November 23, 2020

Content media acquisition – What can it do for marketers?

Content Media Acquisition

Content generation and marketing are expensive; it requires capital, effort, and the skill to put something new on the table. While creating fresh content and building new marketing strategy models regularly or, for every new product and service is a great way to garner an audience, it may not be ideal in terms of cost and with other limiting parameters.

This is where content acquisition comes into play. The term refers to the process of buying blogging sites and media properties that already have a good market presence and a robust content platform of their own. ‘Why create when you can buy’ is the simple logic behind this method of digital marketing. The objective is to acquire the entities or leverage content platforms to increase the customer base and thereby boost revenue.

How does content acquisition work? 

To acquire media houses and blogs, organizations or marketers are required to approach bloggers and company owners and present them with a proposal. Or it could entail a complete buyout of media properties/sites or a partnership with external content teams to lease out content platforms for a definite period. In either scenario, the ‘buy versus build’ approach works since it comes with an inbuilt audience (existing audience of the blog) and a full-fledged content module for businesses (exclusive plan catering to specific needs). 

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Why is content media acquisition a wise choice? 

Since you have a dedicated content firm with the right expertise and skill working towards your marketing targets, the apparent advantage is faster timelines and better results. Besides this, content media acquisition can prove to be a beneficial channel for imprinting on consumers to gain their trust and loyalty. 

Read on to know more benefits of content media acquisition: 

Enhances your capability to tell stories and be seen

In the digital age, visibility is vital. Businesses can grow only if consumers know of their existence. Acquiring media houses or companies means direct access to their content platforms and a preexisting customer base. For instance, photography supplies giant Adorama bought out JPG Magazine, which gave it access to the latter’s content platform as well as its 300,000 subscribers. This helped the company attain a broader client base very quickly. Such acquisitions also enable companies to market their products using tried-and-tested content processes, which saves them time and cost.

Access to a larger audience in a short time

While starting from the beginning can translate into success over time, the route tends to be slow and painstaking. In a world where things change by the minute, businesses need to be fast-paced. This is where content media acquisition can be helpful. Organizations can jump the queue and reach a wider audience by acquiring digital partners and properties. For instance, SurfStitch Group (a well-known online retailer in Australia) purchased two small media companies in the surfing industry. This enabled the brand to capture a wider customer base and emerge as a content leader in the category within a year.

Experts in content marketing can help you reach your goal

When buying out smaller companies, organizations have the option to hire or collaborate with a new set of people. The talent pool of the bought-out entity can help the larger organization meet its business goals efficiently. Leveraging the skills of experts can also help companies to operate the acquired content capabilities with optimum efficiency. Instead of building a content team from scratch, transferring resources from the acquired organization can also be helpful in terms of reducing hiring costs.

Organic increase in customer base

Acquiring a media company or blog is no easy task. It requires efficient planning and excellent negotiation skills. But if done right, it seldom fails you. In addition to expanding one’s content creation capabilities and reach, content media acquisition can help marketers increase the organization’s customer pool organically. Yes, that’s right! With access to the acquired company’s customer base and enhanced content marketing abilities, it is only natural that you would attract more customers in the long run. This phenomenon can be viewed as an avalanche effect; it can help organizations boost revenues and reach a larger audience. For instance, if you are selling a cosmetic product for youngsters. You can acquire a blog that specifically covers cosmetic related topics and is widely read by generation Y and Z. 

Content media acquisition is a popularly used content marketing model that has been proven to work for almost a decade now. So, if you want to take your business to greater heights, It’s time to get your acquisition strategy ready!

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