July 22, 2019

Preparing the perfect deck for a keynote session at a conference

smart businessman speech concept, talking with microphone in conference hall keynote speaker concept

If you’re invited to be a keynote speaker at a content marketing conference, one thing’s for sure – you are well acquainted with the tricks of the trade. But how can you ensure you have a productive session and come across as the pro that you are? It all starts with preparing a great deck and presenting it flawlessly. Below is a list of pointers that can help you nail your keynote session.

1. Story or quote

A relatable story or an impressionable quote is one of the most tested (and successful) ways of getting your audience’s attention. Use this trick to begin on the right foot, and the rest is pretty much assured! Narrating your own story or your personal struggles while starting up could also help to add a personal touch to your session, and keep the audience engaged.

2. Trends and statistics

Backing observations on Content Marketing with statistics is yet another way of soliciting the audience’s belief in your theories. You can also support your findings with the latest trends for more effect.

3. Problems in the Domain

Hitting right at the problems faced by masses in the field and addressing them with solutions could help you go a long way. For instance, you are presenting the challenges faced when creating vernacular content for mass audiences. In this case, you should elaborate the subject at length and list remote issues that could arise in this domain. Presenting a well-rounded view on the topic can help you make a lasting impact.

4. Case studies/ How the keynote speaker solved those problems

Again, presenting challenges or issues in your domain alone is only half the task done. To ensure that your audience has enough takeaways from your session, present effective solutions to the top-most issues. Presenting case-studies or stories of successful brands in the field can help budding content marketers while also making your session more useful.

5. Use Audio/Visuals as examples

It is a known fact that merely rambling on about a topic could disengage the audience. To ensure that your viewers remain interested throughout your speech, add interesting audio or visuals to your deck while presenting examples and case studies. This can be an engaging addition to your presentation and can go a long way in effectively driving across a point.

6. Read, Research, Repeat

Lastly, only presenting a great deck cannot ensure a successful presentation. As a keynote speaker, you should be well-versed with every point in your presentation. Preparing well in advance for potential questions that you may be asked is key. This can be done through thorough research and preparation on the subject.

With these pointers in mind, you can be sure of preparing a well-rounded and engaging deck for a content marketing conference!