December 23, 2020

Content Marketing Ideas for your January calendar

January Content Marketing Ideas

Janus, the two-headed Roman god after whom the first month of the year is named, is said to look both, at the past and the future. As 2021 dawns, perhaps it is best that we do the same – learn from the lessons of the previous year while rebuilding the future with hope. Use these content marketing ideas to fuel a sense of renewed energy for the new year in your customers, from the fervent Republic Day to the International Day of Cleanliness. 

What’s new in January 2021?  

Potential roll out of COVID-19 vaccine  

Covid Vaccine Content Marketing Ideas

With multiple vaccines set to go on the floor in January, it looks like we will be one step closer to controlling the pandemic. So, what should your brand be talking about? 

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: X Common tips to follow before getting vaccinated 

Infographic idea: Who will be the first to get the vaccine? 

Video idea: How are vaccines developed? 

Podcast idea: Should you wait before getting the vaccine? 

New rule for check payments 

Check Content Marketing Ideas

RBI has introduced a new “positive pay system” for safer check payments. Here are some conversation starters so that your customers can understand this better. 

Content marketing ideas  

Listicle idea: Types of checks you should be aware of 

Infographic idea: What details are you required to reconfirm under the positive pay system? 

Video idea: Here’s how your check can be used to commit fraud 

Podcast idea: Alternative payment options you can consider apart from checks 

Fixed Days

New Year’s Day – 1 January  

New Year

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Financial planning tips for the year ahead  

Infographic idea: Realistic New Year’s resolutions you should consider  

Video idea: What can we learn from 2020? 

Podcast idea: What to do if you’re ringing in the new year by yourself 

Brand campaign that worked:  

This ad by H&M articulates everyone’s hopes for 2021 after all the difficulties of 2020. 


World Braille Day – 4 January  

Braille Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the braille language as a means of communication.  

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Government schemes that can help the visually impaired  

Infographic idea: X Similarities between braille and Morse code 

Video idea: A brief look at Helen Keller’s life  

Podcast idea: How famous people with disability have overcome their challenges 

Brand campaign that worked:  

This video by Intel shows Shubham Banerjee, a young student who was able to build a low-cost braille printer thanks to Intel’s technology. 

NRI Day – 9 January  


This day is marked to recognize the contributions of the Indian overseas community towards the development of India. 

Content marketing ideas     

Listicle idea: Bestselling Indian authors of the last decade  

Infographic idea: How can you stay connected to your roots if you’re living abroad?  

Video idea: How do NRIs invest in India while earning abroad? 

Podcast idea: How difficult is it to return to India after settling abroad?  

Brand campaign that worked:  

This series of videos by DBB Mudra for SBI shows how easy it is for NRIs to perform banking functions such as opening an account or transferring funds, thanks to the SBI app. 

World Hindi Day – 10 January  

World Hindi Day Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing ideas 

Listicle idea: X Hindi poets whose works you must read  

Infographic idea: What are the most widely spoken languages in the world?  

Video idea: What is the modern Hindi script based on? 

Podcast idea: How have Hindi serials evolved with streaming platforms?  

National Youth Day – 12 January  

Youth Day

This day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. 

Content marketing ideas 

Listicle idea: X Online platforms to upskill yourself  

Infographic idea: What’s the difference between Gen X, Y, and Z?  

Video idea: 30 under 30: Here are some young changemakers you should know about  

Podcast idea: How can you teach your child to start saving from a young age?  

Army Day – 15 January  

Army Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day is celebrated to mark the day Field Marshal KM Cariappa took over as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army from General Sir Francis Butcher, the last British Commander-in-Chief of India. 

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: How to take care of your financial responsibilities before joining the army  

Infographic idea: What is the eligibility criteria of joining the Indian Army? 

Video idea: Realistic movies and series about war that you must watch  

Podcast idea: How do veterans cope with PTSD?  

Brand campaign that worked:  

This ad by Hyundai has an army officer narrate the story about how his train broke down on his way to report for his first posting, and how an unexpected meeting helped him get there on time. 

International Day of Education – 24 January  

International Day of Education

This day is celebrated to recognize the role of education in achieving peace and development. 

Content marketing ideas 

Listicle idea: The best countries for your child’s higher education 

Infographic idea: Countries around the world that provide free education  

Video idea: How was India’s education system designed?  

Podcast idea: Is the education system in India still relevant to these times? 

Brand campaign that worked:  

This video by P&G proves that no matter your age, you can become a student if you harbor a passion for learning within you. 

 National Girl Child Day – 24 January  

National Girl Child Day

This day is commemorated in India to spread awareness about the inequalities girls face in society. 

Content marketing ideas  

Listicle idea: X Financial schemes to invest in for your girl child  

Infographic idea: How have the richest women in India made their money?  

Video idea: X Young girls who have pushed for social change on a national level  

Podcast idea: Here’s how we can unlearn toxic masculinity as a society 

Brand campaign that worked:  

This ad by Samsung shows how a girl child, when given the opportunity to further her education, not only improves herself but also becomes an asset to her community. 

National Voters Day – 25 January  

National Voters Day

This day is observed by the Government of India to raise awareness about voting and encourage young voters to take part in the political process.  

Content marketing ideas     

Listicle idea: Here’s how you can change your place of residence on your voter’s ID 

Infographic idea: A timeline of the women’s suffrage movement in India 

Video idea: How does the world’s largest democracy prepare for elections?  

Podcast idea: How does social media influence our voting patterns? 

