February 14, 2018

Content marketing opportunities for March 2018

Content Marketing March Scatter

This spring month brings celebrations, festivities and merriment; from Holi to Women’s Day, Good Friday to regional festivals like Gudi Padwa and Gangaur. March is the time to rejoice and relish the good things to come. It’s also the time when marketers can implant themselves in the minds of their audience through creative and expertly thought-through content. Here are 15 content marketing pegs to help brands transition into the month with compelling and engaging content.

1. International Yoga Festival- 1st-7th March

Content Marketing Ideas March Yoga Scatter

IYF returns with another edition of the one-week yoga celebration along the banks of the River Ganga. The event promotes harmony of the body, mind and soul through yoga and includes 70 hours of yoga classes from world-class professionals.

Brands can leverage this day by putting out engaging content like: “5 Incredible ways that yoga benefits your body”, “7 Easy yoga exercises that anyone can do every morning”, “Foods to eat before and after yoga”, “Best things to do in Rishikesh besides attending the IYF”, “Yoga apps that can help you stay in shape” and “8 Must-have yoga accessories for beginners”.

2. Holi- 2nd March

Content Marketing Ideas March Holi

The festival of colours is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm across the country. From commemorating the victory of good over evil during Holika Dahan to chasing your friends around, trying to smear gulaal on their faces, Holi is a perfect time for family and togetherness.

With it, Holi brings a riot of content marketing opportunities. Some ideas include “7 Delectable recipes to make at home this Holi”, “5 Road trips you can take on the long Holi weekend”, “10 Easy ways to remove Holi colours from your clothes and hair” or “How to protect your skin from colours this Holi”.

Brands can also talk about the importance of water conversation and highlight the alarming rate of water wastage in the country. You could suggest alternate ways of enjoying Holi without wasting water to educate readers, while being a part of the conversations.

3. World Wildlife Day- 3rd March

Content Marketing Ideas March Wildlife Scatter

This day is observed to celebrate our planet’s diverse variety of flora and fauna and to raise awareness about endangered species and the threats they face.

Brands can post content like: “A day in the life of a trophy animal”, “From endangered to extinct- this is how much time these species have on Earth”, “We must act fast, or our children might never see these animals” or “How to ingrain compassion in children towards animals”, “Here’s what you can do to protect our environment.”

4. International Women’s Day- 8th March

Content Marketing Ideas March International Women's Day Scatter

One of the most important days in the social calendar, this day creates a humongous buzz on the internet. From emotional content praising women and inspiring stories of the most celebrated women in history to more serious issues like gender-inequality, women rights and safety, the digital world is brimming with discussions around women.

Brands can leverage this day to create user-generated content on their social pages. You could conduct contests asking people to send in messages for the special women in their lives or put out a light-hearted quiz around “How well do you really know women?”.

The content marketing opportunities on this day are endless: “10 Amazing women who changed the face of Science”, “Investment options to gift your wife this Women’s Day”, “12 Women’s Day gifts that your mom would thank you for” or “7 Everyday encounters that women face that are extremely sexist”.

5. World Kidney Day- 8th March

Content Marketing Ideas March World Kidney Day Scatter

Celebrated globally on the second Thursday of March, this day is set aside to raise awareness about Kidney health, the importance of getting regular kidney check-ups and symptoms, causes and prevention of diseases associated with Kidneys.

Brands can post educative content such as: “8 Reasons to get a Kidney Function Test done today”, “How important is it to maintain healthy kidneys?”, “5 Health and wellness apps that can be quite helpful”, “How do I select the right health insurance plan?”, “6 Food items that are good for your kidneys”, or “This is how much a kidney transplant could cost you!”.

6. World Consumer Rights Day- 15th March

Content Marketing Ideas March Consumer Rights Day Scatter

First celebrated in 1983, this global observance has now become an important awareness day that aims to educate people about the rights that they can demand as a consumer.

