December 10, 2019

Why 2019 was the year of moment marketing

Moment Marketing Trends

Leveraging current trends that your audience can easily connect to is known as ‘moment marketing’. It’s more about delivering the right message at the right time. Usually, brands that are spontaneous and quick to react to what’s trending on social channels tend to reap the benefits.

While the cost factor is low, the ROI can be massive if you tap it right. However, being prompt has its shares of downsides as well. It could turn the tables against you if you fail to get it right. If there’s one Indian brand that we can recognize instantly for moment marketing, it has to be Amul. The brand’s ‘utterly butterly’ girl has been at it for 53 years now!

Whatever the results, the low cost of moment marketing and high chances of being in the news make it worth a try. With digital marketers looking for ways to cut costs and increase the sales of their brands, 2019 saw a high volume of players flexing their moment marketing muscles.

Moment marketing trends in 2019

Brands tend to be choosy when it comes to picking platforms to do moment marketing. While Zomato uses Twitter as its tool to quickly create the buzz, Oreo likes to go with visual-focused mediums such as Facebook and Instagram.

Due to regular rains, matches were being called off at Cricket World Cup 2019. Uber managed to tap into the moment perfectly with its inspired creative:

The snowclone trend of ‘We Really Really Really’ gained immense traction on Twitter in January 2019. Many popular brands came out with their own meme versions.


Bollywood actor Rahul Bose casually tweeted about being charged Rs 442.50 for two bananas by the hotel he was staying in. Sooner than expected, the #Rahulbosemovement was trending everywhere, with brands such as Manforce, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Reliance Fresh, Amazon, and Pizza Hut all latching on to show what can be had for a similar price.

Hima Das

Following the exemplary performance of the golden girl with five gold medals in 19 days, the internet was awash with praises from various brands. Dunzo capitalized on the achievement with the slogan ‘Das how it’s Dun! Congratulations on the golden run’, while Kia Motors’ went with ‘Hima baDASs’.

Sacred Games

The hugely successful show had brands and fans in the mix with creative content. Durex was among the first to get it right with ‘Sacred Rains’, while Godrej Nature’s Basket had ‘A sacred ingredient to keep you up all night.’


The most recent trend to bug socialites was the #10yearchallenge. Brands latched on to the opportunity with really fantastic creatives. Durex managed to hit the sweet spot again. It showed a balloon for 2009 and a condom for 2019, stating ‘Toys change, playtime doesn’t’.

Moment marketing is still evolving. Brands leverage moment marketing more aggressively in foreign countries than in India but the trend is fast catching on here. If you really think your brand can connect with a trending topic, don’t think twice – just go for it. While earlier it was ‘live the moment’ for people to stay happy, it’s now ‘market the moment’ for brands to get ahead.

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