Content marketing pegs to drive conversations for June 2019

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Between mangoes and monsoon weddings lie an assortment of interesting content ideas

It’s that time of the year when summer makes way for monsoon, and you get to experience the change with the season’s favourite- mangoes! While some await the petrichor signaling pre-monsoon adventure activities and treks, others smell romance in the air, for it’s the wedding season! What they all definitely bring is a fantastic medley of content marketing ideas! So, find yourself a comfortable spot, get some aam ras or mango milkshake, and scroll through to choose your pick.

1. World Milk Day- 1 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Alternatives to milk for those with lactose intolerance

Infographic idea: Guide to different types of milk

Video idea: Healthy and light milk-based savouries to binge on during the weekend

Podcast idea: The advantages of including milk in your daily diet

Brand campaigns that worked:

Amul released their quintessential illustration post of the Amul girl celebrating World Milk Day. The simple and funny caption with pun intended did not disappoint:

Mother Dairy Ice Cream celebrated the day with a minimalistic GIF post that shows milk pouring into an ice-cream cone to form an ice cream scoop, acknowledging the importance of milk in creating their products:


2. World Bicycle Day- 3 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Top bicycle-friendly countries in the world

Infographic idea: The benefits of cycling

Video idea: Ways to encourage employees to cycle to work

Podcast idea: Is India ready for more cyclists on the roads?

Brand campaigns that worked:

The independent group Dublin Cycling Campaign created this video that takes the viewer through the cycling tracks of Dublin city, explaining how the group helped improve the city for all cyclists. It ends with a clear call to action, specifying the different ways people can contribute to the cause:


3. National Cancer Survivors Day- 2 June

Content marketing ideas

Article idea: How your lifestyle choices are linked to cancer

Infographic idea: Myths related to Cancer

Video idea: Inspirational survivor stories that prove cancer has got nothing on us

Podcast idea: How to stay strong while undergoing chemotherapy

Brand campaign that worked

Dabur Vatika created a video saluting all cancer survivors that hit an emotional nerve by capturing what survivors go through post their treatment and the role of people around them in helping them rebuild their confidence and strength:


4. World Environment Day- 5 June

Content marketing ideas

Article idea: A guide to adopting a sustainable lifestyle

Infographic idea: How does air pollution affect natural resources

Video idea: Cities that adopted innovative ways to reduce air pollution

Podcast idea: Man vs nature: Getting to the heart of climate change

Brand campaigns that worked

The Beat Plastic Pollution campaign video by the UN was beautifully executed, with peppy background music, to launch an online game of tag. It not only created awareness but made sure there was a clear call to action that increased engagement.

WWF used a straightforward and innovative image post to depict the use of animal fur in the fashion industry, and how it is affecting the environment.


5. Eid-ul-Fitr- 5 June

Content marketing ideas

Article idea: A guide to throwing the perfect iftar party

Infographic idea: The health benefits of Ramadan fasting

Video idea: Celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with these delicious dishes

Podcast idea: Why do people fast during Ramadan

Brand campaigns that worked

Surf Excel Pakistan connected the brand’s theme of ‘Daag achche hain’ to Ramadan in this ad that went viral on social media. It shows little boys who don’t mind their clothes getting dirty as they help a sweet seller:

Encouraging communal harmony, Big Bazaar shared the following advert emphasizing how consideration and kindness can stretch across religions:


6. World Ocean Day- 8 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: X Ways to reduce ocean plastic pollution

Infographic idea: The main sources of ocean pollution

Video idea: Here’s how pollution affects marine life

Podcast idea: Cool technological solutions that can help clean up our oceans

Brand campaigns that worked

Adidas collaborated with Parley for the Oceans to create its UltraBoost Parley collection that was made from recycled plastic from the ocean. The 30 seconds stop-motion video raised awareness about ocean plastics while promoting their latest product launch.

FF New York and Sea Shepherd brought forth the threats posed by plastic waste being dumped into the oceans and how it affects marine life in the form of a colorful and effective video. The video showcases various marine animals being draped by a plastic veil, struggling to move and trapped by these barriers:


7. Anti-Child Labor Day- 12 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Sectors where child labor is highly prevalent

Infographic idea: The fight against child labor throughout history

Video idea: Facts about child labor you probably did not know

Podcast idea: What are the laws related to child labor in India?

