March 5, 2018

What makes great content? A guide for online marketers

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Content marketing has become a major buzzword in internet business circles over the past few years. Some consider it to be a radically new technique, while others claim that it’s just an interesting spin on the traditional marketing approach. Either way, the success or failure of a content marketing initiative is always dictated by the quality of content.

So, what goes into making truly great content?


With a boundless ocean of content available on the internet, it may seem as if every conceivable topic has already been covered. However, to grab eye-balls and make a lasting impression, your content needs to stand out. Additionally, search engines are programmed to degrade rankings of derivative or duplicated content. Even if your content deals with an established subject, you can make it unique by approaching it from a new angle, including updating information, or by simply giving the voice or tonality a different spin.


Strong headline and introduction

Internet readers have notoriously short attention spans. So, if your content has to grab attention, it needs to do so right at the beginning. A compelling headline will give your audience an insight into the piece. But that’s not all- you need to follow it up with a strong opening paragraph that gives readers an incentive to continue in the midst of so much distraction.

The opening sentences are also shown in search engine results and social media descriptions, so they must give a clear brief of the content to your audience.


Tight writing

Did you know that the average reader spends only 37 seconds reading an article or a blog post?

This makes it critical to get your point across efficiently and succinctly. Online articles are not the place to display your verbosity – keep it tight and deliver your message concisely.


Engaging and actionable content

Readers naturally have certain expectations from a piece of content they click on. Therefore, it needs to meet their needs by solving a problem, inspiring new thoughts, or providing practical tips. If readers feel they’re getting the good side of a bargain, they’ll be more likely to be receptive to your marketing message.


Authoritative content

With so many sources of the same information spread across the web, it’s crucial for your content to be credible. Whether it’s perfecting spelling and grammar, verifying facts, stating sources, or sharing customer testimonials, you must do it all! When it’s so easy for anyone to publish online, you need to show that you’re writing from a position of authority.

Creating great content is a skill honed by experience. And in today’s online world, using these simple tips to step up a level in quality will put your content ahead of the rest.

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