June 1, 2017

How to be authentic in a sea of false stories

Fake News Arrests Content Marketing Influencer Marketing

Unfortunately, fake news is popular. It raises eyebrows and creates interest, which is what its developers want. However, their needs aren’t the same as yours. They don’t care if they have a fast turnover of readers. You, though, through your content marketing efforts want regular readers who become long-term clients. Attracting a solid customer base, nonetheless, is tough due to toe-curling competition from the purveyors of false information.

Why you need to inspire trust


Joining the rise of click-bate artists won’t help your cause, it will do the opposite. Customers won’t part with money unless they believe in your brand. They can’t do that unless you provide accurate stories. Publishing a stream of sensational articles, which aren’t properly researched, will turn off clients. They might enjoy reading them, but they won’t trust you. The slightest whiff of insincerity will stop them reaching for their wallets, and who can blame them? There are so many scams associated with fake news that they are wary.

How to show you’re genuine: Using Content Marketing


The best ways to prove the sincerity of your business is to do the opposite of those who write inaccurate material. Ensure you research information before putting it on your website, and cite sources. When readers see you’ve gathered material from various places, they’ll feel comfortable believing the articles you present.


Use satisfied customer testimonials to add weight to your authenticity. Get clients’ permission first, and ask them for photographs of themselves to place alongside glowing reports about your business. The snapshots of happy customers will add credibility to what they write.


Additionally, link to outside sources of data used on your website where it’s relevant to do so. Obviously, you don’t want to distract potential clients from your own website before they are acquainted with what your business offers. Therefore, place outbound links close to the bottom of pages rather than near the top. At the same time, only link to material from reputable sites that underline the data you present.


The Internet may be awash with fake news, but don’t let this put you off promoting your business in a genuine way. Show potential clients you are authentic by citing sources, providing testimonials, and including links to data supporting information. As a result, your website will attract new customers who will be loyal if they enjoy your products or services.