Brand campaign that worked:  

This ad by Google features Shyam Saran Negi, independent India’s first voter, and aims to ask everyone to #PledgeToVote. 

Republic Day – 26 January 

Republic Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day commemorates the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950.  

Content marketing ideas     

Listicle idea: Rights and duties you must know about as an Indian citizen 

Infographic idea: Peculiar constitutional provisions around the world  

Video idea: The best Republic Day floats 

Podcast idea: Why did it take so long to write the constitution? 

Brand campaign that worked:  

This ad by Red Label brilliantly illustrates the fact that there’s no one ‘Indian’ look and to get rid of stereotypes while identifying someone as Indian. 

International Customs Day – 26 January  

International Customs Day

This day recognizes the role of custom officials and agencies in maintaining the flow of goods across the world’s borders.  

Content marketing ideas     

Listicle idea: Unusual customs rules around the world  

Infographic idea: Why are customs duties important? 

Video idea: How did 9/11 change customs rules around the world? 

Podcast idea: What are the customs rules you should be aware of when you shop internationally? 

International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust – 27 January  


This day is observed as a tribute to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and underlines the commitment to counter antisemitism, racism, and other forms of intolerance.  

Content marketing ideas     

Listicle idea: Cinematic coverage of the Holocaust: Iconic movies and documentaries to watch  

Infographic idea: How did Jews hide during the Holocaust?  

Video idea: What happened in Nazi Germany during the Night of the Broken Glass?  

Podcast idea: What we can learn from the Germans about learning from history  


Data Privacy Day – 28 January 

Data Privacy Content Marketing Ideas

This day is commemorated to raise awareness about data protection and to promote practices that ensure online privacy.  

Content marketing ideas  

Listicle idea: X Apps you can install to protect the data on your phone 

Infographic idea: What skills does one need to become an ethical hacker? 

Video idea: The worst data breaches of the last decade 

Podcast idea: How do targeted ads work?  

Brand campaign that worked:  

What would happen if everyone overshared their personal information? This ad by Apple explores the concept in a humorous ad while reassuring viewers that its data is protected. 


National Cleanliness Day – 30 January 

Cleanliness Day

This day is observed across the nation to promote and raise awareness of the importance of cleanliness, hygiene, and safe sanitation conditions.  

Content marketing ideas    

Listicle idea: X Must-have organizing products for your home  

Infographic idea: Tunes to accompany your deep-cleaning session  

Video idea: How is cleaning therapeutic for some people? 

Podcast idea: Here’s how decluttering can improve your mental health  


World Leprosy Day – 30 January 

Leprosy Day

World Leprosy Day is observed to raise awareness about the early detection of leprosy or Hansen’s disease in children and to fight the stigma faced by people living with this condition.  

Content marketing ideas    

Listicle idea: Here’s how Mother Teresa helped fight the stigma of leprosy  

Infographic idea: Signs of leprosy you shouldn’t ignore  

Video idea: How does leprosy spread? 

Podcast idea: The psychological impact of living with leprosy 

Martyrs’ Day – 30 January 


Martyrs’ Day pays homage to the brave men and women who laid down their lives fighting for India’s freedom, glory, and progress. The date was chosen as it marks the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. 

Content marketing ideas     

Listicle idea: Pay tribute to our martyrs by going to these war memorials  

Infographic idea: Famous places that were named after revolutionaries  

Video idea: X Courageous modern martyrs you need to know about 

Podcast idea: The good and bad of learning about martyrs on television 


Fun days

Fun Days

National Hangover Day – 1 January 

Thesaurus Day – 18 January 

Winnie-the-Pooh Day – 18 January 

Content marketing ideas    

Listicle idea: X Drinks that won’t give you a hangover 

Infographic idea: X Drinks to cure your hangover 

Video idea: What does each Winnie-the-Pooh character represent? 

Podcast idea: Does reading a thesaurus play a significant part in a child’s early development? 



Lohri Content Marketing Ideas

Lohri – 13 January 

Sankranti/Pongal – 14 January 

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti – 20 January 

Content marketing ideas  

Listicle idea: X Easy Punjabi dishes you should try making 

Infographic idea: Different harvest festivals celebrated across India 

Video idea: Why is Pongal celebrated? 

Podcast idea: What lessons can we learn from Guru Gobind Singh? 



Birthday Content Marketing Ideas

Vidya Balan – 1 January 

JRRTolkien – 3 January 

Deepika Padukone – 5 January 

Bradley Cooper – 5 January 

AR Rahman – 6 January 

Bipasha Basu – 7 January 

Elvis Presley – 8 January 

Stephen Hawking – 8 January 

Farhan Akhtar – 9 January 

Hrithik Roshan – 10 January 

Kalki Koechlin – 10 January 

Rahul Dravid – 11 January 

Swami Vivekananda – 12 January 

Zayn Malik – 12 January 

Jeff Bezos – 12 January 

Michelle Obama – 17 January 

Jim Carrey – 17 January 

Martin Luther King Jr – 20 January 

Subhas Chandra Bose – 23 January 

Ellen DeGeneres – 26 January 

Oprah Winfrey – 29 January 

Justin Timberlake – 31 January 

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: X Scientific advancements pioneered by Stephen Hawking’s discoveries 

Infographic idea: X Movies you didn’t know Farhan Akhtar was part of 

Video idea: Exercises you can do to get Hrithik Roshan’s abs 

Podcast idea: Is the fact that we have more billionaires than ever worrying?