August 5, 2019

How to build a content marketing team for your startup

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No matter which marketing channel you may talk about, content is at the center of it all. Content helps a brand reach out to its target audience and connect with them. A well-thought-out content marketing campaign can really help your startup gain the traction it needs. More than 70% of marketers say that content marketing increases both engagement and leads. So why not invest some time in building your content marketing team? It will require experts – the best skilled human resources. So here’s how you can go about building your team:

1. Hire a marketing strategist

A marketing strategist will be integral to not only your content marketing team but for your marketing efforts as a whole. So, first things first: hire a marketing strategist. Their role will be to strategize all your marketing campaigns but in a way that makes everything jell together. Yes, content marketing will only be a part of your entire marketing strategy. But it will be a crucial part.

2. Decide whom to hire 

Before you dive in and start recruiting, it is imperative that you first sit down and decide what exactly the requirements are. Apart from that, also prioritize your hiring – say, if you already have one content writer on board, you may want to look for a designer next. But if the demand for writing is much more than designing, you may want two content writers on board before you look for a designer. So take some time to figure out the roles and responsibilities of everyone you plan on hiring. Setting clear expectations at the beginning will help you function well as a team.

3. Build your team well

A content marketing team doesn’t consist of just one content writer. You will need editorial strategists, designers, and of course multiple content writers. When we talk about content writers, not every writer you get will be comfortable writing on all domains. Some may excel in finance and lifestyle, while others may be technical experts. While choosing both designers and writers, it is essential that you have clarity on what is expected of them. Which is why it’s important to decide the hiring requirements first.

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4. Choose your tools wisely

Your content marketing team will need various tools to put out their best work. Most online tools do offer a free version but with limited features. You won’t need to buy the premium versions for all of these tools; the free version will often work fine. For example, you can get a free version of a grammar-checking tool to ensure the basic hygiene of content is maintained. If the premium version of a tool seems necessary, sit down with the team and assign priorities after understanding the functioning and necessity of the software you need.

The essence of a content marketing team

Many startups identify content marketing as a great idea but set it aside to be revisited at a later time. Instead, you can use content marketing as a tool to promote your brand. Content marketing helps you establish your expertise in your line of business. It enables you to educate your customers, thereby building a great relationship with them.

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