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: What is Zero Discrimination Day and why is it observed?

Infographic idea: Types of discrimination you might come across in your career

Article idea: Here’s why you need to know about the Anti-discrimination law

Podcast idea: How discriminating between your children can impact their growth

Brand campaigns that worked:

Discrimination is something that people from different walks of life face and can relate to. Thus, most brands can comfortably start a conversation on this day by promoting empathy and equality.

BSNL India utilised Zero Discrimination Day to stand out as a brand that wants to contribute to positive societal transformation. Their social media post featured people from different races and emphasised the need to foster a fair and just society:

BSNL India featured in March content calendar


Similarly, beyondblue, an Australian mental health non-profit organisation, created the following advert to highlight how even the most subtle, everyday discrimination can negatively impact people:

2. World Wildlife Day, 3rd March

World Wildlife Day discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Capture wildlife at its best with these tips and tricks

Infographic idea: Essential dos and don’ts when visiting a wildlife sanctuary

Listicle idea: Best wildlife themed restaurants to enjoy a dinner date

Podcast idea: Have you ever wondered why wildlife is vital for our planet?

Brand campaigns that worked:

You wouldn’t expect a dishwashing brand to find a relevant connection to wildlife. But here is Dawn Dish Soap with their campaign for the protection of wildlife:

Their 2017 advert, ‘Cleaning Oil Spills’ highlights how rescue workers have utilised Dawn’s gentle formula to cleanse animals affected by oil spills. Moreover, the brand has donated $1M to animal rescue efforts.

In a different campaign, World Wildlife Fund asked their audience on social media what they liked best about wildlife.

World Wildlife Fund featured in March content calendar


Not only did the campaign generate varied responses (“I like the way manatees eat leafy stuff. It looks so silly and makes me happy”: @MissMousieMouse), but it also simultaneously made the respondents realise their love for wildlife.

3. National Safety Day & Week, 4th March

National Safety Day & Week discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Basic self-defence moves everyone should know

Infographic idea: The safest cities in India for solo women travellers

Listicle idea: Apps to help you stay safe in daily life

Podcast idea: How to equip your children to stay safe before they move out

Brand campaigns that worked:

Safety is a very broad yet relevant concept. Road safety, workplace safety, safety of women or any other related concern, a brand can always find something relevant to highlight.

Volvo Auto India’s campaign #MakeYourCitySafe underlined how women always turn more cautious when it gets darker while they’re out. But women’s safety can become a reality through collective efforts.

The advert that gained over 3M views on YouTube also urged women to join Volvo Auto India for a walk at night on 19th May 2018 in Mumbai.

In a campaign that addressed a different dimension of human welfare, SafeWork NSW highlighted the importance of workplace safety.

Titled ‘safety starts with you’, it stressed on not sacrificing personal safety no matter how much the pressure for getting the job done.

The advert gained over 94K views.

4. International Women’s Day, 8th March

International Women's Day discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Are these movies really about women’s empowerment?

Infographic idea: Female icons to look up to this International Women’s Day

Listicle idea: The essentials of power dressing for women

Podcast idea: Why is feminism the need of the hour?

Brand campaigns that worked:

Levi’s launched an extended campaign titled #IShapeMyWorld that featured narratives of different women who’ve become successful despite being played-down by society. Following is an example from the series that called attention to badminton player, Jwala Gutta’s story:

Google India launched their #HerStoryOurStory campaign in India, ahead of International Women’s Day last year. This effort not only celebrated the stories of women who succeeded against all odds but also highlighted their rightful role and stature in the Indian society.

Google India featured in March content calendar


Now let the numbers do the talking:

International Women's Day analysed by Buzzsumo

(Source: Buzzsumo)

5. World Kidney Day, 14th March

World Kidney Day discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: A diet plan that could help you prevent kidney stones

Infographic idea: Mind your kidney: Things that are doing you more harm than you realise

Article idea: How to afford your dream phone without selling a kidney

Podcast idea: The cost of treatment of kidney-related problems: Are you financially ready?

Brand campaigns that worked:

World Kidney Day calls for awareness campaigns that can educate people on how their lifestyle is affecting their kidneys and how the damage can be avoided.

