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Jul 2019

Tools to create AR and VR content with zero coding knowledge

Young man test virtual reality glasses in the lab room with hololens headset. Augmented Reality (AR) concept
An industry that is expected to be worth $108 billion by 2021, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are technologies that are still lumbering through their innovative phase. As the AR and VR market mature, they also play a pivotal role in prepping the world of their many novelties that offer a more authentic user experience. Today, customers.....
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Jun 2019

What is the future of content marketing in the space of videos?

Woman hand using modern laptop computer to connect with live streaming videos on social network
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. This old English saying has been tweaked to exhibit the reality of the digital world today. Telling is no longer enough. You need to show too, and that’s where video steps in.  As the landscape of content marketing is changing, your.....
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May 2019

How to leverage VR content to gain a competitive advantage

Serious young man in suit using virtual reality headset over night cityscape background - Scatter
Virtual Reality has the power to revolutionise all industries. A recent study on industry trend concluded that the market value of virtual and augmented reality technologies would be a whopping $15.6 billion by the year 2020. It has also been projected to hit $215 billion by the year 2021! VR is coming, and it is.....
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