September 1, 2017

5 Conversations you could have had through Scatter Recommends in August

Scatter Recommends Monsoon

In this day and age, being a part of the everyday trending conversations is pretty essential. It can help you break the ice, makes for interesting conversations, and in some cases, works wonders to fill in those awkward silences. But to be a part of these conversations, you constantly need something novel and interesting. This is where Scatter Recommends comes in.

Scatter Recommends is India’s 1st fully automated talking tool that keeps you updated with ‘what’s hot’ and supplies you with content that can help your brand have meaningful conversations around the topic. Don’t believe it? Here are some conversations you could have had if you used Scatter Recommends last month.

Game of Thrones leaked episode (Vol. 25 – 03/08/2017)

Game of Thrones

Bank strike today (Vol. 37 – 22/08/2017)

Banks Strike

Sarahah App (Vol. 33 – 16/08/2017)

Sarahah App

Increase in Swine Flu Cases (Vol. 38 – 23/08/2017)

Migrating to US to get easier for educated Indians (Vol. 26 – 04/08/2017)



Neymar becomes world’s most expensive footballer (Vol. 25 – 03/08/2017)

Neymar Transfer

So, there you have it. Be a part of all cool conversations and never run out of things to say with Scatter Recommends.