Our recommendation engine helps your brand easily become a part of your customers’ conversations. Now never fall short of things to say.


Our content recommendation engine suggests content that is relevant to your brand and marketing strategy. It is a ‘one-of-its-kind’ tool that allows you to discover content that is already available on the web and as per your requirements.

This way, the conversation between your audience and you never stops. Even when you do not have an ongoing campaign.

Grab eyeballs by making your ads appear at just the right place and the right time with our Ad Wrap service.


Ad Wrap is a smart and unique native advertising tool that allows you to optimise brand salience by placing your advertisements on a content piece from a third party source. A source your consumers respect. You can log in and operate Ad Wrap on your own without any help from an expert.

Ad Wrap ensures that your advertisements always travel with the third party content you share.

Increase the time spent on your digital assets by curating content from the best publishers, bloggers and journalists.


Syndication allows brands to access and publish content from some of the best publisher titles and bloggers across several content genres on their own digital and social assets. This increases the time spent on your brands website and improves your content refresh rates.

This content sourced from some of the most trusted publishers and content creators of extremely high quality and therefore imparts more credibility to your media space.

Plan your content well in advance and in-sync with almost everything that is taking place around the nation and the world with our editorial calendar

Content Calendar

To make your content planning easier, the Scatter  monthly editorial calendar highlights several major and minor upcoming events. The calendar explains the relevance of the event for content marketing purposes, along with some content ideas as examples.

This saves you the pain and process of researching and understanding the relevant topics your brand should talk about every month.