May 28, 2018

How Klout score helps in improving your social media influence

klout score - a person using his phone with both hands

Klout is used to measure and assign a numerical score to your digital influence. The Klout score is assigned between 1 and 100, after analysing social media profiles. It has had its fair share of criticism, with one section even terming it as ‘socially evil‘. But with time, it has received widespread acceptance and is used by social media influencers to boost their power of social influence.

Klout has turned out to be an essential checkpoint for social media influencers to analyse their social influence or engagement and reach of their network. So, it is important for influencers to improve their Klout score and show others (brands) the power of their social influence.

Here are some tips to improve your Klout score:

  1. Build your network

Building your network is one of the most basic and important steps in improving your Klout score. Identify your target audience and what they want. It is important to identify and build a network of engaging people who will be legitimately interested in your profile and your content.

  1. Create great content

The next step will be to create great and meaningful content. Once you have identified your target audience, the next step will be to give what they seek. Engage your network in the content they wish to see – and this, in turn, will increase the chances of them sharing it with others. Authenticating your content with appropriate and relevant links may also be helpful.

  1. Engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience is a follow-up step and deserves your undivided attention. The engagement should happen in a friendly, helpful, and authentic way. You could ask questions, answer questions, open a debate, create a dialogue, or banter with your followers.

  1. Create your distinct presence

With the availability of various publishing tools such as blogs, vlogs, and Twitter, almost everyone has the power to establish a distinct voice and set themselves up as an opinion leader. Efficient and timely use of these platforms will create and maintain your presence in the digital arena and social media circles. All you must do is keep publishing good and relevant content.

Parting words regarding Klout score

Don’t be discouraged by your initial low Klout score; keep working towards achieving a higher Klout score with these tips. The important thing is to enjoy your social media experience and cultivate the right habits – only then will things fall into place.