Not surprisingly, healthcare company, Fortis Healthcare Limited stressed on the importance of exercising to keep your kidneys healthy through a smartly designed image campaign:

Fortis featured in March content calendar


In a similar campaign, renal care company, BC Renal Agency released the following image that addressed one of the primary myths about kidney health:

BC Renal Agency featured in March content calendar


6. World Consumer Rights Day, 15th March

6. World Consumer Rights Day discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Data-intensive broadband services that consumers should know of

Infographic idea: Security tips for consumers when withdrawing cash from ATM

Listicle idea: Apps that can help you exercise your consumer rights

Podcast idea: What is the significance of World Consumer Rights Day?

Brand campaigns that worked:

There seems to exist some degree of confusion around numerous services available in the market. So, take this opportunity to inform consumers about issues that concern more than just your product yet are inherently relevant to it.

On World Consumer Rights Day last year, MagicBricks released an explanatory video that broke down the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act, and how it protects and empowers home buyers.

The video clocked in 592K views and gained 1.5K likes on Facebook.

UK based Consumers’ Association Which? works at reviewing products and services in order to ensure customers the experience they’re entitled to.

Granted that it is their job to do the same, and not a campaign they’ve taken up as a one-time effort, their branded content should nonetheless serve as inspiration:

Which? featured in March content calendar


7. International Day of Happiness, 20th March

7. International Day of Happiness discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Having a bad day? Here are 10 videos that will make you smile instantly

Infographic idea: Random acts of kindness to bring a smile to your loved one’s face

Listicle idea: These 10 places are guaranteed to make you happy

Podcast idea: Wondering how staying happy affects your health? Here’s the answer

Brand campaigns that worked:

Few things can be as universal as happiness. International Day of Happiness can carry a message for anyone and everyone and can be used by almost every brand in the world.

Coca-Cola celebrated this day with a brand-new song titled Happiness Remix: a fusion of beats, melodies and rhythms from 17 songs created by independent artists from all across the world.

In a brand-centred campaign, Emirates Airline created an advert which showcased how airline travel makes possible the awaited union and reunion of families and friends:

The video portrayed how for people who fly the airline, happiness isn’t restricted to a day but becomes an everyday thing.

 8. Holi, 20th & 21st March

Holi discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Delectable recipes to make at home this Holi

Infographic idea: Easy tips for staying colour-free after your fun-filled Holi celebrations

Listicle idea: Exciting road trips you can take on the long Holi weekend

Podcast idea: Here’s how you can stay safe this Holi

Brand campaigns that worked:

Actively participated in by brands across India is the early spring festival of Holi.

Marico India’s Parachute Advansed set its campaign amidst a fictional nursing home that has forgotten to play Holi the right way; all except for two inhabitants who set in motion an unexpected, colourful celebration:

Titled #KhulkeKheloHoli, the video stars television actors Neena Kulkarni and Sudhir Pandey, and very subtly includes the product just once.

Through a more socially motivated campaign, online news business website Moneycontrol associated with a crowd-funding platform to launch their #ColorsOfHumanity campaign. This effort extended a helping hand to underprivileged kids with the support of End AIDS India.

Moneycontrol featured in March content calendar


Now let the numbers do the talking:

Holi analysed by Buzzsumo

(Source: Buzzsumo)

9. International Day of Forests, 21st March

International Day of Forests discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Everyday things you didn’t know are provided by the forests

Infographic idea: Forests in India that will de-stress you

Listicle idea: World’s best national parks to visit if you’re a nature lover

Podcast idea: Here’s why forest conservation is the need of the hour

Brand campaigns that worked:

Brands can take this opportunity to remind their audience about the reducing forest cover and to celebrate greenery instead of taking it for granted.

Surprisingly, leading paper manufacturing company, JK Paper launched a Twitter contest asking their audience about sustainable ways of making our cities greener, healthier and happier.

JK Paper featured in March content calendar


They encouraged users to answer using the hashtag #WeNeedMoreGreenCover. The campaign received 121 retweets, 568 likes and 167 replies.

Hero Motors ran a similar campaign encouraging their audience to plant a tree to help keep the forest cover intact if not increase it. And when one of the nation’s highest selling two-wheeler company says something, people are bound to notice.

