Scatter Editorial Desk

Nov 2018

Why content marketing is neither advertising nor PR

advertising - ad block popup banner concept
“Oh, content marketing? Is it like PR [public relations]… or maybe advertising?!” Content marketing is an upcoming field, so we don’t blame you if you’ve fallen prey to this line of thought. But times change. And you should too. First, what is content marketing? “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable,.....
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Content marketing ideas for September 2016

Check out the PDF version of our content marketing calendar HERE or view it below: September 2016- Editorial Calendar from Scatter from Spiral Content Solutions Private Limited
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Aug 2016

Consumers, Market & Content

Consumers Marketers and Content
Consumers have binary vision when it comes to ‘content’ and ‘advertisements.’ It is either content or an ad. Period! And this is across all mediums and platforms. They value content depending on the uniform it parades in. For example: Let’s say a consumer sees a piece of content i.e. “How much should you insure yourself.....
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