September 13, 2017

Marketing your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Content Marketing

LinkedIn is a growing business networking site which provides various ways to promote yourself, your business, and your brand. Marketing with LinkedIn works well with other promotional efforts and is easy to implement. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Profile Points!

Marketing with LinkedIn starts with setting up a strong profile. Your profile is the place where you can share details about your qualifications and experience. You can also incorporate your blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.


Who Are URL?

LinkedIn allows you to change your profile URL to your personal or company name. This is not done automatically, so you need to make sure to do this when you set up your profile. You should also place your LinkedIn URL on your other social media profiles. By including your profile URL with your e-mail signature, you can help drive traffic to your profile as well.


How was your week?

Keep your profile up-to-date by filling in your status weekly. Status updates give you the opportunity to share what you’ve accomplished and what projects you are currently developing. Just make sure to keep your updates professional in content and tone.


Hi! Is there space for one more?

Joining groups on LinkedIn is an invaluable way to promote your products or services. There are a variety of groups, and you can belong to 50 at a time. You can also increase your visibility by participating in regular group discussions. Each time you respond to a post, your name and photo are included. This type of marketing can provide leads and business connections since people will click on your profile to see what you have to offer. For this strategy to be effective, you should make sure to set aside time regularly to read and to post.


Any questions?

Another effective way to build your credibility in your field is to answer questions in the LinkedIn Answers section. By responding to questions from targeted prospects, you can share your expertise and promote yourself as a solution to their problem. Providing thoughtful and useful information will quickly build your credibility and provide you with a number of business leads.


Ad-ding value

LinkedIn also offers the ability to advertise with its direct ad program. These ads can bring a very high click-through rate and ROI. You can select categories such as job title, industry, geography, and even gender. Basically, you can advertise directly to your prospects in an environment where they are already considering your products or services.


LinkedIn provides an inexpensive and powerful way to market your business. In addition, by building a strong network, you can create current and future opportunities. Marketing with LinkedIn will put you in touch with the people who are actively looking for your product and service, and allow you to showcase your skills and build your expertise. Implement your marketing plan one step at a time, and you will soon reap the benefits.