February 28, 2020

Content Marketing Opportunities for March 2020

As the temperature rises, we eagerly await all things exciting that are associated with summer. Think streets painted in organic colors on Holi, parents and kids waiting for the exams to be over and making holiday plans, Fashion Week highlights taking over social media, and a splash of pink resulting from Women’s Day celebrations.

No matter what topical event your content marketing strategy is based on, stay updated on the March 2020 buzzwords with this handy calendar.

1. Zero Discrimination Day – 1st March

Content Marketing Opportunities


This day is celebrated annually to promote gender equality in all walks of life by the member countries of the UN.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: Things you can do to teach your children about gender inclusiveness

Infographic idea: This is the pay-gap between male and female workers across countries

Video: Stay-at-home dads show you the rewarding side of parenting

Podcast: Women debunk myths about workplace discrimination

Brand Campaign that Worked:


This ad by Ariel shows how a father realizes how ignorant he has been of his domestic responsibilities when he sees his daughter balance her work and personal life. The emotional video shows how the father unlearns his ideas about gender dynamics to assume a new role in his life.

2. World Wildlife Day – 3rd March

Wildlife Day Content Marketing Opportunities

This day campaigns the theme ‘sustaining all life on Earth’ and aims to raise awareness of the biodiversity surrounding us.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: X Animals that are on the brink of extinction

Infographic idea: Wildlife sanctuaries you must visit

Video: How urbanization has affected small animals and birds living in cities

Podcast: Are zoos an effective way of safeguarding species?

Brand Campaign that Worked:

This map caricature by Green Humour works as an introduction to biodiversity in the Kanha-Pench corridor and shows how it’s an essential part of conserving biodiversity in India.

3. World Hearing Day – 3rd March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This UN day is marked to spread awareness about the prevention of hearing loss and promote hearing care across the world.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: Mistakes you make every day that damage your ears and how to prevent them

Infographic idea: Common hand signs you must know about

Video: What are deaf villages?

Podcast: How does technology affect hearing in children?

Brand Campaign that Worked:

This ad by CHE proximity shows how ambient sounds play an important role in our relationships. It’s a hearing test in disguise!

4. National Security Day – 4th March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This day is observed to appreciate and praise the work of the security forces of our country.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: The women in our security forces that are trailblazers for the next generation

Infographic idea: What does India spend its defense budget on?

Video: Times when our security forces helped other countries with their national security

Podcast: What do war movies get right or wrong?

5. International Women’s Day – 8th March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This day is the focal point for the movement for women’s rights and equality globally.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: Women who are trailblazers in male-dominated industries

Infographic idea: How does the gender pay gap affect you?

Video: A look at health issues that affect women

Podcast: Takeaways from the ‘MeToo’ movement

Brand Campaign that Worked:

This campaign was to shed light on how the simple phrase #LikeAGirl can have a significant and long-lasting impact on girls and women. The aim of this video was to redefine ‘like a girl’ into a positive affirmation.

6. Pi Day – 14th March

Pi Day Content Marketing Opportunities

It is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant pi.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: X Mathematical tools that can be used to measure beauty

Infographic idea: Where can you find pi in nature?

Video: The ‘pi’ in our DNA- the math that makes our DNA so unique

Podcast: How relevant is the math we used to learn in school?

7. International Day of Happiness – 20th March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This day is celebrated globally to emphasize the importance of happiness and mental balance.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: X Happiest countries in the world

Infographic idea: Activities that can be a mood-booster

Video: A compilation of the cutest puppy videos that will make you smile

Podcast: How can journaling make you a happier person?

Brand Campaign that Worked:

Coca-Cola- happiness machine

This video by Coca-Cola shows how their vending machine gave out multiple bottles of their soda along with flowers that were shared among strangers to spread happiness. A simple social experiment showed how happiness can be found in small gestures.

8. International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – 21st March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This day aims to mitigate racist movements around the world to reduce discrimination and racism in all forms.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: X Books about racism that show us how far we’ve come

Infographic idea: Which countries are the most discriminated against?

