June 3, 2019

Discover the new tools offered by Instagram to enrich your content

Instagram for Business - A women holds Apple iPhone 6S with Instagram application on the screen - Scatter

Given the current reach of Instagram, business and brands can today tap over 700 million monthly active users to squeeze the most out of their marketing campaigns. But here’s the catch! Instagram sees an upload of 95 million posts per day! So if you’ve already hopped on to the ‘Insta bandwagon’ you know this business platform is already buzzing with content.

Though it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to advertise and sell, it is futile if your target audience cannot find you. With 25 million business profiles active on Instagram, here is how you can use their new tools to drive traffic to your profile:


With 81% of the businesses using video marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy, Instagram’s IGTV is a brand new tool offered by the platform. Allowing enterprises to upload hour-long video formats, IGTV was added to create a ‘surfing’ environment on the app. No matter how deeply hidden your posts are, IGTV posts come with a visible notification right on top, thereby driving brand awareness for your business.

Airbnb uses IGTV to promote locations they are available in through long-format educational videos on the destination.

Instagram Shop 

Instagram’s shoppable post feature is an essential tool for businesses to sell on the platform. Allowing consumers to shop within the app natively, all companies need to do is tag their account or product catalogue to the photo. Doing so will enable viewers to browse your shop feed directly from the app!

Stance Socks, a brand that sells unique and artistically-featured socks on the platform, uses the shop feature to maximise their sales on Instagram.

Content Exposure

Though Instagram stories do pretty much the same thing, they might not always have attention-grabbing content all the time. Share inspiring posts, stories, reviews, and content from other profiles to boost engagement on your profile. Re-tagging a story on your Instagram profile, after tweaking and editing, will turn a simple post into an engaging piece of content for your business. However, ensure the content you share is relevant to your audience.

Link In Bio

Businesses, big or small, can use the Link In Bio feature by Instagram to drive traffic anywhere they like. Send your followers to specific product pages, company websites, blog posts or even your Facebook handle by linking handle URLs on your profile. Because at the end of the day, Instagram’s new tools are designed for businesses to turn followers into engaging customers.


A frustrating feeling firms faced on Instagram was the inability to add clickable URLs anywhere but in their bio. However, new Instagram’s sneaky CTA feature can be used in photo captions! Encourage visitors to visit your profile by updating new URLs on your page.

A platform where an average user spends 53 minutes a day on the app, using the CTA feature to direct traffic to your profile to get blog URLs is ideal during contests, product offers and for YouTube video links.

Food magazine Bon Appetit frequently updates links for recipes on the profile to convert viewers into subscribers. Plus as a business, if you have a verified Instagram account, you can add links in your story too!


In a digitally-driven world, Instagram is one of the most aesthetically-appealing social platforms around. So as a business that is trying to make the most of their brand presence on the platform, using these new features will help you engage with people who would have otherwise never discovered your content.

Tip: Whatever you do on Instagram, do so creatively. A winning profile with #hashtags and exclusivity has a much higher chance of being discovered than those with mundane content.