Brand campaign that worked

Abrinq Foundation in Brazil created a series of print ads in the style of fashion magazine spreads to spread awareness about the use of child labor in the fashion industry. They collaborated with top models and fashion photographers for the campaign, showing images of children trapped in the ‘prison bars’ of clothing worn by models.

8. World Blood Donor Day- 14 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: The advantages of donating blood

Infographic idea: Where does your country rank on the blood deficit scale?

Video idea: Rare blood types and what makes them so

Podcast idea: Here’s everything you need to know about blood donation

Brand campaign that worked

Major brands participated in the ‘Missing Type’ campaign by NHS Blood and Transplant to raise awareness about blood donation. The concept was to relate the importance of letters like A, O, and B in the logos to the blood groups, and removed these alphabets from the titles to signify their value and encourage more people to donate blood:


9. Father’s Day- 16 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: A list of practical and sophisticated Father’s Day gifts

Infographic idea: Celebrating the different types of dads

Video idea: X things you can do with your dad this Father’s Day

Podcast idea: Father’s Day traditions around the world

Brand campaigns that worked

Beer brand Michelob created a Father’s Day video that celebrated all father figures with a letter of thanks. They also collaborated with Up2Us Sports to donate $1 for everyone who posted with the #UltraDad:

Most kids turn to the internet for answers, and Gillette’s #GoAskDad digital campaign was based on this concept. The 1-minute video beautifully brings out how Dad’s know their kids better, and can give you better advice and hacks than a search engine:


10. World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought- 17 June

Content marketing ideas

Article idea: Technological contributions to combat drought and improve food security

Infographic idea: Here’s what a career in soil science entails

Video idea: Desert Farming: Innovations in dryland agriculture

Podcast idea: The causes and effects of draught

Brand campaigns that worked

This 30-second video by Colgate highlighted one simple yet powerful way to save water- turn off your tap while brushing your teeth. The campaign went viral on social media, and garnered more than 10 million views on YouTube:

Charity: water created a brilliant video that talks about the importance of water in the perspective of water, connecting wastage to scarcity and drought:


11. World Refugee Day- 20 June

Content marketing ideas

Article idea: The refugee crisis: What you didn’t know

Infographic idea: Global immigration at a glance

Video idea: The economic impact of housing refugees

Podcast idea: Closer home: Where does India stand on refugees?

Brand campaigns that worked

Liberation, one of the most recognized newspapers in France, created a campaign where it gave refugees a voice by allowing them to let France see the world through their eyes for one day in the form of the ‘Refugee Edition’. The newspaper’s categories, from politics to sports, were covered by people from various nations like Libya, Sudan, Russia, and Afghanistan. With more than 4 million views on its digital edition and 165 million twitter impressions, it was a trendsetter with other media houses following suit.

Budweiser’s timely ad during the Super Bowl showcased the journey of an immigrant realizing his dream in America. The ad portrays the founding story of the brand with the tale of its Founder, Busch. It rightly tapped into the emotions of people and instantly became a hit on social media:


12. International Yoga Day- 21 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Top destinations for a Yoga retreat

Infographic idea: The different types of Yoga and their benefits

Video idea: How Yoga conquered the world of fitness and health

Podcast idea: Beyond routine: Career opportunities in Yoga

Brand campaigns that worked

Featuring various influencers, the #ThisIsYoga campaign by Lululemon captured the essence of yoga off-the-mat. It connected how the values of yoga, like meditation, self-discipline, and devotion can be applied to everyday life and enhance it. It helped the brand appeal to a wider audience and changed the brand’s perception as one for just yoga practitioners:


Plus-size clothing brand Penningtons addressed the stereotypes associated with plus-size women and yoga in their relevant #IWontCompromise campaign through this cool video with upbeat music:


13. Summer Solstice- 21 June

Content marketing ideas

Video idea: Facts and folklore related to summer solstice

Infographic idea: Fascinating summer solstice traditions from around the world

Article idea: The longest day of the year, explained

Podcast idea: Your guide to throwing the perfect summer solstice party

Brand campaigns that worked

This video by PlayStation starts by showing everything associated with summer- poolside fun, ice-cream shops, outdoor tennis, but with people missing. It then moves to everyone enjoying a game on the PlayStation, which offers unlimited fun and games for days.