Video: The racist roots of commonly used words and phrases

Podcast: Why it is better to be ‘politically correct’

Brand Campaign that Worked:

A unique and culturally adopted way to protest against racism, these posters use monkeys to depict anti-racism.No to Racism

9. World Down’s Syndrome Day – 21st March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This day is celebrated to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and celebrate the uniqueness of the chromosome that causes it.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: Here is everything you need to know about Down Syndrome

Infographic: Institutes in our country that help people with Down Syndrome

Video: People with special needs who became famous in their fields

Podcast: What are the needs of someone with Down Syndrome?

Brand campaign that Worked:

The picture of a toddler with Down Syndrome posing for a clothing brand went viral after multiple talent agencies rejected him for his appearance. This raised awareness of the stigma present in society and acted as a way of raising awareness about Down Syndrome.

10. International Day of Nowruz – 21st March

This day celebrates the start of the Persian spring festival.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: Spring festival rituals from around the world

Infographic idea: Where does the Persian population exist across the world today?

Video: How Persians around the world adapted their rituals to suit different cultures

Podcast: Are ancient rituals still relevant in today’s world?

11. International Day of Forests – 21st March

This day is celebrated to raise awareness about different kinds of forests and their conservation.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: A look at the densest forests around the world

Infographic idea: How has the forest cover in Australia changed before and after wildfires?

Video: Deforestation and us: Everyday products that you didn’t know contribute to this

Podcast: Is urban farming a substitute for natural green cover?

Brand Campaign that Worked:

This image from the WWF shows a forest in the shape of lungs being deforested. The jarring image of the lungs being torn away evokes a sense of disgust, which makes the campaign effective in starting a conversation about deforestation.

12. World Water Day – 22nd March

This day aims to promote judicious use of water and to create awareness about its importance.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle Idea: X Industrial processes that use the most amount of water

Infographic: Places expected to be totally drought-prone by 2040

Video idea: This is how your jeans are guzzling gallons of water

Podcast idea: How can we make our lives sustainable to conserve water?

Brand Campaign that Worked:

This simple video from Colgate showed how much water is wasted when the tap is left running. The constant background sound of gushing water adds to the effectiveness of the campaign.

13. World Meteorological Day – 23rd March

This day marks the anniversary of the establishment of the World Meteorological Day and its contribution towards ensuring the safety and well-being of society.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: X Disasters that could have been checked if warning signs were taken seriously

Infographic idea: How can you be prepared for a natural disaster?

Video: What can rocks tell us about our planet’s past and future?

Podcast: Is climate change really affecting our daily life?

14. World Tuberculosis Day – 23rd March

This day aims to raise awareness about the global epidemic of tuberculosis, its prevention, treatment, and effects.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: The many forms of tuberculosis and the organs they affect

Infographic idea: How do drug-resistant strains of pathogens develop?

Video: Focusing on recovery: What can people with tuberculosis do to improve their health?

Podcast: How can you recognize the onset of tuberculosis?

Brand Campaign that Worked:

This candid video shared by popular YouTuber Scherezade Shroff highlighted how she (and her family) coped with her tuberculosis.


15. International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims – 24th March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This day is a tribute to the victims of human right violations and is used to promote the importance of human rights.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: X Medieval torture devices that might interest you

Infographic idea: How has the number of human right violations per year changed?

Video: Movies about torture that will tug at your heartstrings

Podcast: Is the use of torture in interrogation ethical?

16. International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade – 25th March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This day aims to increase awareness about the victims of brutal slavery and the dangers of prejudice and racism in today’s society.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: X Heroes of the American Civil War

Infographic idea: Industries that rely on slavery in the present day

Video: Historical ‘heroes’ who were on the side of slavery

Podcast: What can you do if you think you’ve spotted a local slave trade?

17. International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members – 25th March

Content Marketing Opportunities

This day applauds the work of UN staff and peacekeepers, and commemorates those who lost their lives while working towards global peace.

Content Marketing Opportunities:

Listicle idea: X Peacekeeping organizations you’ve probably never heard about

Infographic idea: The increase in UN intervention in national conflicts through the years

Video: Why and how was the UN founded?

Podcast: Are celebrity UN representatives an effective medium for raising awareness?

Brand Campaign that Worked:

In this speech, revered actor Leonardo DiCaprio passionately talks about climate change. This speech caught the public’s eye because of the actor’s oratory skills.

