June 3, 2020

Marketing techniques to drive activation for your product

Marketing techniques to drive activation

You worked hard with your technology team to get the best product out in the market. But once it is launched, you realize that it does not sell.

The reasons for the same could be lack of planning, inability to understand the target audience needs or improper execution.

The biggest challenge in today’s market is to make a customer shell out money for your product. And building a relationship with the customer is key to achieve the same.

However, with result-oriented marketing, it is possible to pitch your product in the right way and convince people to put in their hard-earned money. And with a constant stream of original content you can build a relation with your users to build a long-lasting trust on your brand.

In this blog, we will talk about various strategies to drive activation which will make your user take actions that lead to a purchase.

1. Social media marketing should be key to driving activation

Marketing methods change quite rapidly over the course of time and brands which fail to keep up with the modifications suffer. Social media marketing is undoubtedly the strongest, fastest and most productive method. We should not ignore this while choosing marketing modes. Here are some further insights.

Have guaranteed original posts for your readers by using a paraphrasing tool  

Buyers are quite stringent about how professional a brand is. If several new posts are made available every day, but the content is not original, it could be a big turn off for your buyers. 

This does not mean that each post has to be written from scratch. The goal is to produce original content, and the best paraphrasing tool that can be used to perform the task efficiently is available for free. This tool picks up chunks of your content and will run automated paraphrasing for the entire draft. 

If the content intrigues the audience, they are more likely to buy from you. 

Since these tools are free of cost, which means you can rewrite as many existing posts as you want.

Do not forget the audience you are targeting.

Every marketing component depends on the people who want to target for selling. For instance, the younger generation would be more attracted to smart, catchy captions. On the other hand, a social message would work better if senior citizens are your targeted audience. When you are developing a marketing strategy, this factor should always be remembered. Even before that, study the preferences of the customer category.

2. Product captioning and logo design

Do you know that a good caption can even increase sales by more than 100%? No one would read detailed descriptions written beside the logo. However, few catchy lines can surely do wonders. Well-drafted captions are necessary because if they do not suit the product, it creates a negative impact. The central thought is to keep them short and include unique thoughts.

A company logo is the core business identity of a brand. It helps with registration and recognition. More than that, a well designed unique logo can help with more sales leads. At times, people don’t remember the product name and only have the logo in their mind. While making a purchase, they make a selection on that basis. You can always make slight changes to a logo when a new campaign is being launched.

3. State of the art web content for positive customer impression

A website is a direct reflection of how good or bad a brand is. If you think that buyers do not analyze the website properly, this perception is wrong. People go through the content on a website and use it as a judgment factor. This means that if the content quality is low, the customer would not be convinced at all. Availability of quality content should be a part of the marketing strategy.

There is a directly proportional relationship between top quality content and the count of sales leads. The top-rated brands include high standard web content as a key component of their marketing strategy. This is because if the customer is convinced with the available details, he would not have second thoughts about trusting the brand and making purchases. 

A systematic structure should be used to develop web content. Users should be able to scan through the details without much of a struggle. For instance, if someone needs to have a look at the company profile, he should not need to search around and locate links. The layout should be simple enough.


It is not possible to produce a healthy count of sales leads if you don’t have a good marketing campaign in hand. Therefore, make sure that the constituents are planned accordingly. The core goal is getting in touch with the required customers and ending up with a long term trustworthy relation. Picking the right marketing platforms is what you need to start with. These days, spending money on below the line marketing is not fruitful as things have become tech-oriented. Social media has gained the top slot in terms of importance. People check the Facebook and Instagram pages of a brand before making any move. Hence, on these forums, a brand should be top-notch.

Effective marketing strategies and following the correct steps can help in getting more leads. With an increase in the importance of digital marketing procedures, the requirement for high-quality content is increasing as well. A product should be pitched after accommodating these factors.