May 6, 2020

How influencers are adapting to create content during lockdown

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The world has changed drastically since the COVID-19 outbreak and influencers are gradually learning to navigate this new landscape. The income they once earned by flaunting their extravagant lifestyle – travel, public events, luxury fashion, and fine dining – is now dormant. So how are they adapting to the current scenario and still going strong?

As you know, the pandemic has confined everyone to their homes. And with social distancing practiced as the norm, the only place we can freely venture into is the internet. Reports suggest that people’s social media engagement and screen time has steeply risen since the lockdown. Since social media is where influencers flourish, they are still able to connect with their audience and boost their image.

Here are a few segments in which influencers are creating content that appeals to their audience during the lockdown:

1. Health and well-being

Staying indoors for prolonged periods can make one lazy and affect their mental health. And this is precisely what is happening to most of us. Influencers are attempting to address these concerns and create relevant content. They are posting videos and write-ups on nutritious, easy-to-cook meals, home workout routines, and meditation practices. To improve their connection with their audience, they discuss their state of mind and offer advice on how to enhance one’s mental well-being.

2. Comedy and satire

With negative news constantly appearing in our timelines, we constantly look for ways to lighten our mood. This is another scenario where influencers are helping out. By posting entertaining content such as memes, GIFs, videos, etc., influencers are uplifting their audience’s spirits and helping them cope.

3. Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

From cooking to art, people are looking for ways to get creative. Accordingly, influencers are creating DIY videos for their followers. They are posting tutorials for things such as photo editing or music creation. And their audience is reacting well to these tutorials as it allows them to pick up a new skill. Influencers are also experimenting with new apps and software to enhance the quality of their content while stuck at home.

4. Motivation and information

Seeing that the current situation of uncertainty is proving to be discouraging for a lot of people, influencers are going live on Instagram and Facebook and giving pep talks. To motivate their audience to stay optimistic, they are sharing positive news updates. Since everyone is indoors and in need of entertainment, influencers are regularly sharing films, TV shows, or music suggestions.

5. Safety and self-care

People look up to influencers and try to follow their advice. So, influencers must understand the gravity of the current plight and deliver content that is of help to their viewers. On social media, a lot of influencers are posting pictures and videos on safety precautions and healthcare tips. Whether it’s keeping safe while going out or caring for one’s skin, influencers are creating a variety of useful content on personal care.

Last words

While creating content in the midst of the pandemic, influencers must acknowledge the sensitivity of the situation. They must be mindful of the impact their content can have during these trying times. As an influencer, your objective should be to let your followers know that you are with them. It is important to post content and engage with your audience despite the lockdown, since it’s the only way you can retain and increase your fan following.

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