November 17, 2020

Check out these content studios from major publishers

Content Studios

A content studio is a multi-social media management platform. It contains all the essential content marketing tools that can help you develop, research, discover, plan, analyze, and publish top-tier content for your audiences.

Statistics show that the CTR (click-through rate) for ads on Google Search decreased by 38% in 2020 since Q4 2019, while the overall CTR percentage in India is 0.18%. With the decline in display advertisements, many publishers have shifted towards building their own branded content platform to bring in more revenue and help other brands create valuable and promising content.

Check out these seven content studios from various publishers:

The New York Times: T Brand Studio

In an effort to reach out and expand its reliability, The New York Times established T Brand and extended its hand at helping other brands influence their customers. T Brand helps in discovering stories that matter across the globe and brings these stories to the forefront in the form of photo essays, short films, articles, augmented reality, voice skills, and so on.

Many publishers have shifted towards building their own branded content platform to bring in more revenue and help other brands create valuable and promising content. Click To Tweet

The Wall Street Journal: The Trust

It is only fair if your most reliable source of information regarding news also has a content studio that brings you style, innovation, and inspiring content marketing ideas. It, no doubt, provides the best content solutions by collaborating with world-leading marketing brands and uses the power of narrative and creative ideas to help brands tell stories that allow them to connect at a deeper level with their audiences.

Bloomberg Media: Bloomberg Media Studios

Bloomberg has offices across the globe and strives to create engaging content for entrepreneurs as well as leading marketing brands. It has a wide range of multi-disciplinary teams that give brands high-end content marketing ideas as well as solutions.

Digiday Media: Custom

Digiday Media’s Custom provides modern yet meaningful content for brands. It has all the essential tools for content marketing, ranging from content strategy, content development, social media management, research, design, events, and audience development. It makes sure that your voice is heard.

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The Guardian: Guardian Labs

The Guardian’s way of establishing its name in the content marketing world is by applying its philosophy of Open Journalism into Open Ideas, which helps it create content for brands that is authentic and collaborative for the audiences. It has an extensive team of 133 strategists, client service and project managers, along with studio designers, editors, developers, journalists, and creative technologists.

The Washington Post: Brand Studio

By using the “story first, last and always” approach, Washington Post has set up an in-house studio that helps brands with its A-class journalism and creativity. This enables it to close the gap between advertisers and their audiences by tailoring content on each platform its audiences are on.

Hindustan Times: HT BrandStudio

Hindustan Times has created a content unit to reinvent the concept of native advertising and bring in innovative content marketing solutions for brands. It helps brands tell their stories in the form of comic strips, websites, photo essays, and more.

With the need for content rising in today’s world and various companies creating in-house content studios, make sure to do thorough research and find out who can resonate with your ideas best before shooting the gun into the production process.


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