Hero MotoCorp featured in March content calendar


 10. Nowruz (Persian New Year), 21st March

Nowruz discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Best places in the city to experience Persian culture

Infographic idea: The history of the Persian community in India

Article idea: Persian dishes we are all thankful for

Podcast idea: Things that your Persian friends are tired of hearing

Brand campaigns that worked:

Nowruz has been celebrated for over 3000 years and is a suitable occasion to make your brand’s presence felt in Persian circles.

Google makes it a point to honour all important traditions, and their Nowruz special Google doodle is one such example.

Google Doodle featured in March content calendar


Although doodles are not exactly marketing campaigns, Google, as a brand, was able to reach out to the Persians on this occasion. This doodle appeared in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and India.

News company, Quartz also contributed to the occasion by educating its viewers on the traditions involved in Nowruz celebrations:

 11. Spring Equinox, 21st March

Spring Equinox discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Beautiful places to experience the oncoming spring season

Infographic idea: Easy hacks to quickly get through your spring cleaning

Listicle idea: Discounts and sales to look forward to this spring

Podcast idea: Know your geography: What is the Spring Equinox?

Brand campaign that worked:

While not a campaign designed for the Spring Equinox, Tiffany & Co.’s 2018 Spring campaign, ‘Believe In Dreams’ nonetheless brought the spirit of spring to the screens of consumers, garnering over 19M views:

Pro tip: Spring can serve as the perfect opportunity to address audiences within the fashion and tourism industry.

12. World Water Day, 22nd March

World Water Day discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Best places around the world to spot underwater life

Infographic idea: Different ways you can contribute towards water conservation

Listicle idea: Areas in India worst affected by water scarcity

Podcast idea: How to do your bit for water conservation

Brand campaigns that worked:

Hindustan Unilever has recently been coming out with some of the most striking socially motivated ads. Their campaign to save water, released in December last year, has gained over 79M views.

It depicts how the amount of water used by a city inhabitant to shower can quench the thirst of almost half a village in India.

Having pre-empted the viewers’ concern for the amount of water used in the video, Hindustan Unilever especially stated that ‘the water used to shoot the film was recycled and given to the village, Mangalaram Ki Dhaani’.

Hindustan Unilever brand, Rin too came out with a hard-hitting message about water conservation through an image campaign:

Rin featured in March content calendar


 13. World TB Day, 24th March

World TB Day discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Signs and symptoms of TB you shouldn’t ignore

Infographic idea: Food items you must include in a TB patient’s diet

Listicle idea: Lifestyle changes you must make to avoid tuberculosis

Podcast idea: Can Tuberculosis be completely cured?

Brand campaign that worked:

A study from 2017 stated that India registers the maximum number of Tuberculosis–related deaths in the world.

Suffice to say; this is a talking point Indian brands must consider.

Take inspiration from UNICEF that released the following image campaign to stress on the toll TB takes on children:

UNICEF featured in March content calendar


 14. Earth Hour, 30th March

Earth Hour discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Here’s what goes into making a green home

Infographic idea: Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Listicle idea: Mobile apps that can help you go green

Podcast idea: Here’s how going green can save you money

Brand campaigns that worked:

Leo Burnett Sydney came up with a brilliant print ad which depicted the Australian landscape on 1/12th of a clock.

Leo Burnett Sydney featured in March content calendar


This ad is aimed at motivating people to switch off their lights for Earth Hour because, as the ad reads, “One hour can make a big difference”.

In a more tongue-in-cheek ad, Durex contributed to Earth Hour through an unexpected and somewhat unorthodox campaign. They encouraged tech users to switch off their devices and rekindle the love with their partner during that one hour:

Their #TurnOffToTurnOn advert has gained over 10M views on YouTube.


Now let the numbers do the talking:

Earth Hour analysed with Google Analytics

(Source: Google Analytics)


Other content marketing opportunities

1. Board examinations

Board examinations discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Tips to beat pre-exam anxiety and stay focused

Infographic idea: Diet plan to follow during the exam season

Listicle idea: Online study tools to help you crack competitive exams

Podcast idea: How to help children who are fretting over their exams

Brand campaign that worked:

Brands have recently created some excellent campaigns to comfort the stressed exam takers.

Take Tata Tea. With a history of hard-hitting campaigns, they chose to voice their opinion on the disheartening pressure that accompanies board examinations:

Their advert urges parents to comfort their children even if it just involves telling them that it’s ok to not do well.

