January 15, 2018

5 Secrets that will help increase your blogging speed

blogging - a person typing fast on a laptop

Every professional writer knows that the faster you write, the more money you can make. How many times have you told yourself that two hours is all you need to write a post, but have spent half a day working on it? It’s safe to say that every writer has been in that situation. Fortunately, you can remedy it. Whether you want to jot down blog posts, ad copy, fiction, or a content marketing project, here are five real tips from professional authors, bloggers, and copywriters that can help increase your blogging speed and earn more money from your words.

  1. Allow your blogging to be terrible for better speed

The fear of imperfect posts can stall or block even the most professional writers. To turbocharge your word count, relax and allow your blogging to be terrible. It’s okay if your sentences are clunky, if you’ve used the wrong words, or if nobody can figure out the topic except you. Bad grammar, meandering paragraphs, and misspelt words are part of rough draft prewriting. You can always edit the draft once it has been written. Be terrible, and you’ll write much faster. Here are some quality checks for your content during the editing phase.

  1. Write in the dark

Another secret to is to write in the dark. Sounds odd? Well, a blinking cursor on a blank document can hamper a writer’s creativity and slow your pace. There are several ways to write in the dark. If you are familiar with your QWERTY keyboard, close your eyes and type, or you could just turn off the monitor. You can also change the colour of your font to match the document background. Blogging in the dark helps tone down the inner critic, and it reduces distractions.

  1. Blast your music player

Another surefire way to chase distractions from your mind and drown out the inner blogging critic is to turn your music up really loud and write. Bestselling author- Stephen King is a fan of hard rock and has used this secret for many years to keep his productivity levels up. Buy a set of noise cancellation headphones, crank up the volume, and let the peppy tempo help you increase your blogging speed. Check out these tips that can help you boost your blogging skills.

  1. Recite your thoughts out loud

While it may seem funny, it’s perfectly fine to talk to yourself while blogging. Practice dictating your manuscript into a microphone. Speaking and writing are two different skills that use two completely different sections of the brain. Some writers find it easier to morph into an actor and perform their paragraphs like monologues. You can even use voice dictation software to automatically translate your speech into a document, which will further speed up your blogging.

  1. Put more faith in yourself

Want a long-term solution to raise your word count permanently? Trust yourself as a writer. You know how to write blog posts, craft stories and write ad copy that makes customers click on the “Buy” button. Trusting yourself helps ease self-doubt, one of the most common inner demons that writers struggle with. Self-doubt slows writers down and can lead to anxiety, which causes writer’s block. The more you trust your writing talent and abilities, the easier it will be to get down to work and reach your blogging goals. Read more about the most common challenges freelance writers in India face and how to deal with them here. Follow these five useful tips to boost your blogging productivity, meet deadlines, and earn more money as a paid professional writer.