14. International Olympic Day- 23 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Ways in which hosting the Olympics impacts a city

Infographic idea: The most inspiring Olympic moments of all time

Video idea: Gift of the Greeks: The story of Ancient Olympic Games

Podcast idea: Why do we celebrate the Olympics

Brand campaigns that worked

P&G celebrated the mothers who encouraged and nurtured the incredible talents who would go on to become possible Olympic medalists in this short, hair-raising video ahead of the Winter Olympics:

The Nike ‘Unlimited You’ campaign created a video that is inspiring, hilarious, and motivational all at the same time. It starts with a voice encouraging athletes who are yet to realize their true potential, who go on to push themselves beyond their limits, to the extent of shattering the Nike ‘Just Do It’ logo:


15. Other Content Marketing Opportunities-

LGBT Pride Month

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Why do we need Pride Month?

Infographic idea: A guide to LGBTQ terminology

Video idea: X Stories that bring out the true essence of Pride Month

Podcast idea: How to support a friend who is coming out

Brand campaigns that worked

Google released a video featuring cartoons of popular LDBTQ personalities and supporters partying together to a peppy tune in pride-themed costumes. It simply mentioned the names of these individuals followed by “and proud” to get the message across:

This video by AT&T showed all kinds of LGBTQ individuals and couples in an everyday setting, subtly bringing out their individual personalities and ending with them proudly telling the camera “This is me”:


PTSD Awareness Month

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Different ways to treat PTSD

Infographic idea: How to spot the signs of PTSD

Video idea: Mind & Health: What causes PTSD and what it feels like

Podcast idea: What it takes to pursue a career as a PTSD counselor

Brand campaigns that worked

This infographic gives a clear and crisp understanding of PTSD as a disorder, what causes it, and its symptoms:


16. Sports


French Open- 26 May- 9 June

Formula 1: Australian Grand Prix- 17 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Diet Plan: What to eat before you play

Infographic idea: The best core exercises for Tennis players

Video idea: Behind the scenes at an F1 race

Podcast idea: Everything you need to know about building a career in motorsport


17. Festivals & Fun Days-


Shimla Summer Festival – 1st week of June

International Picnic Day– 18 June

World Music Day – 21 June

Camera Day– 29 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: The best destinations to experience summer festivals

Infographic idea: The evolution of the camera

Video idea: Institutes that offer some of the most unconventional music programs

Podcast idea: Fun ideas to unwind and celebrate Picnic Day


18. Movie Releases

Bharat- 5 June

X-Men: Dark Phoenix- 7 June

The Secret Life of Pets 2- 7 June

Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar- 14 June

MIB International- 14 June

Kabir Singh- 21 June

Toy Story 4- 21 June

Annabelle Comes Home- 26 June

Drive- 28 June

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: The best Sci-Fi movies, ranked

Infographic idea: The process of making an animation movie

Video idea: X-Men: Keeping up with the plot

Podcast idea: What are the different career opportunities in the VFX industry?


19. Celebrity Birthdays-

Morgan Freeman- 1 June

Mani Ratnam- 2 June

Sonakshi Sinha- 2 June

Angelina Jolie- 4 June

Anil Ambani- 4 June

Mark Wahlberg- 5 June

Ekta Kapoor- 7 June

Kanye West- 8 June

Shilpa Shetty- 8 June

Sonam Kapoor- 9 June

Johnny Depp- 9 June

Kiran Bedi- 9 June

Natalie Portman- 9 June

Kate Upton- 10 June

Peter Dinklage- 11 June

Chris Evans- 13 June

Neil Patrick Harris- 15 June

Mithun Chakraborty- 16 June

Leander Paes- 17 June

Paul McCartney- 18 June

Salman Rushdie- 19 June

Rahul Gandhi- 19 June

Nicole Kidman- 20 June

Chris Pratt- 21 June

Meryl Streep- 22 June

George Orwell- 25 June

Karishma Kapoor- 25 June

Ariana Grande- 26 June

Arjun Kapoor- 26 June

Tobey Maguire- 27 June

Khloe Kardashian- 27 June

P V Narasimha Rao- 28 June

Content marketing ideas

Article idea: Extreme role preparation: Actors who made drastic changes for a role

Infographic idea: Unforgettable on-screen characters that Johnny Depp has played

Video idea: Love in the details: Mani Ratnam’s most iconic movie scenes

Podcast idea: How to pursue a career in acting or modelling in India