Some content marketing ideas on this day include, “5 Lesser-known consumer rights that you must be aware of”, “Do you know what your consumer rights are?”, “8 Apps that help you become familiar with consumer rights” or “What is National Consumer Helpline and how can it help me?”.

7. International Day of Happiness- 20th March

Content Marketing Ideas March International Day of Happiness Scatter

Recognised by the United Nations in 2013, this day aims to highlight the importance of happiness in our lives. The campaign declares happiness a ‘fundamental human goal’ and encourages people to lead healthy lifestyles that promote happiness.

Brands can put out fun content like: “8 Hilarious tweets that will crack you up” or “Having a bad day? Here are 10 videos that will make you smile instantly”.

You can post content around, “This is how staying happy affects your health”, “7 Random acts of kindness to bring a smile on someone’s face” or “How to lift your spirits after a bad day”.

8. International Day of Forests- 21st March

Content Marketing Ideas March International Day of Forests Scatter

Declared by United Nations, this day is a global celebration of the earth’s enormous green cover. It is intended to spread awareness about the importance of preserving trees and highlights the role of forests in sustaining and protecting humankind.

Brands can take part in this open discussion through content marketing ideas like: “7 Things only those who love to live in the woods will understand”, “5 Forests in India that will take your breath away” or “10 Of the world’s best national parks to visit if you love nature”.

9. World Water Day- 22nd March

Content Marketing Ideas March Water Day Scatter

Observed annually by the United Nations, this day was so declared to spread awareness about the immediate need for water conservation. Driven by the aim to tackle water and sanitation issues around the globe, the UN is working towards eradicating the grave problem of consumption of contaminated water in various parts of the world. This year’s theme for WWD is “Nature for Water” and will propose numerous nature-based solutions for water conservation.

Brands can actively participate in this trending conversation by posting content like: “This is what wasting water now can cost your future generations”, “Rainwater harvesting: everything you need to know about it” or “10 Little ways to conserve water every day”.

CSR activities like pledging to save water at home and the workplace, reducing water wastage and contamination will position your brand as an inspiration among your readers.

10. World Tuberculosis Day- 24th March

Content Marketing Ideas March Tuberculosis Day Scatter

This day is observed to raise public awareness about TB, its prevention, symptoms and efforts to eliminate the global epidemic. This day is ideal for participating in trending discussions.

Brands can raise awareness through content marketing ideas such as “Symptoms of TB you shouldn’t ignore”, “7 Food items you must include in a TB patient’s diet” or “This is how much treating TB can cost you”.

11. Earth Hour- 24th March- 8:30 pm-9:30 pm

Content Marketing Ideas March Earth Hour Scatter

A global environmental campaign observed by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Earth Hour is celebrated every year in March to remind people to save and avoid unnecessary use of electricity. People are encouraged to turn off all electrical appliances for a complete hour.

Earth Hour provides brands an opportunity to showcase their initiatives towards reducing carbon footprints. You can pledge to save electricity and reduce wastage on your social media pages and invite your audience to do the same.

Additionally, topics like “This is the world we are leaving behind for our children”, “5 Small things you can do to undo the damage caused to Mother Earth”, “7 Reasons why you must teach your children to be environmental-conscious”, etc. can help you gain good readership.

12. Good Friday- 30th March

Content Marketing Ideas March Good Friday Scatter

Christians around the world observe Good Friday on the Friday before Easter to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus.

Brands can put out content like: “8 Lesser known facts about Good Friday”, “The significance of Good Friday and Easter week for Christians”, “Best churches in the country to visit for Good Friday services”, “Best Bible verses about Good Friday”.

13. Festivals and Fun Days

Content Marketing Ideas March Festivals Scatter

Gudi Padwa- 18th March, marks the traditional New Year for Marathi Hindus and is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month. You can leverage this day through content marketing ideas like: “6 Unknown facts about Gudi Padwa”, “The history and significance of Gudi Padwa” or “Traditional Gudi Padwa recipes and how to make them at home”.

