Sanchea D'Souza

Jun 2020

Blogging Skills 101: How Do I Get My Blog Noticed?

Blogging Skills 101 : How to get your blog noticed.
As of January 2020, there were over 600 million blogs online. If your blog is one of them, how would you ensure that it stands out among the countless conversations online? How would you achieve top-of-mind awareness (TOMA)? How would you make your blog more click-worthy? Marketers have begun to realize the importance of creating.....
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Mar 2018

Tips for a freelance writer to get more business

Young man on a sofa, working on a tablet - Content Marketing - Successful freelance writer - Scatter
Being a successful freelance writer in the age of content marketing involves more effort than ever before. It’s essential to produce the highest quality of work to ensure that your clients value your skill and come back for more. While the art of writing takes time and practice to develop, some simple tips can help.....
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Feb 2018

Essential blogging tools every blogger must know about!

Blogging Content Marketing Scatter
Blogging and it’s tools have been evolving for quite some time now and has become an essential part of content marketing. But keeping up with all the new trends and technologies used to make a stunning blog post can be taxing. Familiarising yourself with few free tools can make blogging easier and better at the.....
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