July 24, 2019

10 Ways to Repurpose Your Content Like a Pro

Repurpose Content Concept - Female vlogger holding sports shoes in hands happily looking in camera while recording video for blog. Focus on camera with social media influencer reviewing and marketing a sports shoe

You’ve spent good time and energy on creating a piece of content. But what happens to it once you hit publish? It drives traffic to your website, boosts engagement… and then, suddenly it all comes to a standstill.

In today’s content climate, marketers are using a strategy to get more eyeballs on the content they create. Making a few tweaks or republishing evergreen content it in its original form on different portals to scale traffic is called ‘repurposing’, and it comes with multiple benefits.

Here are 10 ways to repurpose your best content over and over again:

1. Refurbish as Podcasts

A clever alternative to using old content is to turn them into podcast episodes. This will help tailor your reach to different segments of your target audience and utilize your efforts to its full potential. Reassuringly, the popularity of podcasts has grown from just 12% in 2008 to 24% in 2017!

2. Create Slide Decks 

Eugene Cheng, co-founder and creative lead of HighSpark, boosted his subscriber list to 10,000 by merely repurposing existing content on SlideShare. So create a different medium by reformatting your old content and rope in a wider audience – along with more traffic and money!

3. Add New Statistics 

Your content is still as relevant as the day you created it. If you wish to re-use that well-performing piece in a new way, all you need to do is push in some new information. You could insert graphic images, statistics, or even interesting quotes before sharing your content across different social media portals.

4. Create Spin-offs

Repacking your post as a refreshed version is a great way to gain exposure on original content. You can choose to do a case study on a related topic to drive conversations, or an expert article on the same topic, and link it back to the original post. You can also repurpose your old content as-is on more prominently visible spots.

5. Go for Infographics

Infographics are 30% more likely to be read than text articles. Bite-sized graphics are a great way to repurpose old content pieces that have been forgotten in the mists of time. Just use a simple infographic toolmaker to create an appealing visual element and you’re good to go!

6. Prepare Short Videos 

Create attention-grabbing short videos of your already existing content to get the most out of your invested time and money.

7. Create E-books 

Use a collection of your old content posts and create a downloadable e-book. You can sort them based on relevant topics, or make one long blog post into a short readable book.

8. Publish Newsletters 

You don’t have to limit your newsletters to PR-related stuff. Use well-performing content and repurpose them as a part of your weekly newsletter send-outs for maximum visibility.

9. Extract Snippets 

Repurpose your old content pieces by taking out snippets and post them on your social media portals. Upload a small excerpt from your original post on Facebook or a quote on Twitter and you can add value to your brand without the hassle of having to create new posts. Ensure you add a relevant image with your snippet so it stands out.

10. Upload Blog Posts 

Repurposing content is not restricted to text pieces; you can refurbish a video into a blog post with graphics and a link-back. Even Q&A posts from Quora can be articulated as a blog post for the FAQ section of your blog or website for maximum content utilization!

Creating great content is awesome, but what’s the point if you’re unable to leverage it for maximum exposure?