Fun Days, Events, and Festivals

  1. International Yoga Festival – 1st-7th March
  2. National Grammar Day – 4th March
  3. Braj Holi Mahotsav – 5th-6th March
  4. Holi – 9th/10th March
  5. Gangaur (Rajasthan) – 10th-27th March
  6. World Sleep Day – 15th March
  7. World Sparrow Day – 20th March
  8. Spring Equinox – 21st March
  9. Bhagat Singh Shaheed Diwas – 23rd March
  10. Ugadi/Gudi Padwa – 25th March
  11. World Theater Day – 27th March
  12. Board Exams – throughout March
  13. Financial Year-End – 31st March

Content Marketing Ideas:

Listicle Idea: X Times celebrities brought their fitness A-game through yoga!

Infographic: What are the most commonly-made grammatical errors?

Video: The process that theater actors use to get into character

Podcast: Psychologists explain why sleeping healthy leads to better mental health


  1. World Athletics Indoor Championship: 13th – 15th March
  2. ICC World T20 (Women): 21st Feb – 8th March

Content Marketing Ideas:

Listicle idea: Reasons why indoor tracks are better than outdoor ones

Infographic idea: Women’s cricket stars that have risen over the years

Video idea: How cricket pitches are made

Podcast: How do sports inculcate discipline in children?



  1. Justin Bieber – 1st March 
  2. Mary Kom – 1st March 
  3. Shahid Afridi – 1st March 
  4. Dr Seuss – 2nd March 
  5. Jon Bon Jovi – 2nd March 
  6. Chris Martin – 2nd March 
  7. Daniel Craig – 2nd March 
  8. Tiger Shroff – 2nd March 
  9. Camila Cabello – 3rd March 
  10. Alexander Graham Bell – 3rd March 
  11. Shankar Mahadevan – 3rd March 
  12. Anupam Kher – 7th March 
  13. Zakir Hussain – 9th March 
  14. Carrie Underwood – 10th March 
  15. Chuck Norris – 10th March 
  16. Olivia Wilde – 10th March 
  17. Shreya Ghoshal – 12th March 
  18. Atif Aslam – 12th March 
  19. Albert Einstein – 14th March 
  20. Aamir Khan – 14th March 
  21. Will.i.am – 15th March 
  22. Eva Longoria – 15th March 
  23. Alia Bhatt – 14th March 
  24. Yo Yo Honey Singh – 15th March 
  25. Abhay Deol – 15th March 
  26. Alexander McQueen – 17th March 
  27. Kalpana Chawla – 17th March 
  28. Saina Nehwal – 17th March 
  29. Adam Levine – 18th March 
  30. Shashi Kapoor – 18th March 
  31. Ronaldinho – 21st March 
  32. Rani Mukherji – 21st March 
  33. Shobana – 21st March 
  34. Resse Witherspoon – 22nd March 
  35. Kangana Ranaut – 23rd March 
  36. Tommy Hilfiger – 24th March 
  37. Elton John – 25th March 
  38. Keira Knightley – 26th March 
  39. Mariah Carey – 27th March 
  40. Quentin Tarantino – 27th March 
  41. Lady Gaga – 28th March 
  42. Celine Dion – 30th March 
  43. Vincent van Gogh – 30th March 
  44. Johann Sebastian Bach – 31st March 

Content Marketing Ideas:

Listicle Idea: X Greatest slam-dunks in the history of basketball

Infographic idea: Highest grossing Tarantino films and how they compare to other Hollywood fare.

Video idea: Instances in which Kangana Ranaut waged her war against nepotism.

Podcast idea: Tracing Lady Gaga’s musical journey from her debut to now

Movie Releases

  1. Baaghi – 3 – 6th March
  2. Kaamyaab – 6th March
  3. Godzilla vs Kong – 13th March
  4. Gunjan Saxena – 13th March
  5. Chalaang – 13th March
  6. A Quiet Place: Part 2 – 20th March
  7. Angrezi Medium – 20th March
  8. Sooryavanshi – 24th March
  9. Mulan – 27th March

Content Marketing Ideas:

Listicle idea: X Fictional creatures that redefined the genre of terror

Infographic idea: Best remakes of old movies you should watch

Video idea: X Times Disney princesses were the role models that society needed

Podcast idea: Why sequels tend to be less successful than the original

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