May 7, 2018

Social media marketing : Publishing relevant & fresh content

social media marketing - social media logos printed on wooden blocks, placed together

One of the key components of a successful social media marketing strategy is fresh and relevant content. But, very often business hiccups and social media burnout can get in the way of managing a consistent and solid content strategy. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools and tricks that can help marketers stay organised, inspired, and ahead of the game all year round.

It’s important to take time out from a busy marketing schedule to plan evergreen content in advance. In this context, “evergreen” refers to content that will always be relevant to your social media followers. How-to craft tutorials, tips and tricks, reviews and guides and famous inspirational quotes are just a few of the many evergreen content ideas to engage with your audience and enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Importance of Content Calendars

To help manage tweets, Tumblr posts, Facebook business page updates, and Pinterest images, social media marketers can use content calendars to stay on track. To get started, anyone can make their own customized content calendar free of charge to control scheduling and content distribution. There are also free content calendar templates online for aspiring social media marketers to take inspiration from and chalk out their social media marketing strategy in advance. Staying as organised as possible will help ensure that you make the most of every content marketing opportunity, plus it’s integral for keeping any content strategy afloat during unforeseen circumstances.

While evergreen content can be produced and scheduled in advance, breaking news stories, recent events and product launches, and other trending topics need to be spoken about as and when they happen. This will ensure that your social media handles are updated with latest happenings from around the world that your consumers are actively talking about.

To avoid looking outdated, marketers need to stay aware of the latest news brewing in the target niche. For example, if a social media marketer is running a Twitter page that focuses on marine science, they must arrange to receive updates on science-related news from around the world and retweet recent and relevant content from other pages that are actively talking about it.

Importance of Social Media Management Tools

It’s important to utilize some sort of social media management system, aside from creating content calendars. There’s a variety of user-friendly social media management tools that allow people to manage all their social media pages from one convenient location. Social media management tools, such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck, let marketers track and analyse all their social media activities in real time. This gives them a better idea of what content is trending big with followers and what’s falling flat.

Parting Words

The key to acing a social media strategy and ensuring that your content is always fresh and relevant is experimenting. The more you experiment, the better you will be able to gauge what works out the best for your brand. This will push your social media marketing efforts in the right direction and help you #EngageFoolishly with your followers.