January 4, 2019

6 Tools that can shore up your marketing efforts on Instagram

App on phone screen indicating Instagram marketing efforts

Choosing to market your wares on Instagram is a no-brainer. Engagement rates registered on the platform are 15 times greater than on Facebook and 20 times greater than on Twitter.

But marketing is only half the battle. You also need to learn from your efforts as you go. And learning from Instagram-based marketing efforts should mean more than just a rudimentary analysis of comments and likes.

Let’s take a look at 6 Instagram marketing tools that can provide you with a deeper understanding of the tracking required with respect to Instagram’s various dimensions.

1. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics stands out for some especially insightful features. The tool allows you to assess post data that goes back much further than the limit set by Instagram’s native analytics feature. This means your measurement of KPIs will be far richer and, hence, foster follow-up actions based on greater research.

Another interesting feature offered by the product is the automatic tracking of inbound messages based on their sentiment. This makes the analysis of consumer response over time far more efficient.

For a more detailed understanding of the tool, watch the following graphics-based video. Easy on the eye and effortless to follow, it explains how the platform can be accessed and utilised.

2. Dash Hudson

The past year witnessed Dash Hudson emerge with a provision to measure the effectiveness rate of content. No, you didn’t read that wrong. It is the effectiveness rate and not engagement rate.

Engagement rate helps determine the percentage of audience action generated around a post at the time of its release. Effectiveness rate, on the other hand, measures the impact of your content based on the size of your audience, views, post saves, comments, and likes.

The effectiveness rate can, therefore, help you understand the user response to your activity over a prolonged period while taking into account their areas of interest.

Take a look at how you can go about accessing your effectiveness rate via the tool’s Instagram marketing dashboard:

dash hudson tool for Instagram marketing


To set a benchmark for your engagement rate, Dash Hudson also put together a reference sheet categorised by industry:

dash hudson tool for Instagram marketing


3. HypeAuditor

Partnering with influencers is fast becoming a significant part of Instagram marketing, given how the platform performs better when compared to other social networks.

However, with Instagram influencer marketing also comes the threat of fake followers. And that, in turn, means a skewed assessment of ROI for you.

This is where HypeAuditor comes in.

As an AI-driven tool, it aids in the detection of fraud accounts. Having indexed millions of users, its robust database can detect influencers faking their follower count and profile’s engagement. All you need to do is input the Instagram handle you wish to investigate.

HypeAuditor thus helps you gain an honest insight into the promised engagement and reach. And that can help you sift through the pool of influencers open to partnering with you.

Now that’s one headache sorted, right?

4. INK361

INK361 promises a holistic insight into Instagram marketing. It can provide analytical reports, especially featuring audience insights about posts, filters, and comments. These reports are user-friendly and presented attractively to the end consumer.

The tool can also aid in putting together an ideal combination of elements such as hashtags and filters. Moreover, INK361 can specifically identify the type of content that works best, thereby helping you better focus your efforts on content creation.

Best of all, since the tool is still in its early stages of development, it is available for free. So, go nuts while you can!

5. Simply Measured

As of June 2018, Instagram registered 400 million daily active stories on its app. With that rate of creation, your Instagram marketing performance analysis would be amiss without the assessment of stories.

Let Simply Measured step in. It serves all purposes conventionally expected of an Instagram marketing tool; it provides insights into the operation of your account, tracks your brand’s performance, and measures it in comparison to your competitors.

But it takes the analysis of app activity further by facilitating the study of Instagram Stories; a feature limited within the app and rare outside it.

Simply Measured makes possible the calculation of Instagram story metrics such as post saves, story replies, tap backs, tap forwards, and exits. The same is illustrated below through a screenshot of the tool:

Simply Measured tool for Instagram marketing


Need more reasons to use Simply Measured? The tool can also help track the ROI of your campaigns. A conversion tracking report generated by it can help assign a tangible worth to your marketing efforts by analysing the amount of revenue your audience is bringing in. Have a look:

Simply Measured tool for Instagram marketing


6. Keyhole

The cost of procuring this product to measure ROIs may seem quite steep, but Keyhole comes with two major benefits.

First, it offers real-time hashtag and keyword tracking. But unlike other hashtag tracking tools, it offers secondary information — you can view top posts and tag clouds for the desired keyword. Keyhole also gives you access to a list of recently shared content.

Keyhole for Instagram marketing


Keyhole’s second major benefit lies in the insight it provides into competitors’ strategies, growth, activity, and engagement. Studying their tactics can help you understand the industry from a more objective point of view. You can subsequently use that data to set a benchmark for yourself.

Parting words

Choice of tools aside, the implementation of data gathered from your analysis is key. No matter how fancy the features available at hand, if you don’t use them to revise and hone your Instagram marketing strategy, you’ll end up falling behind before you know it.