2. Financial year end

Financial year end discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Here’s why women in India pay more taxes than men

Infographic idea: Ways to save more money this financial year

Listicle idea: Best apps to help manage your business finances better

Podcast idea: Here’s how this financial year will be different for SMEs


3. Bhagat Singh: Shaheed Diwas, 23rd March

Bhagat Singh: Shaheed Diwas discussed in March content calendar

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Bhagat Singh’s ideologies that hold true even today

Infographic idea: Read these books to know more about Bhagat Singh

Listicle idea: Wish to serve your country? Here are some career options for you

Podcast idea: Why Bhagat Singh’s life is an inspiration for all children


Fun days

Fun days discussed in March content calendar

1. National Grammar Day, 4th March

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Apps that can help improve your language and vocabulary

Infographic idea: X Words that are commonly misused

Listicle idea: Easy reads that can help improve your understanding of grammar

Podcast idea: How can your language skills affect your interviews?


2. World Sleep Day, 15th March

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Signs of insomnia you shouldn’t ignore

Infographic idea: Want to improve your sleep quality? These foods can help

Listicle idea: Simple tips for creating the perfect sleep environment for your family

Podcast idea: How sleep deprivation can severely impact your body

Brand campaigns that worked:

Duroflex and Happy Mcgarrybowen joined hands to create The Duroflex Sleep Song. The song was meant to help their audience sleep better by soothing them into it.

Through a wittier effort, Turkish mattress company, Yatas Bedding came up with a funny image campaign to mark World Sleep Day:

Yatas Bedding featured in March content calendar


It depicts a rooster with its beak tied up so that the neighbourhood may continue sleeping through dawn, at least for that day!


3. World Storytelling Day, 20th March

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: World travellers share the best stories they’ve heard about life on Earth

Infographic idea: The most incredible stories you should read no matter how old you are

Listicle idea: Easy ways to spot a fake news story online

Podcast idea: How effective storytelling can help you conduct a successful interview


4. World Poetry Day, 21st March

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Attention poetry lovers! These are the poetry events from across the world you must attend

Infographic idea: Things to do if you want to become a successful poet

Listicle idea: The best poems to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you

Podcast idea: How to handle your finances when you’re struggling with writer’s block



Festivals discussed in March content calendar

1. International Yoga Festival, 1st – 7th March

Now let the numbers do the talking:

International Yoga Festival analysed by Buzzsumo

(Source: Buzzsumo)


2. Gangaur, 21st March – 8th April

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: Tips to dress for different festival occasions

Infographic idea: Facts about the <insert name> festival

Listicle idea: X Essentials to pack for any festive trip

Podcast idea: How celebration is known to impact mental health positively



Sports discussed in the March content calendar

1. Special Olympics World Summer Games, 14th – 21st March

2. Indian Domestic T20 League, 23rd March onwards

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X Best match/tournament moments in the history of <name of sport>

Infographic idea: X Foods that should be in every sportsperson’s diet

Listicle idea: What you need to become a <insert category of sportsperson>

Podcast idea: How technology has revolutionised the world of sports


Movie releases

Movies discussed in March content calendar

  • Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, 1st March
  • Luka Chuppi, 1st March
  • Captain Marvel, 8th March
  • Photograph, 8th March
  • Five Feet Apart, 15th March
  • Captive State, 15th March
  • Wonder Park, 15th March
  • Where’d You Go Bernadette?, 22nd March
  • Us, 22nd March
  • Hotel Mumbai, 29th March
  • Dumbo, 29th March

Content marketing ideas:

Video idea: X <insert actor’s name> songs to dance to

Infographic idea: Lesser known, but equally important, careers in filmmaking

Listicle idea: Lessons from <insert actor’s name> career that can help you excel in your profession

Podcast idea: X Films to watch with your friends this March


Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrity birthdays highlighted in March content calendar

  • Mary Kom, 1st March
  • Justin Bieber, 1st March
  • Dr Seuss, 2nd March
  • Daniel Craig, 2nd March
  • Shashi Tharoor, 9th March
  • Albert Einstein, 14th March
  • Aamir Khan, 14th March
  • Alia Bhatt, 15th March
  • Adam Levine, 18th March
  • Bruce Willis, 19th March
  • Kangana Ranaut, 23rd March
  • Jim Parsons, 24th March
  • Keira Knightley, 26th March
  • Lady Gaga, 28th March