May 27, 2020

Marketing during a crisis: 6 Customer Touchpoints to focus

Customer Touchpoints

Customer touchpoints are ways in which a business can interact with customers. Measures taken to control the spread of coronavirus have disrupted the free flow of people, goods, and services, so brands are reassessing their digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing often gets overlooked for smaller businesses, but maintaining communication and keeping consumers engaged during the coronavirus lockdown is essential to operate a business successfully in the future.

Today many businesses are in a state of turmoil and uncertainty. All we can do is identifying and evaluating potential customer touchpoints as people are still able to shop online and work remotely. Commercial organizations are communicating with their consumers in new ways to keep them engaged during coronavirus lockdown, as the internet has provided more and more ways to connect with customers. Here are six customer touchpoints to focus on w.r.t marketing during a crisis.


Reviews play the role of word-of-mouth communication and eventually keep them loyal to your brand. The power of customer reviews impacts buying decisions. This is the time to look after customer reviews on different social platforms using internet monitoring tools. Online reviews have become a great way to get discovered online as most shoppers use them as a primary factor in determining whether they should purchase a product or not. Analyzing customer reviews can help organizations make better business decisions; many companies today are incorporating review system in their business.

Community involvement

Companies that encourage community participation and are more likely to be recommended to customers’ friends and family. Nowadays, companies make corporate social responsibility (CSR) part of their business platform as it is a robust way to boost exposure and business visibility. Show you care about the community and the local economy and work with other businesses to increase community involvement.

Social media engagement

Customers are paying attention to social media and simply broadcasting content results in low reach and referral traffic. Social media platforms are ideal for people to engage with each other, there is no maximum engagement level that one can reach. It’s easier to just use social media as a platform to blast out your business as social media engagement offers social proof of your business. People expect businesses to respond to social media such as thanking consumers and answering a question. Understand the components of an engaging post to create and share valuable content.

Contact forms

A contact form is an element on a website, without a contact form a website always looks incomplete. You need to make it as easy as possible for potential customers/clients to get in touch whether they want to buy, sign-up, or ask questions. Using a contact form is a great way to collect their information such as the name, contact details, with space for your visitors to leave the website a message.

Automated emails

Welcome new subscribers with personalized automated emails, its automatic, and doesn’t require intervention. Give immediate value by offering a discount for their next purchase and make a bigger impact with segmented emails. Inform your customers of upcoming expirations, nurture leads to make them more receptive, and wish your customers on their birthdays and anniversary to let them know that they are important to you. You can also boost your revenue with transactional emails and send appointment reminders to customers to increases brand awareness.

Brand story

Brand storytelling is the practice of sharing the story behind your brand, successful brands create a narrative, something that positions them as unique, and creates an emotional connection with the customers. A brand story has the power to forge valuable connections with consumers. Companies are venturing into the storytelling space with brand marketing and branded content to create strong connections with consumers.

Parting Words

No one is quite sure what news each day will bring, businesses of all sizes and industries are affected by this virus in one way or another. You will be able to improve the overall customer experience by focusing on target consumers during the lockdown. Internet users still crave reliable and authentic content and business leaders are now focusing on long-term tactics. We have an opportunity to influence customers, give them away to stay connected.

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