Compelling content ready to publish in just a few clicks.

Self Serve Content

Self-Serve Content

Subscribe to Scatter. Load credits in your account. Now you’re ready to go. In just a few seconds, transport the best of breed content from reputed publishers and private creators, to your brand’s digital destinations.

Make use of our state-of-the-art content recommendation engine, Content Calendar, and other new-age tools.

Scatter’s Self-Serve module is best used by your social media agency, your content marketing agency or your in-house content team.

Up your content marketing game with projects that come with pre-decided start and end points.

Bespoke Content

Content Projects

Our content experts understand your audiences as well as your brand requirements well. We use these inputs and our experience to draw an interesting content strategy that ties into your larger marketing objectives. This could include many activations ranging from the overhaul of your brand’s website to stand alone promotional videos around high-decibel events.

With the combined efforts of our experts, subject specialists and reputed publishers, your brand gets to tell fantastic stories and up the ante on your marketing efforts.

Consistently create engaging content and become a preferred online content destination among your customers.

Work flow Management

Workflow Management

Content consultancy is a continuous engagement where a wide variety of our experts work with in tandem with you to develop a long-term, well-documented content strategy for your brand. Once it’s approved, we create, plan, manage, and distribute your brands content across different platforms on a regular basis.

In an age of ever-increasing brand – consumer engagement, Scatter’s workflow management service offers your brand an unmatched content marketing advantage.

Strengthen your online presence with our wide range of publishers, ‘prosumers’, and influencers

Content Distribution

Content Distribution

Scatter’s strong network of content distributors makes sure that your content reaches your customers, no matter which platform they visit. With a great mix of legacy and new age publishers and content discovery networks, your content gains greater visibility and discoverability.

We help you rope in key influencers to create and distribute content across all content formats.

Stop spamming. Be of interest to your consumers.

Newsletters and Mailers

Newsletters & Mailers

Break out of the rut and offer your customers something more than the usual run-of-the-mill promotional messages.

Our content makes customers look forward to hearing from your brand again and again.

With Scatter, sending newsletters and mailers is an engagement that gets your customers excited about what your brand has to say.

With interesting subject lines and useful content that offers genuine value to your consumers, Scatter guarantees better click and open rates than ever before.