March 17, 2020

Micro moment marketing and the subtle art of leveraging it

Micro Moment Marketing

There’s no better feeling than finding just what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it. In this digital age, customers have it easy by consulting their smartphones and other devices to find something in a jiffy. Whether it’s a quick recipe for a sudden craving or a restaurant that will deliver a meal at one’s doorstep, the instant reaction of a customer is to turn to one’s smartphone for answers. These moments of impulsive reflexivity to discover something or learn something new are called ‘micro-moments’.

In 2015, Google mapped the need-driven preferences of consumers and categorized four different micro-moments that prominently reflect a customer’s decision-making journey.

I-want-to-do moments – These moments particularly involve ‘how to’ searches where consumers are looking to learn a specific activity.
I-want-to-go moments – As the name suggests, these moments involve the quest for particular locations and places – whether it’s a local grocery store or a nearby hospital.
I-want-to-buy moments –These moments come into the picture when customers are making a purchase and need to decide what product interests them.
I-want-to-know moments – These moments reflect instances where the consumer is searching for information about products or services.

How can brands make a fortune by tapping into micro-moments?

Micro-moments have dramatically transformed how people make decisions. They spark a trail of data, based on which the customers browse through the offering. For marketers, this comes as good news. It opens up avenues for them to recognize consumers’ micro-moments and facilitate decision-making.

For example, Domino’s Pizza observed a rise in sales when it rejigged its website and made it more convenient to place orders. Likewise, Hyundai revamped its customer shopping experience by relying on customers’ needs to have access to more sales-related information.

For many brands, micro-moments serve as a tipping point in many aspects, such as the following:

Creating communication channels

The success of a brand lies in understanding the needs of its customers and subsequently meeting those needs. By tapping into the micro-moments of customers, marketers can locate the product or service a customer is looking for and use that information to leverage it into their business.

Influencing customer preferences

Micro-moment marketing strategies give brands an opportunity to connect with their customer base at critical moments – moments when customers are most in need of particular information. This instant connection has a significant role in shaping consumer decisions and creates brand loyalty.

Strengthening the customer base

With micro-moment marketing strategies, brands can utilize intent-rich moments to target customers in search of particular information. By creating content that caters to their consumers’ needs, businesses can streamline their consumer base and focus on providing precisely what they seek.

Creating brand awareness

With cut-throat competition prevalent in the market, businesses have to develop novel means to stand out. Micro-moment marketing is a terrific method by means of which businesses can increase brand awareness among their target audience.

Last words

Micro-moments are the perfect road map to a consumer’s expectations and thought process. They indicate a consumer’s unique need at that point in time. By being there at the right moment with the right solution, businesses can not only revolutionize the way customers perceive them, but also expand their efficiency in the market.

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