June 12, 2019

Creating video content for IGTV? Make sure it passes this checklist.

Woman holding a phone with Instagram IGTV video - Image

When you think you’ve got the hang of Instagram, here comes a brand new-revamped version. Thus, leaving you clueless on how to maximise its use for your business. But like it or not, Instagram’s new long-form video content feature-IGTV is revolutionising the way people consume content on the app. Unlike Instagram stories, IGTV videos allow brands to share a full-screen experience, just like that on a TV!

If you are creating tonnes of video content on the platform, here’s what you must know about this new feature on Instagram:

IGTV Video Size 

Since the algorithm of Instagram is designed to play a compilation of relevant videos based on the user’s search, the size of your video is crucial. The best IGTV video size needs to be less than 650 MB with an aspect ratio of 9:16 that is also the same size as its stories. Video dimensions are best set at 1080 x 1920 pixels for high-quality viewing, just like those on a TV.

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85% of viewers who watch videos on their smartphones have admitted to watching it on mute. Therefore, before uploading your video content, it is essential to include subtitles. Doing so also helps those with hearing difficulties to watch the video easily.

Check out marketer, Dan Knowlton’s videos for inspiration. His IGTV videos come not just with subtitles, but also have sensational headlines that excite viewers to watch his content.

Vertical Videos 

Instagram is rewriting rules on how its viewers consume content. It’s IGTV feature it is used to share long and educational videos that work best when uploaded as vertical videos. The platform is supportive of brands using apps like InShot, to turn any video into the perfect Instagram square size or Filmic Pro, to adjust the shutter speed. But you should not cheat with is the standard vertical format.

Instagram focuses on vertical content, and William Sonoma’s profile aces their cooking tutorial videos through their IGTV content. Making optimal use of the vertical full-screen, their content is well executed and actionable by users who watch it.

Creative Cover Photo 

Since IGTV allows video creators to entice viewers about new stuff, why not use it through an exciting cover image? If you do not choose an image manually, IGTV will pick up the first frame of the video and make it the cover picture. But with the power to use tools like Snappa, which allows you to add graphics and text to the image, you should create an impressive cover image. After all, it is the very first thing your viewers will see.


Earlier, businesses had to squeeze in content into a short story or post, but today IGTV allows you to post long-format videos where you can dig as deep as you like. However, it is important to use the luxury of time to engage viewers instead of filling it with fluff. Use as much time as you need to convey the message and not a second more. Businesses that use relevant, timely events for users build better relationships with all their viewers at once.


IGTV is a game changer for brands across the globe. Its ability to create and share long-format videos offer brands the potential to excite and engage viewers that businesses are often looking for. So as you create video content for IGTV, make sure these to mark these 5 pointers off your checklist and put out top-notch content every single time.