September 8, 2020

Why engaging with influencers is good for your brand?

Owning content strategy : How to engage with influencers

The COVID-19 scenario has induced some psychosocial changes in our routine lives. We’re eagerly awaiting emancipation from the current pandemic situation, while our faces are illuminated by the screens of our always-on digital devices. Right now, digital devices have become the only way for us to connect with the outer world.

Simultaneously, with studios and production houses shut and restrictions imposed on outdoor shoots, brands are forced to adopt innovative ways of promotion. So, as screen times soar, it has become the new normal for brands to influence their customers on various digital/social platforms.

By 10 April 2020, content consumption on smartphones in India increased by 12%, and in July 2020, Instagram and Facebook Live views doubled. The natural upshot is that today an increasing number of people are attuned to influencers and their expert opinions. Modern Indian brands consider influencer marketing as an undeniable part of their content marketing plan to gain their customer’s mindshare.

Recently, Bollywood actor Disha Patani signed up as the brand ambassador for WOW Skin Science, a start-up manufacturing a range of natural skin care and hair care products. She will be the face and voice of the brand across all the media platforms.

In another influencer-led campaign, celebrity chef Ranveer Brar joined hands with cereal brand Kellogg’s to help Indian parents and kids spend quality time together. It’s a 3-week campaign where Ranveer demonstrates one interesting recipe per day, using Kellogg’s cereals.

Who are these ‘influencers’?

Influencers are those people who are reasonably knowledgeable about a particular topic or a wide range of issues and can impact decisions of the audiences you wish to target. They can range from famous Bollywood stars to celebrity chefs; from gadget gurus to automobile wizards; from makeover artists to digital illustrators; and the list goes on. With the advent of social media, the clout of influencers has grown more prominent than before, and they can make or break a band now.

Why engage with influencers?

Influencers often have tens of thousands – and sometimes even millions – of followers on social media. Some people hang on to every word they say. Given the tremendous reach they have; the right kind of influencer can work wonders for your brand. Besides, getting an influencer on board will only ensure that your audiences have an enriched interaction with your brand.

How does one choose the right influencer and the right platform?

Remember, it’s not always about the follower count on social media, though it is a crucial factor. Choose an influencer who is relevant to your content marketing campaign – whose personality suits your brand, and who can help you reach the right target audience.

However, choosing the right influencer also entails the consideration of a quintessential platform to host the content. Brands should spend a significant amount of time while devising their content marketing plans to select the best platform.

For example, a hip-hop dancer can’t expect a tremendous response for his tutorial videos posted on LinkedIn, owing to the limited popularity of such posts on a well-known B2B platform. But he could have garnered a million impressions if the videos were on Instagram or Facebook. With the average consumer spending almost 25% of their daily time on social media platforms, brands can no longer afford to make any incorrect decisions.

So sensitive messaging has become the new norm of active messaging. Brands are required to be mindful of the customer’s behaviors and moods, and analyze the traffic seamlessly to select the best influencers and the best platforms.

How does a brand gain by engaging with influencers?

Influencers humanize your brand and give it a much-needed personal touch. A big reason behind the success of many brands is positive word-of-mouth. Given that influencers regularly interact with their followers by way of social media and blogs, they can create the buzz that is needed to get people to talk about your brand.

How does one engage with influencers?

Engagement with an influencer has to be win-win for both the parties. The influencer should have something interesting to share with the audience, and you need to involve your brand seamlessly in that exciting content. One great way in which an FMCG brand can engage with its influencers is through a tailor-made newsletter.

As influencers are ahead of the curve compared to other content creators, the brand curates eye-catching content for influencers/bloggers from across the world of beauty. They share this content as ideas that influencers can use for their social media accounts and blogs. It is a win-win for both parties as the influencers keep getting fresh ideas that they might otherwise miss – and the brand retains top-of-mind recall among influencers and other followers.

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