Gangaur- 20th March is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the state of Rajasthan. It is observed in honour of Goddess Parvati as she is regarded the epitome of marital love, strength, courage, power and excellence. Some content topics can include “8 Life lessons to learn from Goddess Parvati”, “Why and how is Gangaur celebrated?”, “Head to these places in Rajasthan to experience the best Gangaur festivities” or “9 Delectable dishes to try at home this Gangaur”.

Myoko- 20th-30th March is celebrated in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh amongst three different communities: Diibo-Hija, Hari-Bulla and Hong of Apatani plateau on a rotational basis with traditional festivities and rituals. Brands can post content like: “Everything you need to know about the legendary tribal festival of Arunachal Pradesh”, “5 Unknown facts about the Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh” or “Here’s what’s in store for you at the 2018 Myoko Festival”.

World Sleep Day- 16th March is designated to spread awareness about sleep problems faced by people all over the world. It addresses important issues about sleep like disorder, symptoms and necessary treatments. Some content ideas to get you started include, “7 Signs of insomnia you shouldn’t ignore”, “10 Best sleep tracker apps you need to download today” or “Different categories of sleep disorders; everything you need to know”.

World Storytelling Day- 20th March is the annual, worldwide celebration of the art of storytelling. This unofficial holiday was first observed in Sweden in the 1990s and urges people to tell and listen to stories from different cultures, languages and backgrounds. There are lots of content marketing opportunities on this day. Some include “5 Powerful ways to master the art of storytelling”, “8 Interesting ways to celebrate World Storytelling Day in your locality” or “How to use social media for creative storytelling”.

World Poetry Day- 21st March is recognised by UNESCO to promote reading, writing, teaching and publishing of poetry across the world. The effort is to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and encourage budding poets to pursue this dream and passion. Brands can create content like: “10 Of the World’s greatest poets of all times”, “7 Books to read if poetry is your first love” or “Poetry 101: Best resources for beginners”.

14. Movies

Content Marketing Ideas March Movies March Scatter

Pari, 2nd March – starring Anushka Sharma and Parambrata Chatterjee in lead roles, Pari is a highly anticipated Bollywood supernatural horror film and has already been gaining popularity with its first look posters on social media.

Red Sparrow, 2nd March– featuring Jennifer Lawrence in the titular role, Red Sparrow is the story of a Russian manipulative spy who is the latest recruit of the secret intelligence service, which trains exceptional young people and uses them as weapons.

Sherlock Gnomes, 23rd March– the adorable, funny characters, are here to take you on an animated adventure that features the legendary Sherlock Gnomes, voiced by Johnny Depp.

Fans are keen to know everything about their favourite movie stars; from their lifestyle and fitness regime to their favourite places to eat, shop and holiday. And upcoming movies provide brands with the perfect opportunity to put out content around the lives of these famous actors, their background, their all-time favourites, how they prepare for a role, whom they look up to in the industry etc.

15. Celebrity Birthdays

Content Marketing Ideas March Birthday Scatter

Mary Kom, 1st March

Justin Bieber, 1st March

Dr Seuss, 2nd March

Daniel Craig, 2nd March

Shraddha Kapoor, 3rd March

Anupam Kher, 7th March

Shashi Tharoor, 9th March

Shreya Ghosal, 12th March

Albert Einstein, 14th March

Aamir Khan, 14th March

Alia Bhatt, 15th March

Saina Nehwal, 17th March

Kalpana Chawla, 17th March

Adam Levine, 18th March

Bruce Willis, 19th March

Kangana Ranaut, 23rd March

Jim Parsons, 24th March

Kiera Knightley, 26th March

Lady Gaga, 28th March

Parting Words

March brings with itself a plethora of talking points and content marketing opportunities to engage with your audience and build a robust digital relationship with them. Make the most of the month and use these pegs to create the right noise with relevant and impactful content.